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As the market’s dynamic and trends continue to evolve, businesses need to make digital presence and keep up with these changes. We specialize in building end-to-end solutions, with our experts ready to help you in every step of the way, from product ideation all the way to maintenance and support. Front-end or back-end, native app or cross-platform—we help you specify your needs and code your ideas by turning them into successful, market-ready jewels. Achieve new milestones with a reliable custom software development company in Austin.

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Going Serverless for your next app development

AWS lambda

For the new normal

In the ever-evolving cloud computing environment, Serverless architecture is on its way to become the face of app development’s backend – A new revolution

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What we offer

Anyone can knock together a few lines of code. We do more. By designing and engineering with users in mind, we contemplate what moves people and builds to inspire. Product launch isn’t the end of the road. We compile user insights and behaviour to understand what works and what doesn’t. It’s how we keep improving the product, and why we believe our job is never done.

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Our Web Development Services

Make the backbone of your software a solid one.

We maintain control over aesthetics through our development team and work closely with insightful and suggestive feedback on back-end development. We will help you to smoothly improve all aspects of back-end development according to your business needs. Back-end development provides several benefits, such as:

  • Facilitate information exchange
  • Run the app in multiple environments smoothly
  • Enhance the website’s user experience
  • Add efficiency to front-end functionalities
  • Secure technical proficiency

Impress your users with aesthetically pleasing software

Besides the mechanics of the software, its aesthetics are also important. We have a team of fully experienced user interface developers who can turn your ideas into intuitive software according to your needs and with your support. We provide end-to-end, cross-platform user interface development using the latest cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure to achieve your business goals.

  • Smart & Open Architectures
  • Customer-Driven Outcomes
  • Pre-Informed, Transparent Steps
  • Deployment and Stabilization
  • Secure Approach and Technical Proficiency

Provide your users with a native-like experience.

aTeam provides applications that target a wider audience by offering solutions that give a very native-like application feeling, thanks to a better browsing experience. Cross-platform apps target a wider audience, let us increase your ROI by eliminating app bugs and anomalies. We will provide you with rich experiences and help you create large-scale, high-quality PWA development services.

  • Intuitive, Flexible & Lightweight
  • Progressive, Highly Responsive & Connectivity Independent
  • With a diverse range of plugins
  • App shell methodology
  • A Secure data migration

Use e-commerce solutions to improve and expand your business.

Custom e-commerce solutions can save you a lot of time and money. Digitizing your business’s presence will lead you to provide a better consumer experience across multiple platforms. aTeam will help you create seamless and efficient solutions using user-centric tools to help you reach more target audiences.

  • Profitable, Secure & Stable.
  • Multi-Platform integration
  • Custom cart and Payment Gateway Systems
  • Data analytics & Store management solutions.
  • Custom full-cycle eCommerce Development

Use intuitive and secure web solutions to make your business succeed!

Improving the digitization business and transforming existing systems to multiple platforms to provide users with immersive experiences. We use our growth-focused web application development solution to keep your business running smoothly. Support web application review, design and development to meet business needs to improve workflow productivity.

  • Visually appealing, functional & convenient
  • Microservices architectures
  • Migration to cloud environments
  • Real-time data processing
  • Large-scale distributed systems

Prominent Custom Software Development Company in Austin

Our experts ensure to create a unique solution woven around your business goals from strategic designing to full-stack development. We are passionate about business partnership with our clients and the impact of our service. We collect constant client feedback which helps us improve efforts and deliver the best service. The client centric approach has helped us earn our spot as one of the best custom software development company in Austin.


Application Development Services

Let us create custom software for you, designed to optimize & improve your business performance and help you achieve your business goals.


System Integration Services

aTeam will provide you with customization and software integration services through technical tie-ups with the latest platform.


Dashboards, ETL, and BI Services

Let multiple systems in your company communicate seamlessly. Run your business operations more efficiently with the correct data/information flow.


Legacy Modernization & Application Migration

We’ll offer you complete app improvements/modifications with cloud migration services, alongside technology architecture reviews to keep your IT up to date.


Big Data Application Services

Leverage our in-depth insights and learn how your business is using big data. We’ll help you build custom tools & help deal with big data.


Real-time Applications Development Services

Utilize features like sensor data monitoring, stream processing and other technologies & get real-time data responses.

Let’s Start with Ideation and Build Something Solid

Need a sophisticated, user friendly and fully tailored solution? We help you specify your needs and code your ideas into business outcomes.

We offer 360° Web Development Services with a team of consultants, designers, development and Quality experts. All in one place.

We code ideas to digital solutions, transforming businesses with tech driven outcomes

Ideation to delivery

We support our clients in finding out new business possibilities through our solid software solutions. Experience the capacity of extremely instinctive projects to convey a distinctive user experience.

Agile methodology process

Agile technique procedure is utilized by Ateam, a software development company to adopt a UX-driven strategy that guarantees total ease, greatest speed, zero specialized debt, and high group support.

Strategy and Consultation

We will work together with you to learn and recognize measures that rearrange and understand your organization’s demand for the best outcomes. Making a guide that incorporates strategies for accomplishing your destinations.

Upgraded ROI & Retention Rate

Ateam is devoted to conveying superior programming arrangements that enhance ROI and retention and maintenance. Experience the application’s direct procedure.

Incredible safety lock

We do visit security reviews to distinguish and address any risks, cyber-attacks, and security gaps, and we use data encryption. This will help in bringing your program and conveying it all the more rapidly and securely.

Quality Confirmation

Ateam will get you the greatest control all along. Our group approves the test and focuses in anticipation of a complete turn of events. Run recursive QA tests to guarantee that your software is reliably functional.


Mobile Application

Ravens Duet

“Create and Play in the worlds first collaborative scavenger hunt. Discover, exercise, dare, dance, and selfie your way up the leaderboard. You have the chance to win prizes every week and challenge your friends directly. Lets build this adventure together!

Join the worldwide collaborative scavenger hunt of Ravens Duet.
Join the competition outside safely! Socialize virtually, and share goofy challenges. Pop that comfort zone, get outside, and get exploring!”



Recycle SV

“Interactive Personal Waste Management – RecycleSV is a mobile app that allows you to scan an allocated QR Code on a recyclable object, which then asks for you to take it to the bin, scan the bin QR code and recycle the item correctly. In doing so, one will receive (for now) a virtual reward. The app will display the number of recycles and amount of rewards one has achieved.
Dropping an email at is required to use the QR codes in the app.”


Hammer App

Hammer Gym App

Fitnes app designed for the users of The Hammer gym. App could be used by free users (non gym members) but all the exclusive and premium benefits are given to gym members. Trainers can keep track of their clients workouts and diets while the users can self update their food intakes and exercise using the app. There are separate apps for both trainers as well as clients along with a admin panel for the super admin to manage everything.


E Learning App


Client is an edtech startup, that offers exclusive courses to students of all classes. It provides a comprehensive and well-structured set of video lectures for students. It covers all the topics in an academic year and helps students prepare for them and score higher marks. Client have an interesting approach towards teaching, as it focuses more on
conceptual understanding rather than trial and error methods to score high. It also has embedded test paper modules for constant testing. It provides you an in-depth analysis of students’ performance. It offers a holistic improvement of students with regard to education.



Sadad payment solutions

Sadad’s Payment Solution is mobile application for the state of Qatar. It Provides instant Payment Service for Individuals and Companies without need to carry your money or one of your credit cards, you can download Sadad application and start to payelectronic and instant payment anytime and anywhereSADAD facilitates and streamlines a wide range of payment transactions for individuals, banks, businesses, and the government sector, while continuing to develop new payment products and services. SADAD aims at providing with one solution for all payments.



Q7 Leader Integration Platform

HR Talent analysis platform. Companies can use the platform to evaluate the performance level of their employees. The evaluation is done based on 7 criteria and the evaluation is given by the managers of each and every employee. Q7 Leader turns every manager into a better and objective people manager with the Q7 best HR-management practices in one tool, real-time people analytics and a development plan for every employee. Managers and HR have continuous insights of where and which action, decision and development is needed to ensure a sustainable and objective workforce- and reward planning.



Warehouse Management System

Manage your stock in your warehouse with this inventory management app. Improve your logistics with a warehouse management system. Inventory management is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking.

  • Add inventory to you store
  • Remove inventory from your warehouse
  • Move inventory between storage locations
  • Real-time global inventory visibility for all your users
  • Count and correct your inventory
  • Share your inventory
  • Manage your stock transactions
  • Locate your stock
  • Manage your warehouse locations
  • Replenishment advice
  • Use the web based interface

Extensive reporting and analysis:

  • Statistics
  • Fillgrade
  • Total items in stock
  • Transactions
  • Fast movers
  • Slow movers
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Inventory value”

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Fast-growing Companies

"Having a team like aTeam that allows us to quickly spin up our development team,it really empowers us to be responsive and nimble"

Graeme Hollonds

General Manager

Our Software Development Roadmap

With bespoke software development solutions, we help your business serve its business better.These software development solutions will mirror your company’s image and help you gain more devoted customers.

Industries We Serve

We are one of the most dependable full-stack software companies Austin, capable of quickly responding to and resolving a wide range of complicated tasks. We have worked in a variety of industries.

Fleet Management System

Healthcare web applications can work with experts extending their limits. It can provide a real-time communication platform for consultations and telemedicine, an online library for patients, and complete other expertise clinical requirements like monitoring staff, asserting bills, and others.


Operations Management

Unquestionably, it is an outcome-driven stage i.e. developing. Within a few clicks, customers purchase anything on the web. The online business industry is blasting thus, every financial specialist considers having an online presence, to have the option to sell his items and services. It has the ability to elevate organizations to shocking heights.



Seamless Mobility Solution

People are now no longer dependent on TV or radio. Content is the essential factor behind the billion-dollar media and media outlet. This industry has now digitized and purchased the comfort of getting to all that individual’s need from their web utilizing the internet easily.


Integrated Health Management

Fintech development not just accompanies a decrease in cost for organizations but also for the shopper. Since there are no expenses related to conventional firms like compensations, leases, and promoting these expenses can be saved by these organizations leading to investing in their clients.



Travel Experience Management

We code your ideas to digital products that rank top in google SERP. With regards to advancing your business goodwill nowadays, web application development is consistently turning into a pattern for each organization globally.



Intuitive Learning Experience

We’ll assist you in developing immersive e-learning software. Provide your users with personalised, relevant material and assessments. Features such as data upkeep, user-centric design, accessibility, and so on are available.


Omnichannel Engagement

We’ll work with you to develop a system for managing and linking several supply chains in different locations. Plan out your demand and supply, distribution, and retail needs.


Forms of web applications

Join hands to talk about your web application needs, business hardships, and how we can cooperate to track down an appropriate answer for dealing with your business activities. As one of the leading Custom Software Development Company in Austin , we have the ability to create and convey modern technology.


Static Web Applications


Dynamic Web Application


Single Page Web Applications


Multi-Page Web Applications


Portal Web Applications


Animated Web Applications


Web Applications with a Content


Management System


Rich Internet Web Applications


JavaScript- Powered Web Applications


Progressive Web Applications


E-commerce Web Applications

Genre of Mobile Apps


Business Mobile Apps


Educational Mobile Apps


Ecommerce Mobile Apps


Health And Fitness Mobile Apps


Restaurant Mobile Apps


Food Delivery Mobile Apps


Finance/ Accounting Mobile Apps


Photo Editing And Video Mobile Apps


Music Mobile Apps


Social Networking Mobile Apps


On-demand Mobile Apps


Adventure/ Gaming Mobile Apps

Let’s Talk About Your Business Challenge!

We live, eat, drink and breathe industry specific technical solutions. We are experts in improving business efficiency and building competitive advantage by developing the solutions to your specific business problems in a streamlined and efficient way.



Drive success from the outset and propel your startup to the next level with solid software solutions. We understand your business goals as well as your limits, which allows us to create unique software development services that are tailored to your needs



Make your company run smoothly. With integrated operating solutions, you may innovate your operations and minimise your company's running costs. Create and instal innovative, scalable, result-oriented software to improve productivity, fulfil infrastructure requirements, and achieve corporate objectives.



With our sophisticated software development services, you can reach a wider audience. We will study your target markets, employ cutting-edge technology, market trends, and unique solutions to increase customer happiness. Collaborate with our agile development team to revolutionise your business and achieve your objectives.



Improve your business's scalability cycle and scaling. Shorten the time spent on inventory. Using a dependable cross-platform inventory management software, you can keep track of your inventory overflows and inflows. Track items in real time and estimate demand with an efficient and user-friendly inventory solution.



Allow your users to be exposed to new ideas. Allow them to address problems and maintain information through an easy-to-use self-service platform. Create sophisticated self-service software that shows relevant, tailored, and customer-centric material. Users will be more satisfied if you provide them with integrated data analysis solutions.



With our tech support company strategies, you may overcome business obstacles and achieve growth. Integrate digital innovation to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. We'll work with you to design a roadmap of options and software that will improve your potential earnings.

What Our Customers Say

aTeam has been serving the industry as a top Custom Software Development Company in Austin For over 8 years, aTeam has been serving the industry. We've assisted businesses of all sizes and types in digitising their operations in order to obtain a competitive advantage, expand, and develop. We had the pleasure of working with an exceptional client. Take a look at the consumer feedback -

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The solution is now the second-most popular within the target market. Positive feedback from users has focused on the effective integration of new features. Expect aTeam soft solutions to serve as a responsive partner and accommodate new requests quickly.


Yuri Chervinsky

President, Curling Board

aTeam soft solution’s quality performance spurs continued engagement and a long-term partnership. They track progress and adhere to deadlines; overall, project management is consistent and effective. Enthusiastic and driven, the team strives to meet objectives and deliver success.


Daniel Jansen

Owner & CEO,

While the app is still in the testing phase, the results thus far have received positive feedback from members of the internal team. aTeam soft solutions provides quality results in a timely manner. They offer superb customer service and are quick to answer inquiries.


Darren Anderson

Director, Waste Management Company

The app that aTeam soft solutions created has garnered over 1,000 users and exceeded the business’ expectations. The team completed their work in a very timely manner, even delivering the app ahead of time. Additionally, their execution of the nutrition and exercise features was very noteworthy.


Ahmed Muaz

Owner, Hammer Gym

Abhi is one of those rare and valuable professionals that you can only be lucky to work with! Everything he does and delivers is at superior level of quality, dedication and professionalism. Abhi is very intelligent, smart and forward thinking person who is not only a great specialist but also a great personality. I enjoy working with Abhi on different projects and I see us building something incredible together. Abhi, we are lucky to have you!


Aleksandra Stasevich

Director Of Operations at Blacksmith International

The user experience on the platform was dramatically improved thanks to aTeam soft solutions’s efforts. They stand out with their focus on customer support and are working on improving how they communicate with non-technical people


Simon Krystman

Founder & CEO, CrowdPatch

Abhinand has done a lot of development work for me and I highly recommend his work. He and his team are competent, honest, and deliver great results so if you need dev work done, look no further.


Brian Sather

CEO, Blacksmith International

Technology Expertise

We join incredible technologies, dazzling visuals, and efficient procedures to recount your business story in conveying data-driven outcomes.

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Need support & updates of an existing custom software system? We'll assess your code at no cost & submit it. As a clutch verified custom software development company in Austin, we build secure, scalable, and high performance software for your organisation.

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A unique software project might cost anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000 to complete. This involves both the product’s design and its development. The price range is broad because it is determined by all of your specifications. A programme can be anything from a simple calculator to a full enterprise-level payment system that supports millions of users.

Each piece of custom-built software is unique. The size of the project, the number of features required, the complexity of the product, the complexity of any third-party integration that must be included, the product’s design, the experience of the team of developers of the technology stack, and the time-to-market are the most important factors influencing the cost of Custom Software Development Company in Austin.

Contact our team to discuss your project requirements, and we’ll walk you through the expenses.

Through process automation, personalised software can improve the efficiency of your business processes. This automation will free up essential resources to focus on the processes that are most important to your business and will add value to it. You can keep your business up to date and decrease costs by designing systems around your present operational operations and reducing paper-based manual processes.

We can boost your ROI as a software development company Austin by providing robust end-to-end custom software development solutions.

Our staff adheres to the agile Scrum development style, ensuring quick, high-quality RIO for your company. We adhere to a systematic approach that strictly oversees product quality.

This includes design exercises, regular code reviews, and other activities. If this is your first experience developing software for your business, we are confident that we can assist you in developing software that will meet your needs.

Many factors can impact your decision to select a technology stack. This includes scalability, current platforms and infrastructures, data types employed, and so on. The decision is primarily influenced by your individual business requirements and the features you wish to add in your programme.

We understand all of the available advanced development technologies and can swiftly apply the suitable technology to the right solution as a notable bespoke software development company in Austin with over 9 years of experience.

Our team approaches the development process in the following manner:

  • Our team will first examine your business or project needs to determine personalised software purposes.
  • The design team will next move on to product designs based on the findings of the interaction with that analysis.
  • After the wireframes have been authorised and the adjustments have been completed, we will proceed to develop software in conjunction with the designs that have been approved
  • The beta version is tested in its working environment, and the actual implementation is deployed after the user acceptance tests are completed.
  • Finally, our team ensures that the finished software is delivered within the time frame specified and that all relevant documentation is included.

Yes, as the most valuable Custom Software Development Company in Austin
we will provide you full technical support and maintenance services

Our development methods are totally transparent. As a result, you will have complete control over your initiatives. As your principal contact, our appointed project manager will collaborate with you in accordance with the rules.

You don’t have to worry about customer confidentiality when you work with aTeam. We place a high value on the security and confidentiality of client data, which is why all of our workers are full-time and subject to our company’s confidentiality and confidentiality restrictions.

We execute non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with all of our clients and developers to ensure the security of the information they disclose with us.

The Agile Scrum development process is used by our team. As a result, from the outset, all of our clients play an important role in the sprint strategy. And, before the launch date, we discuss and examine everything again during the sprint planning time.

Our team provides our clients with regular project updates and keeps them up to date on what is going on with the project, what has been accomplished, and so on.

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