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Its a start-up idea. We are planning to boom it as an opportunity for the hunters in job filled skill tank. We raised this idea to boost the wide publicity of online job portals and encourage the skilled people to enroll in earning process from anywhere in this world. Its a connection point for both employers and employees who like to settle down for right solution. Free registration process ensure the strengthened concept of open source.

Any one can register with authenticity via online portal. Also registered users can surf for job listings and apply for those. Only registered users can apply for the job. Employers will contact back for the righteous candidate while going through the applications.

Terms and conditions of each job need to be ensured by both members. Skill tank is not authorized for any issues between happened later between the employer and employee. We have stepped in; to customize the system to be an payment guaranteed and regenerating a massive success of employment over the world which could sustain long.

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