Fitness Mobile Application for Gym Members: Features, Cost and Benefits.

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Mobile App for GYM

Mobile Application are penetrating every industry, with the Fitness Industry being no exception. And to be an exceptional customer oriented business, a Mobile Application is the bridge. This includes every type of gym – weightlifting, boxing, mixed martial arts training, cross-fit, etc. Even yoga studios can reap a lot of benefits from a Mobile Application. Why and how?

According to a survey, 58% of people using a smartphone have an app related to health and fitness in their phones. And as people are getting more conscious about their health, more apps are getting used by them to get in good shape. Which means, there’s no fitness business big or small for a mobile application. A fitness mobile application can elevate your business reach!

If you are reading this, you may have already identified the need for building an app or you might already be in the earlier stage of development – ideation. The aim of this article is to guide you to make your fitness or gym app better, improve engagement with your customers and get more people to download your app. The first thing you need to understand is that nothing attracts smartphone users more than their convenience. A fitness trainer app that sits inside a user’s mobile phone can help them overcome all their hassles related to traditional fitness training related problems. And what’s more convenient for health fanatics than to have an app that tracks their activities, movements, and provides them with a brief work out chart? Attractive, easily accessible and effective!

Let’s get started!


How ATEAM has Helped Fitness Gym Chain Increase Revenue and Customer Service

Key Benefits of Fitness App for GYM

Trainer Application Features

Advance Features

Steps to Develop a Fitness App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Fitness App?

Final Thoughts

How ATEAM has Helped Fitness Gym Chain Increase Revenue and Customer Service

Mobile Application for Gym

Any successful application is a result of the efforts put into it – it’s a combination of various factors – be it the idea or concept, market research, UI/UX, attractive features or how smooth the app runs. Taking every small detail into consideration, we helped a fitness gym chain to increase its revenue and improve customer service.

Steps Took to Create the Fitness Application:

  • Ideation or Concept Development and Market Research

  • Documentation of all the requirements

  • Finalization of features and App Revenue Model

  • UX and UI Design

  • Frontend and Backend Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • App Launch

  • Evaluation and Improvements or Final Touches!

Gym’s Aim & How did the Mobile Application Deliver!

The Gym aimed at improving the personal training services offered by them, which is the main revenue generator for the business compared to general members. 

How did the app help the gym achieve its goal?

  1. Easy 24/7 Access

    The clients had access to his personal trainer only during gym hours. But with the gym member app for the clients and the trainer app for the trainers, let the client virtually connect to their trainer at their convenient time, 24*7.

  2. Scheduled Informative Diet Plans

    One of the major reasons for the failure of any fitness goals (muscle gain or fat loss) is the lack of schedule plan and monitoring. With the gym fitness app, the trainer now sets the diet plan for the clients and the clients enter their daily food intake into the application (breakfast, lunch, dinner etc..) The application which is preloaded with millions of food databases calculates the macros (carbs, protein, fat) and total calories consumed by each particular. This helps the trainer get information about the client’s eating habits and he gets to know if the client is over-eating, under-eating or sticking to the plan. The data also helps the trainer to make decisions on changing the diet plan, if he thinks the results are not desired. This holistic approach of training, a diet with a monitored program leads to successful and desired results thus overall enhancing the client experience and the result oriented service which the gym provides.

  3. Exercise Plan

    The exercise routine and plan for the season is entered into the app by the trainer for each client, which helps the clients to know their schedules prior to coming to the gym and they can also follow their daily exercise routine by just following the app.

  4. Marketing Tool

    The fitness app serves the gym management as a marketing tool to engage more with the customers, gain more audience or get more people to download the app and sell its personal training service

  5. Solid Virtual Tool

    The app helps provide virtual personal training service to non-members or to the members even during the time of uncertainty like a pandemic. The gym is currently providing workout from home service very effectively during the lockdown which helps in business continuity.

The application has helped the gym to gain more followers during the pandemic as more people have been choosing to get in good shape and trying to work out from the comfort of their homes. This has been a great advantage to the gym and its personal training services and has helped the gym immensely to increase revenue even during a hard time. The easily accessible, attractive and effortlessly workable design and features of the application made it a success because the most important element was the convenience the app provided to the clients –

– Set their daily, weekly or monthly goals.
– Track their Calories and Improve.
– Break down Ingredients.
– Learn about Nutrition and Servings.
– Tips and Advice from Experts.
– Personalized Diet and Fitness plans.

Key Benefits of Fitness Mobile Application for GYM

apps for gym owners

Mobile Application have already been helping thousands of businesses gain new customers, increase and improve engagement, and turn newcomers into regular or loyal customers. Apps for gyms or fitness centres can do the same. An help can help a gym in various ways and make the business thrive:

  • Helps Save Time : Daily operations of the gym take considerable time to perform. This includes management of client schedules, managing clients’ training and diet plans and much more. All this time can be optimized and saved with an app. An app will allow trainers or the gym owners to manage all their client data on the go.

    You can easily create and assign their training plans to specific clients, and easily stay in touch with them at their convenience. No more running to a desktop every time you need to check a client’s status report or change a workout. With a mobile application, it becomes handy and convenient for personal trainers to make client coaching truly mobile.

  • Helps Business Grow : People use mobile on a daily basis and an app can help your gym connect with customers before they even visit your gym, which means it creates a larger exposure for your business and helps your fitness centre promote its services. Which means, your fitness coaching business or gym will be able to grow faster and better than ever before.

    With everything optimized and more time to invest in training clients, your personal trainer business will be healthier and more attractive to new clients. Next to that, you will also be able to create better strategies. By developing an app, you are basically strengthening your position as a leader in the personal training world even if you have just started your business.

  • Manage it all – Smoothly! : As a trainer or a gym owner, you need to keep track of all the relevant details of every client. With an app, you can easily manage all these aspects of your fitness business. An app will allow you to keep track of all your client information. You can access them in a single overview whether it is a new membership, membership renewal or their account details. You can also view lesson bookings, schedules and ensure that your time is spent optimally.

  • Connect your Brand : Building a brand in the market is an essential task if you want to survive today’s business. And an app can help a great deal. It can be leveraged into gaining more exposure and customers through integrated social media features or a word of mouth. People tend to post their fitness progress, routine, diet etc. on various social platforms, which is branding for your business.

    You just need to connect your clients with your business, provide them with good services and improve their experience. This will help you to create happy clients and happy clients will also promote your personal trainer with their own friends and family, helping you take your business to the next level.

Know about your Customers : Apps are one of the best ways to learn about your clients. You can check the demographics of your users through analytics and see when and how the users typically use the app. Know which classes or training sessions they choose the most, which sessions get booked more, how much time each client spends on which session, and much more. This will help you analyze who your most loyal clients are.

Trainer Mobile Application Features

mobile fitness app

While each fitness application has a unique set of features, consider the following features that are present in the app. To make the business operation much simpler and convenient, the application provides the mobile coaching solution that fits the needs of any fitness coach or personal trainer with the following features:

  • Client information : The application allows the trainers to view and edit dossiers, which includes client’s diet or daily intake information, medical status, and other fitness coaching notes.

  • Workouts : Trainers can create general sessions for clients to avail or client-specific workouts on the go and assign them to each client.

  • Exercise database : The app consists of an extensive workout library, which has over 5000 exercises and using that, workouts can be created using.

  • Progress tracking : Trainers can track client’s fitness and health progress. Based on the progress report, trainers can create workout and diet plans.

  • Track Nutrition : The information of what the clients intake can be viewed on the app and their Calories, macros (carbs, fat, protein), sugar, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, and more can all be tracked by their personal trainers.

  • Challenges : Trainers can add a competitive element to the workouts – daily or weekly workout challenges to motivate the members. Add members to the challenges and track their progress.

  • Connect : Stay in touch with the clients 24*7,  with easy access to call, email, text or WhatsApp message them.

  • Notifications : Get notified about members messages, queries, membership renewals etc. Adjust the notification preferences!

Advance Features of Mobile Application

You need to decide which type of fitness application you need to build and what will it offer the members. Whether you want to make it just the tracking app, diet or nutrition app, meditation app or all in one. According to that, you can decide the basic and advanced features of the app. We have already discussed some basic features, here are the advance ones to consider to make your app stand out:

  • Activity tracking

    With this feature, you can track a member’s physical activity, which pretty much covers what the member has done during the day. All smart phones or tracker devices have motion trackers – accelerometers, compases, and gyroscopes. Using these, the app’s activity tracking feature collects information about the member’s movements and showcases the progress. It measures walking, running or cycling activities and calculates distance travelled and calories burnt. Based on the data, the app provides valuable insights.

The app shows users the data on the screen – charts, routes, progress etc. about the steps taken, stairs climbed, distance travelled, speed etc.

What does the activity tracker cover?

– Keep a tab of all the client’s workouts, measurements or weight history
– Measure movements
– Count calories intake
– Monitor heart rates etc.

  • Meditation

    With meditation and yoga features, users have a range of sessions which are classified into levels. Users can select the level and program as per their preference and can take the sessions daily. The levels go from beginners, intermediate to advance and have a range of session durations of mindfulness and meditation exercises. Users can track their daily progress and meditation time.


    There’s a reminder option as well, so users can get informed about the session time every day. This daily usage increases the retention rate of the app.

Steps to Develop a Fitness App

We have curated a checklist which you can use to build your fitness app. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Make a Choice – Choose the type of fitness app you want to build.

  • Step 2: Analyze – Analyze the fitness app market thoroughly and write a competitive analysis.

  • Step 3: MVP – Select the features you want for MVP to create a fitness app.

  • Step 4: Uniqueness – Make sure that your app’s functionalities stand out from others.

  • Step 5: Find Developers – Find a reliable developer or outsource your project to a software development company.

  • Step 6: Rough Estimate – Share the requirements & discuss your project  to get a rough and then detailed estimate of your fitness app.

  • Step 7: Budget & Planning – Set a budget for the project and start the planning stage of development.

  • Step 8: Demo Testing – Check your fitness app’s readiness by testing its demo at the end of every sprint.

  • Step 9: Final Result – Get your app published to the app store(s) and get the source code of your app.

  • Step 10: Promotion – Keep track of the metrics and create a solid promotion strategy.

  • Step 11: Upgradation – Update the app on a regular basis and add new features.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Fitness App?

The cost of a mobile application for your fitness center or gym depends on various factors:

  • Scope of Features

  • Design

  • Hourly Rate of the Developers based on Technology

  • Location of Developers Team or Development Company


Other things you need to know:

  • Total cost would depend on the time the development period takes and number of developers involved in your project.

  • An average development time is 3 months.

  • However, the project’s completion depends on various other factors including the type of app, features and the platforms targeted.

To get a more accurate figure of the cost, you need to discuss your project with the development team – share your requirements – the total cost would depend on the features you want to include.


Fitness Mobile Application for Gym Members


Final Thoughts

Fitness Mobile Application for Gym Members

Technologies and people keep evolving and mobiles have a lot to offer to businesses, the fitness industry being no exception. People are constantly using their smart devices to stay fit and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

With a mobile application, you as an owner of a fitness center or a gym can make your business thrive and achieve several goals:

  • Improve experience of your existing customers and gain their loyalty.

  • Tap a new market and gain new customers, especially the youth.

  • Target the right audience.

  • Reach out to your users or audience more conveniently and at any times.

  • Create new revenue streams with many integrated solutions.

ATEAM Can help you achieve all that!

The app development process involves more than just the design and code creating steps. We cater to every aspect of the client’s requirements and understand all fundamentals, including technical documentation, functional requirements and user stories, which is why our clients trust us. Over the years, aTeam Soft Solutions has provided app development services to companies across various markets including fitness, finance, healthcare, construction, retail, consumer products and many more.

With a team of experts and resources, aTeam Soft Solutions extends a hand for helping you take your health and fitness business to another level. Reach a bigger customer base, increase your revenue, gain success with the right development partner.

aTeam welcomes you at any stage of the development process and assures you a successful launch of the product. We have the team and experience to deliver fantastic applications with innovative features.

Our team looks forward to serving and helping you achieve your business objectives.

Talk to our expert today!

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