Creating digital stores that deliver customer centric experience and engagement!

Ateam ecommerce application development Australia offer applications that provide an incredible method for perceiving, target and proficiently connect with your clients while at the same time assembling a dependable connection between your brand and its crowd.

We can either be an expansion of a current web application or an independent native application with deep-linking capacities. It will always be based on your custom needs.

Every one of our ecommerce website solutions is focused toward assisting you with delivering a consistent and amazing shopping experience to your clients. Thus, we utilize the most recent patterns and techniques in the ecommerce world to construct user driven ecommerce solutions that convey results.

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ateam soft solutions
Providing creative and
customer centric experience

Our ecommerce website development services guarantee the practice of latest and best in- class technologies and proceed with maintenance and support for guaranteed and greatness of service.

Advanced ecommerce website solutions for unrivalled, scalable and adaptable online stores for valuable experience at every stage of customer journey

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Strategic operational ecommerce solutions for SME

We unlock the ideas of online marketplace to expand your business growth

Logistic management

Logistics management has an essential impact in operating your supply chain. How easily your logistics will work will have an immense effect on your supply chain overall. With the right logistics management set up, you can set aside time and cash and deliver superior client care. Logistics management is critical if your venture is to be successful.

Inventory management

The basic role of inventory management is to guarantee there are sufficient products or materials to satisfy need without making an overload, or an abundance of inventory. Precise inventory management is critical to maintaining a fruitful product business. Tracking stock consistently can assist with staying away from stock blunders and different issues.


Growing organizations with available inventory will benefit extraordinarily from utilizing a warehouse management system (WMS). The WMS will improve their functional effectiveness for both labour and actual space by checking work processes at different levels, improving productivity, and expanding resource usage.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software are incredible tools for a business or endeavour to practice. CRM takes care of the sales, marketing, and customer service information. ERP takes care of the back-end processes and internal data.

PIM management

A PIM is a software extension that integrates with online commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce, just as different channels, data sources and software systems. PIM functions as a multichannel marketing software tool that permits you to keep up with command over all spaces of your ecommerce technique.

Data driven value

Ecommerce application development service in the Australian market to widen your customer base to global

360 degree service

We have the best class ecommerce app developers offering custom ecommerce application development that address your buyers needs quickly. We also build IOS & Android ecommerce mobile app solutions for organizations of all types to assist them with drawing in and keeping customers while also assembling a favourable brand reputation.

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Custom ecommerce software solutions for Australia Startups

Bespoke Ecommerce websites

Benefits of ecommerce involves assisting one with browsing a wide scope of products and getting the order delivered as well. Looking for a thing, seeing the description, adding to cart, all steps occur instantly from the beginning within seconds. Eventually, the purchaser is cheerful in light of the fact that he has the product and didn’t need to go so far.

Ecommerce application

Today, mobile applications are seen assuming a significant part in building connections among companies and clients. Truth is that mobile ecommerce applications are all around perceived for knowing their clients better, just by being a “tap” away. With an ecommerce mobile application, entrepreneurs can target clients anytime and anywhere.

Ecommerce marketplace

Marketplaces are being turned upward to as platforms that assist with amplifying sales and get close enough to potential business sectors. That is the justification for why we examine the thought with the business people that are progressively picking to open marketplaces dependent on one of a kind concepts and sellers are being invited on-board available on a huge scale.


Sowing Happiness

Sowing Happiness

“Sowing Happiness is a E-commorce website and provide various products
such as T shirt, mugs, phone covers, sipper etc.
One shop stop for all shop freaks and for those who wants to surround
them with innovative and stylish products.
Provide various payments option for their customers.
There is cash on delivery, patym and payU option available for customer to complete their transaction.”



Sadad payment solutions

Sadad’s Payment Solution is mobile application for the state of Qatar. It Provides instant Payment Service for Individuals and Companies without need to carry your money or one of your credit cards, you can download Sadad application and start to payelectronic and instant payment anytime and anywhereSADAD facilitates and streamlines a wide range of payment transactions for individuals, banks, businesses, and the government sector, while continuing to develop new payment products and services. SADAD aims at providing with one solution for all payments.


Apple-Barclays Shopping Cart

Apple-Barclays Shopping Cart

Apple Barclays finance app, is an E commerce portal with Afford it Now payment integration(AIN Integration) By verdura. It helps users to purchase the Products from Apple and make payment through AIN integration. Currently we have two panel One for store and other for Admin , From admin panel any number of stores can be created. Seller can sell Apple products of various category types Via these stores. The stores have a common design which is approved by Apple

Reinvent your Business with Digital Transformation

Ignite a spark into your business by adopting digital transformation – Engage More, Gain More! Reanalyze strategies and redefine your brand with purpose-driven web solutions.

Intelligence to your eCommerce platform


Visual Search Engine

Real-time, personalized, contextual search with best algorithms that are tailored to your eCommerce platform.


Personalized Recommendations

Make users’ decision-making easy with the recommendation system and AI-driven personalized product listing.


Voice and Virtual Assistance

Solving user problems by establishing user interactions and generating action by incorporating virtual assistants.


Efficient Inventory Management

Easy to use platform APIs for inventory management – track shipments, in & out material and manage overall inventory.

Helping business to overcome top 6 Ecommerce challenges


Data capitalization

Profoundly, comprehensive brand solutions are one of the fundamental digital commerce challenges. Rather than testing dependent on accepted market patterns, data should be deliberately caught and applied in inventive ways. We had recognized the effect of data on the everyday basis and long lasting business choices.


User expectations

Satisfying the ever-evolving client demands is difficult for retailers today. To meet the client expectation for great user experience, we are analysing brands, ecommerce trends and focused on utilizing this data to think of customized user experience. The customers should feel recognized and esteemed right from the second they begin practicing your service.


Data security

The uptake of ecommerce raises worries about safety threats. This is one of the most basic ecommerce challenges. A few stages to shield the business data and its clients involves changing to HTTPS protocols, utilizing dependable third party payment processing frameworks, and getting a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) accreditation.


Personalization Approach

Undeniably personalization is the key component responsible for a decent user experience. Ecommerce pioneers should focus on creating the 1:1 relationship with their clients. They need to reinforce their tools, practice customer data deliberately and capacities for better reach and visibility among the customers.


Facing Competition

An enormous number of companies think that it is hard to move or transform rapidly to adjust to the requirements of clients. This is normally in light of the fact that they can’t grab new technologies productively with their current framework. This challenge can be relieved via careful research and competitive analyses. Categorize the competitors and habitually notice and survey the latest features of their sites.


Customer Retention

Indeed, even probably the greatest players in the ecommerce sector battle to hold their customer base and the reason can be ascribed to many factors. We understand the focus on personalized interaction for extra touch of bond. A brilliant customer retention technique can do some incredible things for a brand where it’s shoppers go into brand promoters and assist with encouraging spread the brand reach.

Business Goals We Deliver


Be smart about the product’s launch by choosing a result-oriented team to reinvigorate your business. We’re here to deliver a robust website, aligned with your business goals. Get faster launch, add utility and ensure the website is in compliance with industry norms.

  • Technology Consultation
  • In-depth research and analysis
  • Modern, functional and exceptionally stable design
  • Ecommerce ecosystem implementation & design


Give people the reason to choose your brand. We will help you boost your brand awareness, the website traffic and improve or build business relationships by testing and optimizing elements to gain & retain customers. We’ll also multivariate, A/B test and monetize new market trends!

  • Define hidden pains & needs
  • Delight customer experience with enhanced UX/UI
  • Build relationships
  • Back-office automation and cross-system integration


Make the migration process buttery-smooth. We will help you migrate to a new and effective platform in case of potential pitfalls in your current software. aTeam will provide you with a tactical and strategic plan, performing technical migration to deliver optimal results.

  • Technology Consultation
  • Planning & Validating Migration Process
  • 99% uptime with Website SEO Audit
  • Evaluation and Reposting total ownership costs
  • Monitoring and Designing Changes

Omnichannel Retail

We will light your path to building perfect eCommerce application development solutions with our integrated cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions. Bring your ideas to life and develop an eCommerce platform to intensify your presence online. Provide the ultimate omnichannel experience to all your customers.

  • Automation of back-office processes
  • Improving ecosystem architecture
  • Expanding customer interaction band
  • Enhancing total turnover and KPIs

Ecommerce Development Services we Provide


eCommerce Web Development

Our expert developers use the best technologies and development plans to deliver immersive eCommerce solutions.


eCommerce Strategy & Consulting

We help you find the perfect platform, framework and technology by understanding your aim, market and target audience.


eCommerce App Development

We develop highly-responsive apps for iOS and Android platforms to help you deliver the unmatched user experience.


eCommerce Design

aTeam will create extraordinarily intuitive designs, enhanced UX and easy navigation for you to impress your users.


Laravel eCommerce Solutions

We provide Laravel eCommerce solutions for you to set up the systems and multiply your range of customers.


Support & Maintenance

Our team ensures optimal performance and provides maintenance, upgradation and support services even after the website launch.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Before we begin working on your project, our experts will help you get a better understanding of a few technical fundamentals, to help you make the decision. Firstly, the number of items or products to be listed and their categories are determined, as some platforms handle multi-product options and inventory tracking and some do not. We will help you get a clear vision on the other aspects such as – UX design, the security of the website, payment gateways, third-party integration tools, features and more.
After we have established the requirements and formed a clear picture of what needs to be done, we will suggest the best platform suited for your business.
Feel free to contact our team for Ecommerce Application Development Australia or a consultation.

The completion of the development process of a fully-functional website depends on various factors. Your business needs and requirements, the complexity of your project, the website’s customization, number of revisions on the work and more. The duration also depends on the number of website pages, features and required functionalities and it might also need some time after the development phase is done.
Having said that, if you have any specific duration that you want the project to be completed in or a launch date in mind, then let us know and we will make sure you get the best Ecommerce Application Development Australia, ensuring the completion or launch of the website in due time!

We offer our clients both the dedicated resource and fixed price model. It is entirely up to you to choose the one best suited for you. If you want to have full control over the development team and processes, you can go with a dedicated resources price model. But if you have established your requirements or are clear about what you want and the requirements are not likely to change, then we would recommend the fixed price/time model, where total price and duration can be determined.

Absolutely! Every single eCommerce website that we built is mobile-friendly. The websites are made with highly-responsive design methods and everything is tested to ensure that they work well on different screen sizes such as laptops, tablets, phones, desktops, etc. Our team compiles user insights and their behaviour to understand what works for the brand and what doesn’t. It is how we keep improving your product. Being the best Web Application Development Company Australia, we strive to make each project we take, a success, giving your users the best experience.

Don’t worry, we are here to handle any sort of problem that might occur after the website has gone live. The issue will be effectively taken care of by our development team. And if the website requires any changes or upgradation, we will help with that as well. aTeam provides full support and maintenance services even after the completion of the project.

Yes, the website will definitely be SEO friendly. We keep the search engines in mind while creating the websites, hence the design and development are compliant with the search engine guidelines. We also provide our clients with optimization services and help them boost their sales through SEO, plan strategies and improve their website’s visibility. If you want SEO services alongside eCommerce development services, please contact our team and discuss your requirements.

Yes, we take client confidentiality very seriously and sign a Non-disclosure agreement with all our clients. Since we are a top-rated Web Application Development Company in Australia, we ensure reliability.
Read below the terms and conditions that we offer our clients –
– Strict NDA & a contract with the jurisdiction.
– Work for HIre where you own the IP rights to your application.
– We don’t reuse or sell your code/data.
– 100% transparent process.
– In-house team which will prototype, design, develop, test and get your application approved on the google play store.
– All projects are insured by a third party, including a solid team which will help you scale up or down the needs, based on the business’s growth.
– No third-party outsourcing on design, development or maintenance/support.

With the Advancement of electronic commerce, having a perfect application of your organization with advanced features to choose from and buy several products is an advantage that you can surely get by getting a perfect web application combined with an eCommerce option. It gives a tremendous business advantage to your company to attract the right traffic to your website to choose from the list of products as per their requirement and place the order. As no middlemen are involved you get a definite and higher return on your sales which gives a perfect boost to the overall profitability of your organization. Further, in this competitive internet era, the global market is considered a single market, enabling people from different parts of the world fulfilling their shopping needs over the internet regardless of geographic territories. Under such circumstances choosing a trusted Web Application Development Company Australia is a perfect thing to do.
Web application development is the creation of application programs that reside on your remote servers with a perfect interface to the gadget of your customers giving them perfect flexibility to access it over the Internet. Web application development as a whole is essential for your e-commerce success. A web application need not be downloaded; rather it is accessed through a network. Therefore, your customer can access a web application through a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or others. Various languages such as JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and HTML are used for the majority of web applications. Therefore you must plan and chooses a highly reliable and trusted Ecommerce Application Development Australia for such application development.
You will find many companies Web Application Development Company Australia but at aTeam Soft Solutions, we are a trusted application developer always strive to provide you a perfect application suitable to your business need with high compatibility which will give your customers a comfortable experience for smooth business dealings.
At, aTeam Soft Solutions, we are trusted web application development company committed to offer you high standard Ecommerce Application Development Australia and able to cater to your need for a perfect web application in a highly effective manner while giving you tremendous scope to enhance order conversion ratio and higher flow of revenue. Our objective is to build software to minimize your work and maximize your success which will give you a perfect scope by transfiguring your business needs into transformative success and turning your ideas into business innovations.
With a team of highly dedicated software development team, we will bring your vision to life with flexible and highly collaborative services. Our impeccable record of helping many business houses all over the globe with perfect web application indeed makes us a well known Web Application Development Company Australia.
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