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Ateam is here to turn your business journey into a leading reality. By joining hands with us, you can speed up user-base flourishment, unlock new digital paths and arrive at other rewarding business achievements.

We arrange techniques, post building our relationship with customers and perceive your business objectives. In light of the evaluation, a design is planned by our experts for customized web applications development.

Also, do you have your project documentation but don’t know about the next step? So here we are again to counsel on the web app developer hiring process.

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    Prominent Web Application Development
    Company in India

    Let us breathe life into your unique ideas with powerful web app development. Experience power, agility, innovation, and scalability, with our intuitive web based solutions. aTeam Soft Solutions Web Application Development Company in India.

    Business Analysis & Consulting Services

    Whether you want to build applications for your business or impress your customers, we will provide you with the right technical strategies and insights.

    Custom & ECommerce Web Design Services

    Get the unique web design and development solutions for your business and thrive in the market. We combine expertise with strategies for the best website performance.

    Business Apps & API Integration Services

    Extend customer and employee use cases by integrating applications with the services that are already being used by you.

    Enterprise Web-Based App(s) Services

    Manage your business efficiently with personalized web solutions. Example – a simple to use and organized CMS for organizing and publishing content.

    Search Engine Optimized Web Services

    We help you rank your web application higher as we develop products using techniques that improve online visibility, improve efficiency, and conversion rate.

    Apps for Internet of Things

    Create dynamic and highly functional applications, equipped with NFC, W-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., to interact with IoT, hardware devices or mobile devices.

    Revamp Your Strategies & Digitally Transform!

    Take your innovation game to a whole new level through smart digital transformation. Improve your strategy and strengthen your clientele with aTeam. Improve your audience’s experience with intuitive solutions. Experience the agility, speed, security, and scalability that suits your business.

    Benefits of working with aTeam

    With custom web development solutions, aTeam empowers businesses and emerging start-ups to strengthen their technical capabilities, transform their future, and achieve new milestones.

    Limitless Business Opportunities

    We will help your company to unravel new business opportunities with robust web based apps. Experience the power of an exceptionally intuitive app and deliver an extraordinary user experience.

    Agile Development Process

    aTeam is one of the top Web Application Development Company in India that follows agile development. Following the UX-driven approach, we provide full transparency, optimum speed, minimal technical debt, and high team engagement.

    Strategy and Consultation

    To deliver the best results, we collaborate to understand your business objectives & identify the processes which need to be streamlined. We build a tech-delivery roadmap, aligned with your objectives.

    Boosted ROI & Retention Rate

    Have a unique idea in mind? We'll breathe life into it. aTeam is here to provide you with high output software solutions that will boost your ROI and retention rates. Experience a lean approach to apps.

    Robust Security Practices

    We run periodic security tests to identify and resolve the potential risks, cyber threats, vulnerabilities & incorporate data encryption. This adds life to your software, facilitating faster & secure delivery.

    Premium Quality Assurance

    With aTeam, you get best-in-class QA right from the beginning. Our team assures full-proof development checkpoints. We run regressive QA tests and ensure your software is delivered within the timeline.


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    Why Choose aTeam as your ideal Web Application
    Development in India?

    As one of the leading Web Application Development Company in India, we understand that the challenges and needs of every business are different to varying degrees. That's why we strive to provide unique, intuitive and highly secure web solutions to improve your user experience and ROI. Our team is expert in managing a wide variety of complex projects. So you can rest assured that you will get powerful web development solutions.

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    Tell us your business challenge!


    Allow us to transform your thoughts into real reality and your business challenges into your strength. We fabricate amazing and advanced web applications with up-to-date technologies.


    Uplift your startup

    Take your startup higher than ever with incredible Ateam web development solutions. Realizing your business objectives and boundaries, we will furnish you with innovative web application development solutions proving most appropriate to your business destinations. We’ll also help you out with meeting competitive goals and make you stand out of the cue in the market.


    Upgrade performance

    Improve the manner in which you maintain your business. Rediscover various practices and lessen functional expenses with coordinated tasks solutions. Construct and send refined web solutions to work on scalable functions, meet infrastructural needs, and accomplish business objectives.


    Explore new sectors

    Unfold the new outlook with amazing Ateam web application development solutions. We’ll scan your objective market, find the updated tech patterns, and grow client’s fulfillment by means of creative network solutions. After working intimately with our agile methodology group will change your business to accomplish more milestones.


    Shorten inventory management

    Develop your scale to enhance your business productivity. Utilize completely constructed cross-platform custom inventory management items to save inventory time, command on backlogs, and unavailable items. Utilize natural and successful inventory management solutions to effectively track tasks and figure interest.


    Encourage online service

    Give your clients a creative platform to tackle their issues and deal with their data through an instinctive self-service portal. To showcase important and customized content, impress clients, and increment their fulfillment via integrated data analysis solutions.


    Incubate tech-enabled line of business

    Access the entrance to business development with tech-empowered business tactics. Apply digital innovations and surplus competition in the commercial center. Allow us to assist you with your business guide of chances and make software that will expand your market reach and potential remuneration.

    Technology Expertise

    We combine powerful technologies, stunning visuals, and innovative strategies to tell your organization’s story while delivering data-driven results.

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    Leverage our experience of 7+ years as a top custom Web Application Development Company in India. We create highly secure, scalable and powerful products for businesses around the world, serving a number of verticals.

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    Development costs will depend on the requirements of your project, the resources required and the complexity of the project. Since the requirements are subject to change, there is no fixed fee. However, to get a better estimate, you can contact our team and share the details of what you want to build. After providing information on the nature of the project, the features you plan to include, its design, and other requirements, our team will provide you with a ballpark figure.
    The deadlines for the completion of projects are generally fixed by our customers and we deliver the application within a given period, meeting all the requirements. Therefore, if you want to launch your product in a particular time-to-market or a time frame in which you need to build your application, let us know and we will deliver your project on time. As an industry pioneer with over 7 years of experience in web application development India, we guarantee minimal time to market.
    Yes, we do. We take our client’s confidentiality & security very seriously and assure full security of their data and other information that they share with us. Therefore, before the initial discussion, we make sure to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our developers so that they are bound to it. This binding contract helps maintain the confidentiality of project ideas and other data. We have been ranked as the best company for custom web application development India as well as one of the highest-rated web application development companies in India by clutch and many good companies, for several consecutive years.
    Yes, we make sure to take care of all the SEO elements while developing the project and ensure its mobile-friendliness, meta customization, and other features. For more details, you can contact our team. We’ll help you get the clarity.
    Yes, we can. But it will depend on your requirements or the project requirements. Along with the developers, you can also use our IT infrastructure and other resources, eliminating any disruption to your work. As a trusted web based application development company, we also offer our clients 120% cashback. If you are looking for intuitive Custom Web Application Development India, please contact our team for our hourly rates.
    According to our Intellectual Property (IP) contract, our team signs a contract at the initial stage of the project, which ensures the secrecy of the client’s intellectual property (IP). As per the rules of the IP contract, we try to transfer the IP rights as soon as the last invoice of the project is cleared by the client.
    We consistently send project status reports to our clients. We give an updated report every week. Also, you can live track your project milestones, upcoming plans, code status, as well as other development metrics and help analyze the work done more closely.
    Yes, absolutely. Even after your application is fully developed and delivered, our team will be available to take care of any upgrades, new features or performance-related issues like application speed, error fixing and other tweaks. Further, in case your business needs long term aid from our experts, then you can connect with our support team and we can offer a cost-effective package.
    Absolutely! Our team can work on any of your requirements. Whether the app has been created by us or any other third party, we can provide you with industry-leading end-to-end web app development services and help you take your business to the next level. Tell us your business objectives and we will analyze your requirement. After the assessment, we will reorganize or modify your app according to your business requirements.
    Below are the top 5 reasons why India is viewed as the most preferred destination for website application development companies globally:
    • India has an immense pool of capable and talented HR. The purpose behind the attraction of website application development companies in India is the quality of ability, advancement, and creativity.
    • It offers huge cost savings that the concerned web development company can accomplish.
    • The technical abilities and framework availability of a website development company in India are tremendous.
    • The public authority in India has offered incredible help to outsource web development services to other people.
    • India holds around 65% portion of worldwide outsourcing of web development as a piece of a website development company in India.
    A web application is a software developed with a particular arrangement of technologies, and it works over the web. The following are the ingredients of how to develop a web application:
    Stage 1- Concept Generation and Validation
    Stage 2- Exercising in the Design
    Stage 3- Begin the Development
    Stage 4- Testing the Application
    Based on the feature list and kind of company, it decides the time of the web application development company in India. It must assemble the mobile application and also the backend for the mobile app. All development i.e. iOS Application, Android Application, and the backend must occur equally. For the smaller application, it tends to be accomplished in 2 months, a medium-sized application can require around 3-3.5 months while a major measured application could require around 5-6 months. This will include technical architecture, UI coding, backend setup, functional implementation, integration, and testing.
    The duration of the web application Development Company in India goes from 150 to 500 hours. The website-building cycle will go through different stages if you are getting it worked by a technical partner. The project discovery stage, design stage, development stage, and website improvements stage, and every one of them takes as much time as necessary on an iterative premise.
    We have analyzed tendencies across businesses to make this extreme list of web development patterns with a brief reason behind it:
    • Hypertext Pre-Processor or PHP is a server-side scripting language pointed toward making strong, dynamic, and intuitive websites.
    • JavaScript is viewed as the eventual fate of web development as a result of its huge popularity.
    • Ruby is an object-oriented programming language with valuable features like good security coding, adaptable syntax, and a debugger that empowers web developers to make a top-notch web app.
    • Java is a platform-agnostic programming language utilized for creating web and desktop apps.
    • Microsoft created ASP.NET to permit programmers to construct and deploy exceptionally functional, dynamic, and adaptable web applications in a managed climate, rapidly and advantageously.
    Indeed yes, Ateam provides a package of dedicated engineers as per the requirements of the clients for the web application development projects.
    From lacking pricing analysis to picking some unacceptable framework, the vulnerable sides related to top web development companies in India are different which are as follows:
    • Not having a predefined design for the website
    • Not in communication with various agencies.
    • Confusion between web design and development.
    • Giving a lot of significance to an area
    • Lack of communication with developers & project managers.
    We provide various classifications of web applications based on their functionality and appearances. Below are the 5 kinds of web apps we deal with:
    • Static web application
    • Dynamic web application
    • M-commerce or an e-commerce
    • Portal web app
    • Content Management System (CMS)
    There are many reasons why outsourcing is really great for your business. Below is a list of the principal advantages to outsource custom web application Development Company in India:
    • Outsourcing permits to save costs- Outsourcing can save organizations 20-75% of the estimated financial plan, depending upon the location they outsource web application creation as well.
    • Access to a bigger pool of ability- Outsourcing isn't just about lessening the expense of web development services, it is also about tracking down the best experts for your task.
    • Measurability- An outsourcing company is knowledgeable about adaptability and can add more experts to the developer's group if necessary.
    • Lessen risks and stress- Outsource eliminates each risk connected with the development and bears the obligation of planning the task creating, communicating with a client, and settling inner issues.
    • Secure your project- IT outsourcing companies generally consent to a Non-Disclosure Agreement with their customers. They also practice Gitlab security repositories and securely hosted services.
    • Speed up cycle- The outsource development team generally works as per a few development techniques. It means that your web application is grown rapidly, proficiently, and with the least transformation involved.
    Code review is a fundamental course of software development that distinguishes bugs and defects before the testing stage. Code review is much of the time neglected as an ongoing practice during the development phase, however, countless surveys show it's the best quality assurance technique.
    Engagement models are various methods of collaboration that you need to pick prior to focusing on a solid working relationship. Today we'll assist you with observing the one that turns out best for your business.
    • Fixed Value Engagement Model- this is all about freezing the expenses of your project setup sometime before the development begins.
    • Non-fixed Value (Time and Materials)- T&M model needs more prominent association with respect to the client but, gives them greater command over the project. Depending upon arising necessities and current needs, the size and arrangement of the team can also be changed on the fly.
    • Non-fixed Value (Cost Plus) - The cost-plus model is generally practiced for outstaffing or personnel leasing when one organization lends a portion of its experts to another organization for a particular period.
    • Non-fixed Cost: Dedicated Team/Dedicated Development Centre (DDC) - Development companies offer the DDC model to clients who need to expand their current group with a couple of remote experts or make a completely fledged offshore development center.
    Here is a list of 11 mistakes to keep away from while recruiting a website developer or a custom web application development company in India. Undoubtedly, recruit the organization for your business website by keeping away from these common employing errors:
    • Not framing your website objectives
    • Not giving an outline of your business
    • Employing an engineer who practices outdated platforms
    • Employing engineers who don't know SEO
    • Employing developers who don't fabricate responsive websites
    • Getting blindsided by less development expense
    • Not having sensible project spending budgets & timelines.
    • Not looking into your developer’s portfolio
    • Picking a developer based exclusively upon their portfolios
    • Not contacting your developer's clients
    • Recruiting a developer who doesn't answer your questions

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