Custom Web Applications Development in India

aTeam Soft Solutions March 29, 2019

Hiring a  web application development company in India comes with its own benefits and pitfalls. Based on a report from Develux, the major concerns about web application development: 

  • Previous outsourcing experience
  • Insecurity about the service quality
  • Lack of control over the project
  • Exposure of confidential data

To make sure you have the right ideas for web application development – and that you can take steps to apply them to your business, here are 10 few must-know facts about custom web applications development in India.

1. The Website Does Not Look Same On Different Computer Screens

The browsers on each device provide the website differently. For this reason, a website that looks a bit like Google Chrome on a desktop computer looks different from Safari on your iPhone.

How a website looks on the screen depends on browsing and rendering, meaning how the browser interprets the code on the website and displays it on your screen.

2. Most Readers Simply Scan Website

In a study of how people read websites, the Nielsen Norman Group found that 79% of users test the website, and only 16% of users read word for word.

This means that a website should use scanned text, including keywords, subtitles, dotted lists, only one view in a category, and a few words. Fidelity is important for web users who can develop high-quality graphics, outgoing hypertext links, and good writing.

3. The second use of the Web is on mobile devices

The rise of smartphones has changed the way users access the website. Most users use the Internet on mobile devices, so make sure your web application development company in India must use websites to make UX fun for mobile users.

4. The Life Span Website is only 3 years old

The digital space is constantly evolving. From computer hardware to software, all aspects of the Internet will change in a few years, affecting websites.

Therefore, a website designed for three years back should be upgraded to the latest technology available to provide a greater level of user experience.

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain have begun to affect websites in the current context. Top companies have already empowered their website with new technologies to use a data-driven and visible system.

5. Website Source Code Affects Search Engine Support

Search engines read your website’s source code, so web developers need to make the SEO code friendly. Search engines like Google take standard signals from a variety of HTML objects.

The web development company should focus on HTML title tags, meta description tags, header tags, and edited data tags during the program development process.

6. Website Template may disable Website Strength

In the web application development market, website templates have become a popular choice for those who have a small coding mind and do not want to spend much time on web application development.

Although website templates are an easy way out, they limit your ability to use the building materials of your choice or sometimes code them.

7. Multimedia Content Can Be Good And Bad On Your Website

Multimedia content such as videos and photos should be used wisely to get the result you want. Although according to the report, 73% of visitors are influenced by videos, excessive use of videos and photos can significantly reduce website traffic. As a result, visitors may leave the website out of frustration. Besides, it can also make the website look dirty and confusing.

8. Demographics Affect User Behavior

One size fits all – complete websites. As people follow different cultures in different places, they react to technology differently, too. It means that the census plays an important role in user behavior.

To address this, businesses need to research human visitors to get better feedback from their users.

9. Custom Web Design Has Three Parts

There are three features that distinguish the best web applications from others. The first has to do with design and visualization. You want your website to look good so that you can impress customers. The second factor is performance; your app must do what needs to be done. 

The third piece of the puzzle goes down to stability and security that means your custom app should not only work but be responsive without giving hackers access to your website. Don’t settle for any vendor who can work with all three of these essentials.

10. Web Application Development is a Business Problem

While web application development may seem like a technical topic from the outside, it is actually a business problem that’s because clients want to add new features and functions to their websites. 

They want to collect more leads, redeem customer service, or simplify recurring orders. In other words, you are working with a development team because you want to make your business more efficient and profitable, not because you are interested in seeing the lines of code.


It’s hard to confuse facts. But this does not mean that you should build a copy of some of the most popular websites. There is always room for experimentation and new ideas, but without interfering with facts.

This covers all aspects of web application development, and you will now have a clear understanding of your business’s benefits and costs. 

Also, suppose you are looking for a custom web applications development company. In that case, it is clear that choosing a development partner is important in enabling a plan to add value directly within your budget problems. 

Unless you have someone who understands your needs and delivers them with an affordable app, you will not be able to find what you need.

Bijin Azeez July 13, 2018