How to Choose The Right Backend Technology for Your Web Application

aTeam Soft Solutions January 10, 2021

If you are well versed in technology and computer coding language, then Java, Ruby, Python, etc., may be familiar to you. Apart from these programming languages, you might also have some idea about the concept of backend technologies. These technologies are developed to provide support and power to the front-end side of your web application. The backend technologies act as a basic skeleton for the website and help you design the functioning of the user-facing part.

The backend technologies stack consists of programming language, frameworks, libraries, servers, and many other elements crucial for building any software.

All these components are stacked with each other and complement one another to develop perfectly functional applications.

The Vital Tools You May Require For Developing A Web Application

Developing A Web Application

If you plan to develop web apps, though, you must already know that it is not an easy job. But there are a few vital tools that are essential for developing a web app, that includes –

Language To Establish Communication Between Server, Application, And Database

The language used for establishing communication among server, application, and database is a server-side language. The server language consists of popularly used programming languages literature as, Ruby, Python, and Java.

Database Server

It is a backend program that performs functions like providing database services to other PCs. These servers are used for performing tasks like finding, saving, and changing any data. However, they can only be operated by using backend languages. If your company is not so large in scale, these database servers are also capable of hosting the software applications.

But in the case of larger companies, there are separate database servers that are particularly designed to perform different tasks. These servers consist of hardware, software, and applications servers.

Application Servers

These types of servers are mainly utilities in complicated transaction-related applications. The server executes operations that are application-based, among the user and database. The functions it performs are –

  • It can provide security and can manage transactions.
  • It also creates a communication pathway between the web services and other networks.
  • It can also store information in the database and effectively reduce or cluster this information to ensure the business’s subsistence.

Understand How Web Applications Work Before Choosing A Tech Stack

How Web Applications Work Before Choosing A Tech Stack

You must know how web applications operate to have a better understanding of which tech sack would be perfect for you. A basic thing you must know that every web application makes two types of technology: front-end and backend. 

In the following paragraph, you will know about these two components’ functioning in a more simplified and comprehensive way.

The front-end is also termed as client-side servers, which mostly consist of all the things that the users can see on their screen. Thus the main function the front-end components perform is receiving data from the server, and then it progresses that data. At last, it displays the final result to the users. So you could say that the application contributes toward creating communication pathways between the interface of the application and processes the users’ action.

 The backend technology is famous among developers by the name of server-side. These parts’ main function is to store only the essential information, and then it processes these data according to the client’s request. However, the backend technology cannot be viewed by the users though it provides extra support and power to the front-end.

Technological Tool Involve In Server-side Development

Technological Tool Involve In Server-side Development

The stack’s backend component consists of more than one part, and there are various options available for you to select from. The server-side performs back door works which remain invisible to the general users. You can describe it as the engine that drives the machine and helps implement the tasks.

The backend technologies stack consist of various part, which includes –

  • In the Operating system, basic development is done.
  • Web Server is the part where the browser requests are processed, and then it returns to the related content.
  • Data storage
  • The programming language can be utilized to build the application.
  • The last and crucial part is web development frameworks that can be used for faster and easier application development.

Programming Languages

Nowadays, various programming languages are used by programmers. But let’s discuss the most popular and intensively used programming languages. All these languages are different from each other in various aspects like characteristics, communities, support, etc., which greatly impact decision-making.


Though nowadays there are strong rumours about the declining popularity of these programming languages still it is used widely for server-side programming. It was built in the 90s by a computer scientist and programmer in Japan. According to them, developing this software is to create an elegant and powerful language that can provide developers with a friendly tool and could be learned easily.

This programming language has features like goal-oriented, common objective, and high-programming abilities, which is ideal for developing web apps specialized in streaming or eCommerce. And it also helps you meet the tight deadline.

Ruby can be modified and built upon as it is open source. 

What can be done with Ruby? 

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Create prototypes
  • Build web applications
  • Build mobile applications and games

Companies using Ruby:

  • Airbnb
  • RapGenius
  • Scribd
  • AngelList


It was developed by Guido Rossum and launched in 1991. Python’s features are similar to Ruby in terms of goal-orientation, common goals, and high-end programming language. It is the reason why Python is popular among web developers.

The only difference between Python and other conservative languages is that you could solve it one-sidedly. Though the language is strict and clear, it is still quite easy to learn, which is why it is popular in various communities.

What can be done with Python?

  • Simple web development
  • Quick automation
  • Cross-platform shell scripting

Companies using Python:

  • Mozilla
  • Uber
  • Spotify
  • fPinterest


Java is the most commonly used computer language, coexisting, goal-oriented, and particularly designed to implement a few specific tasks. It was declared as the most popular programming language in 2015. Java programming is used in Android devices.

Java has always been the most popular programming language for a reason. It is extremely versatile and has been used by developers for more than two decades. 

JVM makes Java so versatile. How so? 

Compiling a program creates code that runs differently on different computers. This is not the case with Java because of JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It works as the middle layer that allows the code to run on any computer. 

What can be done with Java?  

With Java, you can do the following: 

  • (Android) mobile application development
  • Website development
  • Database connectivity
  • Image processing
  • GUI based programs

Companies using Java:

  • Pinterest
  • AirBNB
  • LinkedIn
  • Groupon
  • eBay


It is the programming language used for general purposes by a wide range of developers, frameworks, and libraries. Unlike Python, it doesn’t have any strict standards, but rather it can act as a guideline for the developers’ community. In the case of bigger projects, it becomes difficult to maintain the structure and difficult to read. This problem is termed as Spaghetti Code among the programmers and developers.

What can be done with PHP? 

  • Write desktop applications
  • Send and receive cookies
  • Write command-line scripting
  • Generate dynamic page content
  • Write server-side scripting
  • Collect form data

Companies using PHP :

  • DocuSign
  • Mint
  • Facebook
  • Hootsuite
  • Lyft
  • Viber

Web Application Framework Which Proved To Be Beneficial For You

There are some excellent web application development frameworks you can use while developing your web app.


It is a free and open-source application framework specially designed for Node.js. These frameworks’ prime task is to develop and design the web application in a much faster and effective way. As it only requires javascript thus, it becomes easier for the programmer and developer to build web applications and API effortlessly.

Another big advantage of using the express.js framework is that as it is based on Node.js, most of the codes are written. Thus it makes the work of the programmers easier.

Benefits :

  • If producing apps used is Node.JS, then it becomes much faster and easier to improve the process through ExpressJS.
  • The route of the existing application can be determined depending on the URL and HTTP methods.
  • It becomes easier to serve the resources and static files.
  • The framework is versatile which could easily be customizable.

Disadvantage involve:

  • Express JS is a single thread framework that executes registered callbacks, which may be difficult to understand for the developer who has previously worked with other programming languages.
  • As these frameworks are built according to their philosophy, you need to understand the concept properly. It is middleware that acts as a common link that performs chain function among client requests and the Server.
  • There are few programmers and developers who don’t like the basic inherent feature of Express JS. In contrast, others think that the framework is too restrictive and there is such freedom of action.

Reason To Use It:

The prime use of Express JS is when you develop applications with JavaScript, which is one of the most famous programming languages, and the express provides additional support for it. If you already know JavaScript, then you also might know how useful and supporting ExpressJS is while programming.

Thus with the support of Express JS, you develop various types of applications in short periods. Express JS provides the advantage of simplicity, efficiency, versatility, and flexibility to the programmers.

Companies that use Express.JS:

  • Paint Nite
  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP 
  • Davita Inc
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation


It is a framework that has features like expressive and elegant syntax as the company believes that one should enjoy the creative experience of developing web applications. Thus, Laravel aims to reduce the monotonous experience of developing through using common tasks of web projects. Laravel is powerful, accessible, so the combination of simplicity, elegance, and innovations provides a complete toolset.


  • It is the best framework available in the market for developers and coders who love to use PHP.
  • Another feature that makes it so special is that it offers a model view controller structure. Thus it helps avoid the various types of foolish architecture from which PHP and HTML codes are written.
  • Another vital benefit of this framework is that it is very easy to learn and understand.
  • With Laravel, you can easily develop applications in much less time. And it is a perfect choice for developing small and medium-size web apps.


  • Laravel is by nature a lightweight framework that provides you less inbuilt support.
  • The speed of development in these frameworks is less than Ruby on the rail. So it can seem to be slow to the new Developer who had previously used frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails.
  • If you are an amateur in developing and coding, you will likely face lots of problems while extending the codes or classes.
  • The process of reverse routing is included in numerous methods, which could be confusing and complicated.

Reason To Use It:

You might have understood from the above point that Laravel is not an ideal framework for a beginner as you need to possess at least moderate ideas of technical knowledge to use it to the fullest.

It is the best choice for you as Larvel makes development much easier and simple for the new developers. It automates various common tasks, enabling you to develop the application in a much shorter time frame. You should prefer Laravel because it provides extra support like easy mail integration facilities, protection from SQL infection, CSR fraud, etc.

Companies that use Laravel:

  • BBC
  • Pfizer
  • Crowdcube
  • Ratio


Loopback is a specifically designed framework of APIs, and its function is to connect the API with the backend technology. It is built with the reference of Express.js; thus, it can use the data model definition, which could easily be processed into a functional end-to-end Rest API.

There are few extra features you can get along with Loopback.js, like built-in-client and API Explorer. These features make the work of the programmer easier.


  • The Loopback provides you a full stack development facility. Thus with its help, you can share a similar model both with the client and server. It helps you to develop the apps faster, and you need less codebase. It also gives a chance to the client-side developer the opportunity to design the apps without operating specific servers.
  • Another advantage of working on an opinionated framework is that it enables you to project architecture, new code placement, and develop structure projects quicker.


  • The structure and architecture of the application can become monolithic due to full-stack development.
  • With a tone of features like abstraction, it becomes hard to learn and understand for a beginner. Thus you require to have deep knowledge about how the features of Loopback should be used.
  • The Loopback has much smaller community support if you compare it with Express JS.

Reasons To Use It:

The primary goal of Loopback is to create a versatile end-to-end REST API. It helps you move most of the setup and your creations to the server, making it easier to create new models and connect them with your database. The Loopback also offers you to construct an interface for the command-line, which is great to use daily.

Companies that use Loopback: 

  • Chiper
  • technology
  • AN10
  • Platform
  • Knawat


Thus you might have realized that choosing the perfect backend stack technology is not an easy task as some of these technologies could get along with specific applications very well. So the final choice can become a little easier. However, it is recommended to do proper research before selecting the right backend web application framework.

Can’t figure out which backend technology to choose from? We’re here to help you with that, connect with us on [email protected] and get the right consultation.

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