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In the ever-evolving cloud computing environment, Serverless architecture is on its way to becoming the face of app development’s backend. It is the fastest-growing cloud service model at the moment. Serverless lowers costs, reduces operational complexity, and increases DevOps efficiencies.


AWS Lambda-the future of serverless application development

Lambda provides you with the compute service and other services, i.e. API Gateway, DynamoDB, and RDS, which form the basis of serverless solutions. Due to AWS Lambda, individual tasks run for a short time, and each task is self-contained.

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Serverless Architecture: Advantage of going Serverless for your next app development

Benefits like – No infrastructure management, less workload, less time to market, reliability, improved efficiency, and affordability, the Serverless architecture has managed to deliver what technologists desire..

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Serverless Application Development Service

Serverless Application Development

Welcome to the future – where you don’t have to scale apps or manage databases – but just run the code. That’s right!

Serverless is a revolutionary movement of the tech industry, which provides backend services on an as-used basis. However, despite the terminology “server-less,” it does not imply that apps run without servers. Just that, the application components are distributed amongst various servers. The owner does not have to purchase, provision, or manage the servers, and the cloud partner works the infrastructure side of the things for the application instead. Businesses need not worry about maintaining databases, and can fully focus on the other business objectives!

Serverless dynamically manages the provisioning of servers to meet the real-time computing demands, which offers more flexibility, greater scalability, lesser time-to-market – all this at a reduced cost!

We will help you smoothly migrate to serverless, build serverless applications, and train your team on serverless’ best practices. Sculpt your business’s success with our customized, robust, scalable, and highly-secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) Development Services!

Why use Serverless?

Cost-Effective Robust Serverless App Development!


With a serverless architecture, you only need to pay for the time your app is used. There is no wastage or capacity, resources, or money.

No Server Management

No Server Management

Say goodbye to provisioning or maintaining the servers. aTeam will take care of all the runtime to administer services or backend infrastructure.

Virtually Limitless Scalability

Virtually Limitless Scalability

Smooth and easy scalability of functions. Applications get automatically scaled up or down by adjusting the capacity of the units of consumption!

High Availability Serverless App Development!

High Availability

Built-in availability and extreme fault tolerance, made possible by multiple redundancies. No architect is required for the capabilities as they are provided by default!

Time to Market | Top Time Serverless App Development!

Time to Market

Focus only on code – and deploy an application within a few days or hours. With automatic scalability, reduce the time-to-market to gain an edge!

Better Latency Robust Serverless App Development!

Better Latency

Ensure global coverage and improved response time of the app with Serverless. It has better latency, it can handle users from around the world.

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What can you do with a
Serverless Application?

Backend applications for IoT

Backend applications for IoT

Servers have direct integration capabilities that allow devices data to be routed and processed by serverless functions. No burden of managing infrastructure.

Web and mobile backend services

Web and mobile backend services

With serverless, you can power your web or mobile backend and limit access to application users who have authenticated with any of the sign-in options.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Serverless platform allows you to easily accomplish natural language input and user voice input responses. You can apply natural language recognition and voice input features.

Our AWS Development Services

Customized, scalable, robust and highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) development services to carve your business’s future

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC

Amazon s3

Amazon s3

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Elasticache

Amazon Elasticache

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A serverless web application is an app where you do not have to manage the infrastructure, but the applications are still up and running. With serverless, you can focus more on other operative tasks and objectives while the cloud provider worries about your server administrative tasks. The cloud provider handles everything, i.e. maintains the operating systems, patches, scales the servers, provisions capacity, handles databases, etc.

AWS is a platform provided by Amazon for serverless computing. It includes a set of 165 fully integrated services and is the leading cloud computing platform, which lets you build and run applications and services without having to manage the infrastructure. It’s flexible, provides secure cloud computing environments, and reliable. The core infrastructure of AWS (Amazon Web Services) is well-suited to global banks, military, and other high-sensitive organizations.

If you are looking for the best Serverless application development in India, please contact and engage with our team to discuss your idea or project. Share your requirements for us to develop a full understanding of the requirements and do the analyses. Based on your requirements, details shared, we can start the screening process.
If you have any particular deadlines, let us know, and we will make sure to meet them and get your product ready in due time. We are a team of the best Aws developer in India.

Since the serverless approach tends to manage the servers, it helps in high data utilization and time management for various other activities. Other than that –

  • Cost effective
  • Improved scalability
  • Provides a better user experience
  • It takes less time to create and market an application
  • Offers you good network latency and geo-location

With AWS Lambda, you can run codes developed for the website or an application virtually, without any management. When the code is uploaded to run, the lambda function makes it in an efficient way. aTeam can get you the best quality service for serverless applications at competitive prices.

We are a team of handpicked Aws developer in India. Our customers trust and rely upon us because of our capabilities of successfully delivering efficient, high-performing, robust, and scalable products in time. With years of experience, working on creating innovative crafts out of ideation, with agile teams and legacy systems, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to complex problems and provide seamless integration.

If you are looking for Serverless application development in India and have an idea but find yourself in a dilemma on its complexity, let us help you!

Are you planning to develop your application with minimum investment giving you all the essential features? Serverless architecture is also popularly known as serverless computing or functions as a service where you need not invest in a server. Serverless application development is a design pattern where applications are hosted by a third-party server, eliminating the need for server software and hardware management by your organization. That is why it is considered to be a cost-effective option and ideal for your organization. It gives your organization unlimited server capacity which is easy to use and is considered highly reliable from a data security point of view. Hence, choosing such an application development gives you the benefit of cost-effectiveness and flexibility. If you are planning for Serverless application development in India that will enable you to fully focus upon another aspect of the business without worrying about database maintenance.
An AWS developer is the one who is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of your web applications dealing with deals with the business logic. AWS developers apply best practices for your data security and make it more compatible. Various languages are used such as Java, Nodejs, Python, Go, Net. Core and Ruby. The service provider handles your server requirement as per the contract and defined communication between you and the service provider. At Ateam Soft Solutions (Formerly Ateamindia), we are a trusted Aws developer in India always stands with you to give you very authentic services with a perfect lead time and an application full of future scope and compatibility and take care of all your worries and technical challenges in a very professional manner while offering you a perfect solution as per the need of your business.
At, Ateam Soft Solutions (Formerly Ateamindia), we are trusted Aws developer in India always strive to cater to your need of Server applications in an efficient and comprehensive manner while giving you perfect compatibility and numerous advantages. Our Serverless application development in India will give you the scope to explore the serverless ecosystem in this ever evolving computer era.
With their team of professionals with high business and technical acumen, we understand your core AWS services and apply best practices regarding your security and limitless scalability which enables you to meet the real-time computing demands, offering you more flexibility, greater scalability, lesser time-to-market at a reasonable cost. That is why we are considered as the best Aws developer in India.

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