We build Ecommerce platforms to deliver an engaging, digital shopping experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

We build SEO- and Mobile-Friendly ecommerce website solutions for user friendly, secure and scalable online stores that attract more online traffic and sales.

Our bespoke full package ecommerce services focus on setting up an online store from the ground up to expand its reach to a global audience

Whether it is shopify or Magento, we are here to help you build a highly performance ecommerce store.

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Offering innovative & customer-centric experiences

Transformational Ecommerce Solutions to Sell directly online to your end users.

DTC Continuum

Take control of your direct to consumer (DTC) sales channel with the 360° ecommerce platform.

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Business Operational Ecommerce Solutions for SME

We unlock the ideas of online marketplace to expand your business growth

Logistic management

E-commerce logistics is one of the most fragile parts of an online store due to its rising costs each year. Tracking down the right balance between benefit and consumer loyalty with your e-commerce logistics can be incredibly difficult. Though, we are happy to set up your business in the best possible ways and make it most of it.

  • Drop shipping
  • E-fulfilment
  • The framework of your own logistics system
  • Going into an agreement with a carrier
  • Utilizing an automated logistics platform

Inventory management

Join us for essential inventory management methods and increase your eCommerce sales and marketing strategy.
We’ll showcase to you the right techniques and systems to accomplish goals. Picking the right inventory management software is a big
accomplishment. You truly need to think about the idea of your business, your organization size, particular challenges, and necessities.

  • Safety stock
  • Stabilize inventory
  • Good technique
  • Future feedbacks
  • Smart storage


Warehousing is one of the main parts of maintaining an ecommerce business.
Regardless of small or huge business, you will consistently go over the requirement for keeping your inventory free from any danger away.
This is actually what warehousing is. We are ready to take you to new heights in your warehousing business.

  • Simple integration
  • Order tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Stock and labor management
  • Dock, yard and SKU


Working in an effective ecommerce business is something more than getting a number of clients and selling more items. As your organization develops, the different functional tasks related to running the organization will increase dramatically. By coordinating CRM and ERP frameworks with your ecommerce stage, you can lessen mistakes,
increment cost-proficiency and further develop client experience to help your main concern.

  • Lead generation
  • Supply chain
  • Controlling price hike
  • HR department
  • Project management
  • Customer support

PIM management

Product information management (PIM) goes about as a one-stop objective for a wide range of item data amassed from diverse sources to direct business more effectively. It allows you to store your customized item data utilizing attributes. It saves your time radically by transforming them into assignable sets to improve product data. Ventures can hand-pick from a variety of data
arrangements and alternatives to distribute.

  • Product process management
  • Item compatibility
  • Catalogues
  • Manageable product data
  • Categorization
  • Item traceability

eCommerce software solutions for business

Website development

  • AI-powered digital experience personalization.
  • Online merchandising.
  • Advanced product search.
  • Promotional pricing tools.
  • Product recommendation workflows.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • User-friendly checkout

Mobile development

  • Mobile strategy consistent with business goals and budget.
  • Mobile-friendly user interface.
  • AR-driven viewing experience.
  • PWA development.
  • Mobile app development.
  • Mobile payments.

Ecommerce migration

  • Current solution revision.
  • New ecommerce technology selection.
  • Calculation of the total ownership cost.
  • Custom design changes.
  • Business and SEO data migration.

Transform your shopping experience across digital channels and stores

Contact us and Discover how we can help businesses embrace change to drive value


Sowing Happiness

Sowing Happiness

“Sowing Happiness is a E-commorce website and provide various products
such as T shirt, mugs, phone covers, sipper etc.
One shop stop for all shop freaks and for those who wants to surround
them with innovative and stylish products.
Provide various payments option for their customers.
There is cash on delivery, patym and payU option available for customer to complete their transaction.”



Sadad payment solutions

Sadad’s Payment Solution is mobile application for the state of Qatar. It Provides instant Payment Service for Individuals and Companies without need to carry your money or one of your credit cards, you can download Sadad application and start to payelectronic and instant payment anytime and anywhereSADAD facilitates and streamlines a wide range of payment transactions for individuals, banks, businesses, and the government sector, while continuing to develop new payment products and services. SADAD aims at providing with one solution for all payments.


Apple-Barclays Shopping Cart

Apple-Barclays Shopping Cart

Apple Barclays finance app, is an E commerce portal with Afford it Now payment integration(AIN Integration) By verdura. It helps users to purchase the Products from Apple and make payment through AIN integration. Currently we have two panel One for store and other for Admin , From admin panel any number of stores can be created. Seller can sell Apple products of various category types Via these stores. The stores have a common design which is approved by Apple

Intelligence to your ecommerce platform


Visual Search Engine for retailers

Real-time, contextual,personalized,search powered by best algorithms, tailored to your eCommerce platform.


Personalized Recommendations

Al-Driven personalized product listings and recommendation system,making users decision-making easier.


Voice and Virtual Assistance

Establishing user interactions to solve their needs
or generate action by incorporating virtual assistant.


Efficient Inventory Management

Tracking shipments, incoming materials and manage overall inventory with easy-to-use platform APIs for shipping.


D2C ecommerce solutions

D2C's fundamental procurement channel is online media, which can be accessed by means of web applications development. For D2Cs, this channel is an incredible spot to get a group of people and create solid relations with their customers. Ecommerce development solutions will take care of the real-time data collection, better user services, invigilate security and monitor operational expenses adjusting to new standards. Additionally, we’ll also make sure to make your web application grabbing attention, user-friendly yet fully functional in an easier way.

Custom ecommerce software

If you have any Ecommerce business, you might know the grill of competition and complications to promote better leads, sales, and conversion. This is the motivation behind why custom ecommerce development has turned into something fundamental for each business. With regards to advancing your business online nowadays, a very well-created web application can end up being an incredible choice. A tailor-made custom ecommerce software will definitely meet your expectations and business goals.

Enterprise ecommerce software solutions

You’ll always look for something unique in your shop site. Custom eCommerce solutions have more control, adaptability, and versatility compared to the default. Custom web eCommerce software soothes out the interaction so your organizations can have every one of the important provisions for a fruitful business running and run effectively with zero errors.You can likewise pick the relevant options to make it simpler for the group to explore the site, at last, expanding usefulness. A Web app streamlines the application so the clients don't get overpowered with various provisions like third-party web apps have.

B2B ecommerce software

A business person sometimes anticipates utilizing B2B online business for your wholesale channel then you are opting for the best choice. The utilization of B2B e-commerce business has carried a positive way to deal with online marketing.A portion of the advantages you will harvest from a B2B advertising system incorporate analytics of good business insights, maintaining users coming to your site over and over, and decent client service. It will likewise give methods of how to grab the eye of new visitors.

Collaborate with us to Advance Your Digital Commerce Transformation Journey

Digitise and optimize your operations, systems and Streamline your software engineering

With global disruption, changing customer behaviour and inefficiency in scaling, retailers need to be able to adapt fast.. We help businesses serve the changing needs of your business & customers, today and into tomorrow.



Discover new market opportunities early on the race and gain an edge over your competitors, with reduced time-to-market. Integrate your platform to new marketplaces, create, manage and track customer engagement and promote your brand to grow faster with marketing tactics.



Scale your business across the world. Get the markets analyzed, understand the competition and let us audit your platforms to get the product listings on multi-channels to stay ahead of the competition



Enhance customer experience with Al-
powered personalization engines. Delight customers with rich-features, interactive design, data management, latest attributes & optimal performance Attract customers through seamless feeling while shopping & improve conversion rate.



Scale your business in expanded horizons and handle eCommerce return management with ease. Efficiently handle your business with effective management systems of inventory and marketplace orders, including reverse logistics, restocking, refurbishing and gate keeping with KPIs.



Improve the way of interacting with
customers, Expand your herizon of the online marketplace with our technology. analyze customers buying behavior and provide your customers with omnichannel experience and each a wider range of online customer base.



Re-invent your variable business operation ospeets, reduce operational costs with leveraged technology & integrated operational solutions. we develop & deploy successful & scalable softwore solutions as per inttastiucturol needs, to improve your operational efficiency and help you achieve business objectives.

Bussiness Goals We Deliver


Launch faster and Smarter. Our result-oriented team breathes life into the project & boosts your ROI. We will evaluate & ensure your website is in compliance with the industry norms, add utility & deliver the robust website, aligned with your business goals!

  • Technology Consultation
  • In-depth analysis and research
  • Exceptionally stable, functional and modern design
  • Ecommerce ecosystem implementation and design

Optimization and Growth

We will help you grow your brand awareness, the website traffic and business relationships by testing and optimizing elements to attract customers and improve their experience. Along with multivariate and A/B testing, we will monetize new market trends!

  • Defining hidden pains and needs
  • Delighting Customer Experience: UX & UI
  • Relationship Building
  • Cross-System Integrations and Back-Office Automation


We help you migrate to a new and effective platform, smoothly, in the case of potential pitfalls in your current software. Our team provides you with a strategic and tactical plan and performs technical migration to ensure optimal results.

  • Technology Consultation
  • Plan & Validate Migration Process
  • Website SEO Audit – 99% uptime
  • Evaluate & Repost total ownership cost
  • Monitor & Design Changes

Omnichannel Retail

Our team will knit your ideas into developing a perfect eCommerce solution. Integrate our cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions with your eCommerce platform and let us help you deliver the ultimate omnichannel experience to your customers.

  • Automate back-office processes
  • Improved Ecosystem architecture
  • Expand customer interaction horizons
  • Enhance total turnover and KPI’s

Ecommerce Development Services we Cater


eCommerce Web Development

Our experienced developers create immersive eCommerce solutions, using the best technologies and development plans.


eCommerce Strategy & Consulting

We understand your goal, market & audience and help you find the right platform, technology and framework.


Ecommerce app development

We create robust, responsive applications for Android and iOS stages, conveying an unrivaled user experience. If you are making a website at this moment, it will be a smart move to involve smartphone users into consideration.


Ecommerce design

Our team makes exceptionally intuitive ecommerce storefront designs, upgraded UX, and simple navigation. Thinking like a visitor, we’ll discuss with you all sorts of possibilities and make the website a better place.


Laravel ecommerce

Laravel is one of the fittest frameworks for creating ecommerce stores because of its high-level advantages and adaptable features. We give Laravel ecommerce solutions for you to set up your business more attractively and customers on the web.


Customer service 24*7

We guarantee ideal execution and offer help even after the launch, maintenance, and updating of your site. Whether or not your business has a physical location or is totally on the web, it’s essential to have a robust customer service system on time.

The digital mandate is here and there is no time for delay

Build a strong and engaging e-commerce marketplace for your customers. Provide them with a convenient way of shopping including single-click experience. Expand and grow your business online efficiently with customized & SEO friendly eCommerce solutions – highly secured ecosystems, personalization, better user engagement and experience.


The rise of Direct to Consumer e-Commerce: The D2C Revolution

Retail is a consumer-driven sector. Every now and then a new trend changes the structure of the aggregate market as it is influenced by consumer habits and behaviour. The retailers are always trying to decode and function accordingly. Direct to Consumer e-Commerce …

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eCommerce Trends for 2020-2025: Top 10 Innovations

The eCommerce Trends industry has made remarkable growth in the last few years. With sales of around US$ 3 Trillion all over the world in 2019, it is expected to make a stunning growth to around US $5 Trillion in 2021. We don’t require any proof to judge ….

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Development of multi store eCommerce platform Custom eCommerce design and development Marketplace development Shopping cart development Online store customization Payment gateway integration Modules and plugins development Magento eCommerce development SAAS eCommerce solutions Website Maintenance and Support Developing websites with Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc Customize and optimize existing eCommerce website

The development of E-commerce business sites by professional organizations is a well-known option for businesses given the gigantic extent of online transactions and sales.it has comfort, wide degree, tremendous promotions, and considerably more in less expense.

Prior to the project, we assist you with understanding a couple of specialized essentials which will assist you with settling on a choice. Firstly, determine item categories and numbers. Certain stages handle the inventory and multi-item alternatives tracking. We’ll assist you with understanding different angles– UX designs, installment and security of the site, and third-party integration tools, highlights and much more. After we’ve set up and shaped an image of your needs, we will propose the best option appropriate for your business.

It depends upon many factors like pages, needs, complexity, customization, features and functionality and more. It will take time but we also commit to complete our task on a given deadline or as per requirements.

We offer both the options to the clients. We also offer a dedicated resource model for controlling the development team. But if your needs are fixed and definite, we will present you a price model accordingly.

Yes, it definitely will be. We create all our websites keeping search engines in mind. Therefore, the website’s design and development are compliant with search engine guidelines. For further assistance in boosting sales through SEO, planning strategies and improve your website’s visibility, you can opt for our optimization services. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Don’t worry! We are committed to handling every bit of issues and responsible for your ecommerce website. Our expertise will take care of the updates effectively and immediately. We will offer a full assessment even if your project is done.

As SEO is the important part in every business website. So we keep all the SEO guidelines for better reach. We carefully plan and design the website i.e. SEO relatable to take you to business heights.

Basically, we use the backend and frontend for the website. We use frontend for app development and backend for digital framework.

Yes it can be hacked easily but our experts are sitting to use the best technology to secure your ecommerce website in the best possible way.

Ateam has sparkled a few organizations with their eCommerce skills, formative, and execution aptitude. This has worked for eCommerce ventures and they walk the way of acknowledgment and intelligence.

Ateam eCommerce business developers are certified and experienced. Ateam is a house of gifted and capable developers that can utilize eCommerce elements for your firm efficiently.

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