Possibilities of AWS – a start up perspective



Before talking about AWS, one needs to know what the three letters are. AWS or Amazon Web Services is an on-demand cloud computing platform service provided by Amazon. Yes, the Amazon that lets you buy anything and everything online which is actually just ‘one’ of their many services. This AWS works on the basis of paid subscription for companies, governments or even individuals. In simple words, AWS is a virtual collection of computers
that are available 24×7 through the internet. AWS subscribers can take advantage of the processing power, RAM memory, hard-disk storage space and much more with the help of these virtual computers. The payment is based on the type of usage that the customer needs. For example, a customer may need only the hard-disk storage space of a single virtual computer and therefore, that customer needs to pay only for that requirement.

The main advantage of AWS is that one can build a method of computing capacity faster than real-world physical computers or servers. Why should one take the hassle of setting up and using physical systems when one can get it done in a faster and cheaper way? It’s that simple. One need not even hire technicians to set it up or even run it.

Another advantage is that AWS is flexible. One can easily migrate from small-scale operations to large-scale or vice versa just by selecting different options in AWS and changing the subscription package without any long-term contracts. One need not bother in buying more computing systems or even selling used systems when migrating scale-wise. The service also provides many features such as Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling to optimize the AWS resources required.

We know how Amazon is when it comes to quality and security. Like Amazon.com, the AWS is also secure and does not compromise on quality. AWS is ensured to use end-to- end security for its infrastructure. So if you trust Amazon, you can trust AWS too.

In 2017, AWS dominated the cloud with 34% ownership beating Microsoft, Google and even IBM. This figure of domination will only grow bigger as it is easier, more economical and faster than other similar web services. Now you know how trusted, secure and efficient AWS is.

The possibilities of AWS are endless. If you are a start-up or a tech company, it’s time to switch to AWS. It is 2018 and people do not like seeing loading icons in their browsers. So you need AWS experts who are certified to handle these web services. You know which is the best place to get the best tech experts with reasonable prices? Yes, India. So if you are looking to hire AWS resources from India, you know where to look. Hire AWS experts from aTeam Soft Solutions, a team that consists of real people that code for passion. Yes, they believe that being more digital is being more human. They also focus on Laravel resource pools with quality among other services. They are perfect for AWS as aTeam Soft Solutions is a passionate team that adapts to the ever-changing technology and digital platforms.

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Bijin Azeez July 13, 2018