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Virtual Personal Trainer : Upgrade Your Coaching Experience

Worried about getting the client to pursue exercise? Then you’re on the right platform as our motto is to uplift and upgrade your coaching experience.

  • Unlimited Clients, Revenue Tracker, Manage Subscriptions
  • An app permits you to keep steady over your customer’s necessities and track their development.
  • Allowing only realistic deals to attain goals. Programing has never been easier
  • Train more clients in less time.
  • Presenting new logics and offers in favor of audience engagement.

Connect with your personal trainer, set fitness goals, track macros, record workouts, and track progress over time – all in one place!

  • Track nutrition.
  • Pre built workouts, routine planner
  • Digital personal trainer
  • Fitness blog and Research articles
  • Tracking food and other health activities like BMR, heights, etc.
  • Flexible time and proposal of different diet charts.

Key Highlights of the App

Calorie counter and Macro-tracker

Macro consists of counting fat, protein and carbs. An amalgamation of these three nutrients in an ideal percentage will only be a good conditioned body. We understand the importance of Macronutrients and its impact on reaching fitness goals. The app calculates the imbalance from your current food habits. Also, will measure your food preferences and serve portions of the plate in general.

Exercise log and workout plans

You can now plan your self-scheme exercises or let your trainer create one for you. It can be week wise, time wise etc. Additionally, you’ll also get predefined exercises in support of your scheme and workout like a pro.

Diet plans

70% of the fitness program depends upon the dietary habits. Trainers can set custom diet plans Apart from this, you can also personalize your food log. It means you have a choice to customise your priority of edibles or anything and accordingly we’ll shape you in a fit and toned body.

Real-Time Messaging

Never hesitate to clear your query with your personal trainer or clients.

Goal Setting

Create your own goals or the trainers create a custom goal for you.

Workout logs

Customized fitness regime, accelerate your exercise logs, audit previous outcomes and remarks and ask expertise.

Program Builder

Design entire series of workouts for your clients with TrueCoach Programs. Write your programs once, then customize for each client without having to recreate the program every time.

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