Blue Prism vs UiPath vs Automation Anywhere: A Comparative Analysis of RPA Tools


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools have emerged as a significant game-changer, automating repetitive tasks and facilitating business operations. Among the many options available in the market, three RPA tools stand out – Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere. Each of these tools has its own unique features, making the selection process a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into a detailed comparison of these top RPA tools, based on various parameters, to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding RPA and Its Significance

RPA mimics human actions to automate repetitive tasks without requiring human intervention. This powerful technology aids in cost savings, increases efficiency, reduces errors, and frees up human resources for more strategic tasks. The three tools in focus, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism, are leading the RPA market by automating end-to-end business operations for medium to large enterprises.

Blue Prism: A Choice for Large Organizations

Blue Prism is a leading RPA tool, known for its scalability and reliability, especially favored by large organizations. Unlike its counterparts, it is a paid tool without a community version.

Blue Prism is a UK-based software company that developed one of the first RPA tools. Unlike its competitors, Blue Prism does not offer a free community version and is a completely paid tool. However, this does not deter its adoption; instead, it reinforces its position in large organizations that prioritize quality and robustness over cost.

Key Features of Blue Prism

Superior Scalability

When managing high volumes of operations, scalability becomes a critical factor. Blue Prism shines in this area with its digital workforce designed to meet the demands of highly scalable, robust, and flexible process automation. As large organizations typically handle vast amounts of data and complex processes, Blue Prism’s scalability becomes a significant advantage.

Visual Process Designer

Blue Prism’s Visual Process Designer allows for the design of business operations without any scripting or code. Its interface uses a drag-and-drop feature, enabling users to create and automate complex business processes. This simplicity and intuitiveness of designing processes are particularly advantageous for large organizations handling a variety of tasks.

Robust Security

Large organizations prioritize security due to the sensitive data they handle. Blue Prism offers high-grade security at all levels—data, process, and system, complying with enterprise-level security standards. Its secure platform is a substantial reason for its wide acceptance among large businesses.

Why Large Organizations Prefer Blue Prism

Trustworthy and Reliable

Large organizations value trustworthiness and reliability in their operational tools. Blue Prism, being a paid tool, provides dedicated support and maintenance, instilling a level of trust in its users. Its robust framework ensures reliable performance, making it the go-to choice for many large companies.

Enterprise-Level Solution

Blue Prism is designed as an enterprise-level solution, capable of handling the extensive and complex business processes typical in large organizations. It provides control rooms to manage and control bots, analytics to assess bot performance, and robust security, making it a comprehensive RPA services.

High Scalability

Blue Prism’s capability to handle high-volume tasks without compromising speed or efficiency is a significant draw for large organizations. Its scalable platform allows businesses to increase their automation efforts as they grow, aligning perfectly with the requirements of large-scale enterprises.

While the upfront cost might be higher compared to other RPA tools, Blue Prism offers a suite of features that cater specifically to large organizations. Its reliability, scalability, robust security, and enterprise-level functionalities make it a wise investment for businesses seeking long-term, large-scale automation solutions.

UiPath: User-friendly and Suitable for Beginners

UiPath is an ideal RPA tool for beginners, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop visual designer. Its user-friendly interface allows non-programmers to automate tasks with ease.

Unlike Blue Prism, UiPath offers a community edition that is free to use, thereby making it accessible to small businesses and individual users. It features both front-end and back-office robots, thereby automating a wide variety of tasks. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, UiPath offers stiff competition to its peers.

UiPath, a global software company, is known for developing one of the leading RPA platforms for automating business processes. With an aim to democratize RPA, UiPath offers a Community Edition that is free for individuals and small businesses, a factor that significantly increases its appeal to beginners.

Key Features of UiPath

Drag-and-Drop Visual Designer

The UiPath platform is designed with user-friendliness at its core. One of its standout features is its drag-and-drop visual designer. This allows users, even non-programmers, to design automation workflows easily, making the tool accessible to a wider audience.

Robust Training Resources

For beginners, starting on a new tool can be daunting. UiPath recognizes this and provides comprehensive training resources through the UiPath Academy. These resources, including video tutorials, documentation, and online courses, enable beginners to grasp the tool’s functionalities swiftly and effectively.

Front-end and Back-Office Robots

UiPath features both front-end and back-office robots. This allows users to automate a wide variety of tasks, from mundane, repetitive tasks to complex back-office processes. This versatility makes UiPath a comprehensive RPA solution for businesses of all sizes.

Why UiPath is Perfect for Beginners

Easy-to-use Interface

UiPath’s intuitive user interface reduces the learning curve typically associated with RPA tools. Its easy-to-navigate and straightforward design enable users to begin their automation journey with minimal hassle.

Community Support

The Community Edition of UiPath not only provides free access to the tool but also access to a vibrant community of users. This active community is a valuable resource for beginners, offering assistance, sharing ideas, and providing solutions to common issues.

Comprehensive Training and Learning Materials

As mentioned earlier, the UiPath Academy is a treasure trove of learning materials. For beginners, this access to a wealth of information facilitates a smooth introduction to the tool and its capabilities.

UiPath’s focus on user-friendliness, extensive training resources, and the availability of a free version make it a great starting point for beginners in the world of RPA. Its robust functionalities and ease of use ensure that users can start automating with confidence, regardless of their level of programming expertise.

Automation Anywhere: A Versatile Option

Automation Anywhere is another prominent RPA tool suitable for medium to large organizations. It, too, offers a free community version, providing accessibility to a wider range of users.

Automation Anywhere is a global leader in RPA, known for its comprehensive suite of scalable software solutions designed to manage and automate end-to-end business operations. Similar to UiPath, Automation Anywhere offers a free community edition, thereby expanding its accessibility to small businesses and individual users.

Key Features of Automation Anywhere

Key Features of Automation Anywhere

Flexible Automation Capabilities

Automation Anywhere stands out with its versatile range of automation capabilities. It enables users to automate complex tasks, ranging from front-end operations like customer interactions to back-office tasks such as data management and report generation.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Automation Anywhere presents an intuitive interface that allows users to automate tasks with ease. Like UiPath and Blue Prism, it provides a visual process designer that allows users to create automation sequences without any coding expertise, thereby widening its appeal.

Robust Cognitive Capabilities

One of the unique features of Automation Anywhere is its cognitive capabilities. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI, ML, and NLP, it can handle unstructured data, process natural language, and even learn from past actions to improve future performance.

Why Choose Automation Anywhere?

Broad-Spectrum Automation

With its ability to automate a diverse range of tasks, Automation Anywhere is ideal for businesses with varied and complex automation needs. Its wide scope of automation capabilities can cater to almost any business process.

Flexible Pricing Model

Automation Anywhere offers a flexible pricing model that takes into consideration the size and specific needs of an organization. This flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of RPA in a cost-effective manner.

Community and Learning Support

Automation Anywhere’s community edition provides access to a broad community of users and developers. This vibrant community, along with a plethora of training resources and tutorials, facilitates easy learning and problem-solving.

In conclusion, Automation Anywhere offers a robust and versatile platform for business automation. Its diverse features, flexible pricing model, and robust community and learning support make it an ideal choice for businesses aiming for comprehensive automation. Whether you’re a small business looking to automate basic tasks or a large enterprise aiming for end-to-end automation, Automation Anywhere could be the versatile RPA tool you need.

Making the Right Choice

While all three tools have their strengths, your choice should depend on your specific requirements and organizational goals. UiPath is recommended for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and free community version. Automation Anywhere, with its diverse features and flexible pricing model, is an ideal fit for medium to large organizations. Blue Prism, with its robust scalability, is an excellent choice for larger organizations that prioritize reliability and have a bigger budget for RPA implementation.

FeatureBlue PrismUiPathAutomation Anywhere
PricingPaid OnlyFree Community Edition & Paid Enterprise VersionFree Community Edition & Paid Enterprise Version
User FriendlinessModerate (more targeted towards developers)High (Easy to use, especially for beginners)High (Easy to use interface)
ScalabilityHigh (preferred by large organizations)HighHigh
Visual DesignerYesYesYes
Training and SupportPaid support and resourcesFree training via UiPath Academy, Active community supportFree training resources, Active community support
Types of RobotsFront-end and Back-office robotsFront-end and Back-office robotsFront-end and Back-office robots
SecurityHigh-grade enterprise-level securityEnterprise-grade securityEnterprise-grade security
Cognitive CapabilitiesModerate (Limited AI capabilities)High (AI and ML capabilities integrated)High (AI, ML, and NLP integrated)
Target User BaseLarge organizationsBeginners, Small to Large organizationsMedium to Large organizations


The decision should be made based on the needs, resources, and objectives of your organization. It is essential to thoroughly analyze the features, pricing models, and community support of these RPA tools to make an informed decision that adds value to your business operations.

Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere are all powerful RPA tools with their unique features and strengths. Choosing the right tool depends on the specific needs of an organization, such as scalability requirements, ease of use, and the importance of mobile application development. Assessing these factors and conducting a thorough comparative analysis can help organizations make an informed decision and select the most suitable RPA tool for their automation journey.

Azeez Bijin April 24, 2023