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Online Virtual Personal Wellness and Fitness Training

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Comprehensive solution for Special Inspection Agencies

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CRM for Financial Lending Services

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Premium Subscription-Based ride booking app

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Digital AI Recruiter for hiring managers

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Sales Hub

Customisable Intelligent sales software for business

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ATeam soft solution quality performance spurs continued engagement and a long-term partnership. They track progress and adhere to deadlines; overall, project management is consistent and effective. Enthusiastic and driven, the team strives to meet objectives and deliver success.



ATeam soft solution has done a lot of development work for me and I highly recommend his work. He and his team are competent, honest, and deliver great results so if you need dev work done, look no further.


CEO, Blacksmith International

aTeam's responsiveness was pretty amazing. They were very prompt and up to the mark on code quality


Founder, AMWI

If there are problems, there's always someone to jump on them. Urgent issues are addressed the same day.



If I found there commutation ability to work without tight oversight to be the biggest differentiator for us.

Kimberly Smith

Omega Learning

The team did a great job form our initial call all the way up to product release.


Assured Financial Service

The user experience on the platform was dramatically improved thank to aTeam soft solution's efforts. They stand out with their focus improving how they communicate with non-technical people


CEO, Crowdpatch

The solution is now the second-most popular within the target market. Positive feedback from users has focused on the effevtive integration of new features. Expect ATeam soft solution to serveas a responsive partner and accommodate new requesrs quickly.



While the app is still in the testing phase, the results thus far have received positive feedback form members of the internal team. ATeam soft solution peovides auality results in timely manner, They offer superb customer service and are quick to answer inquiries


Director, RecycleSV

Our Case Study

Sales-Hub -  a fully customizable sales software for business

  • Project Insight
    • Developed Sales-Hub.com, a SaaS platform designed to elevate sales management for tech companies and SMEs.
  • Aim
    • To offer a scalable, cloud-based solution for streamlined sales tracking, customer relationship management, and insightful analytics.
  • Core Features
    • Dynamic CRM integration for improved customer engagement.
    • Automated pipeline management tools.
    • Advanced analytics for real-time sales insights.
  • Technologies
    • Leveraged cloud computing, AI for data-driven predictions, and robust security protocols.
  • Outcome
    • Enabled businesses to efficiently manage sales processes, gain actionable insights, and drive sales growth.
Sales Hub



Gretip HR- Enhanced Client and Compliance Management in HR and Payroll

  • Objective and Scope:
    • Developed a specialized application to streamline and simplify the management of multiple client accounts within greytHR. This application is tailored to facilitate efficient handling of various HR and payroll functions across diverse client portfolios.
  • Core Functionalities built
    • Implemented advanced tools for monitoring and evaluating the performance of teams and individual members within the PSP organization.
    • Integrated metrics and KPIs to track productivity, efficiency, and goal attainment.
    • Addressed critical statutory compliance needs specific to PSP's customer base.
    • Included essential features like payroll lock to ensure timely and accurate payroll processing.
    • Incorporated payslip release functionality, enhancing transparency and access for employees.


Product Head

Revolutionizing Recruitment with AMWI's AI Technology

  • Project Overview:
    • Enabled businesses to efficiently manage sales processes, gain actionable insights, and drive sales growth.
  • Unique Features:
    • Advanced AI technology predicts turnover intent of passive candidates.
    • AI-powered chatbot for engaging candidates, asking qualifying questions, and conducting video interviews.
    • Integration with existing processes, enhancing usability and efficiency.
  • Key Benefits to businesses:
    • Significantly reduces effort and time in the recruitment process.
    • Accelerates time-to-interview, ensuring faster hiring.
    • Offers substantial cost savings compared to traditional recruitment methods.
    • Expands the talent pool, accessing a broader range of high-quality candidates.

Abhi Verma


Inspect Pro - Comprehensive solution designed to transform the way Special Inspection agencies operate

  • Project Purpose:
    • Established a centralized system for all company departments, ensuring accurate data processing and visibility.
    • Integrated analytics for predictive insights across departments, aiding in proactive problem-solving.
    • Implemented data qualification measures to ensure the integrity and reliability of analytics
  • Innovative Features
    • Smart Inspector Allocation System for optimal resource assignment.
    • Dynamic Form System tailored for various inspection needs.
    • Smart Review System ensuring quality control in inspection reports.
Inspect Pro

Empowering a Commercial Financial Service Lending Firm with a Customized CRM

  • Reduces deal processing time by 45%
  • Enhances accuracy and minimizes errors by 70%
  • Centralized contact management
  • Boosts team collaboration with a single source of truth
  • Increases response time to client inquiries by 60%
  • Improves business performance analysis and forecasting accuracy by 40%
  • Raises productivity by 35% with automated reminders and prioritization
  • Increases lead conversion rates by 25% with targeted follow-ups
  • Streamlines property tracking for better portfolio management
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Brian Sather


The OneFit:Virtual Personal Trainer for Fitness Enthusiasts

  • The OneFit serves as the ultimate platform for fitness devotees.
  • Connects users to certified coaches for personalized workout and diet plans.
  • Integrates an e-commerce section for quick and easy purchase of fitness products.
  • Offers various subscription models, providing flexibility for different fitness goals.
  • Streamlines the fitness journey by combining expert coaching and product purchasing in one platform.
  • Enhances fitness routines by making expert advice and quality products easily accessible.




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Our services offer the best of both worlds: high-quality solutions at a cost-effective price point. We aim to deliver exceptional value, ensuring you get more for your investment.
We use a feature branching strategy in Git, with structured commit naming conventions, for better code management.
Our approach to intellectual property management is adapted to different geographic regulations.
We perform static code analysis and vulnerability assessments using SonarQube to maintain code quality and security.
Updates for packages and libraries are provided at no extra cost.
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