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  • Import unlimited live and on-demand streaming to any location.
  • Gain mileage of broadcast-quality inputs and encoding.
  • Shape robust and truthful live-streaming mobile applications.

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  • We design the leading framework for your industry.
  • Our skilled experts can configure a mobile streaming app dependent on the best-fitted business.
  • Take advantage of our experience to 100% focus on growth.

Optimal features

Mobility of Mobile live streaming

  • Obtaining superior quality 4k from any iOS or Android device.
  • Unbox content over Wi-Fi, 4G, or 3G networks.
  • Open option to advance version of customize transcoding, sources, and targets.

Mobile app customization

  • Affixing lower latency capacities.
  • Unifies with an extensive ecosystem of streaming tools.
  • Merges with an expanded ecosystem of streaming tools.


Media and Entertainment

It composes a huge variety of print, broadcast and multimedia. Undeniably, these are truly dependent on audio and video streaming OTT. In broadcast, whether it’s news, sports, etc. everything needs to be broadcasted via satellite on multiple internet users from OTT mobile apps. Subject to audio streaming apps like podcasts or other radio stations; listeners can take advantage of its features like download section on android, IOS mobile and TVs, Apple TV and more on smart devices. During the pandemic, there was a hike of 82% seen in video streaming apps and won the face of entertainment.


This is the industry benefited the most in the pandemic of mobile streaming apps. There are multiple programs conducting platforms for unique services. It consists of live streaming and VOD as background music. This will be an asset to students attending live-sessions and acquiring their class later for revision or doubt clearing sessions.


Live game streaming is procuring a large market these days. These platforms enable gamers to get live gaming experiences and post recordings on the channels. Professionals habitually consolidate incomparable play with engaging critique and acquire from backers, gifts, and memberships. The gamers on these stages can either see the live video or can access them on request.

Health and fitness

There are ample startups beginning in this category post-pandemic period through live mobile streaming apps. In order to stay fit and live a healthy life, people are switching over to OTT and VOD platforms. Considering the schedule, forms of exercise, yoga, and many others became relevant to guarantee that these apps worked for greater exposure and clarity on better opportunities.

Native mobile apps for IOS and android

Owning brand

Ateam will position your streaming and on-demand video Applications for iOS and Android in accordance with your own brand and developer’s id. This implies that your brand will always be on upfront and Ateam will work on backrow quietly including all the related difficult jobs for you.

Online video hosts

Investments on the live streaming apps can be unpredictable. We’ll help you with the required features like API, SDKs and others. Accordingly, you can look for monetization support. We will also guard you through with pricing plans and other affordable characteristics. To generate your ROI, Ateam is here to hold your hand throughout the process.

Downloading SDK

Post the decision of the online video hosting stage, it needs to download the live streaming SDK. Ateam will make it simple to choose and navigate the procedure. We’ll also map you out with the most used OS by the public.

Mobile development software

You will require a mobile development environment like Android Studio or Xcode. You should pick an application that offers support for your particular development and streaming requirements. Whenever you’ve picked one, we are here to transfer your SDK to this platform.

The beginning of development

Utilizing the assigned API code and the streaming SDK tools, our expertise will walk you through the customized and best presented brand. This will enhance the viewer’s experience. A tiny error can influence the functionality of your application. Hence, support from the tech-experts is significant.

And it’s done!

After the completion of the live streaming app, submission for the play store or app-store is required. Also we have the insight distribution mechanisms to utilize for viewers and download the application directly from your site. Additionally, we can also design a strategic marketing plan for better reach and business evolution.

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