What is Laracon?

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Laracon is the official conference for the Laravel framework, one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world. Laravel has garnered a significant following due to its elegant syntax, robust feature set, and passionate community. Laracon, in essence, is a celebration of this community, providing a platform for Laravel enthusiasts to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what Laracon is:

Focus on Laravel: At its core, Laracon is dedicated to the Laravel framework. This includes deep dives into its features, best practices, and advanced use cases.

Diverse Audience: Attendees range from beginner developers just starting with Laravel to seasoned experts who have been using the framework for years.

Networking Opportunities: Laracon provides a space for developers to network, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and even explore job opportunities.

Notable Speakers: The conference attracts some of the best talents in the Laravel community. This includes Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, as well as many other influential figures in the PHP Development and web development world.

Announcements: Laracon often serves as a platform for major announcements related to Laravel. This might include new features, tools, or even entirely new products.

Global Presence: While originally based in the U.S., Laracon has grown to have multiple editions around the world, making it a truly global event.

The Importance of Laracon in the Laravel Community

Laracon stands as a beacon in the Laravel community, symbolizing more than just an annual conference. It’s a testament to the passion, innovation, and collaboration that define Laravel enthusiasts worldwide. Here’s why Laracon holds such a pivotal role:

Knowledge Sharing: Laracon is a hub for learning. With sessions led by industry experts, it offers attendees a deep dive into the latest features, best practices, and innovative applications of Laravel. This knowledge-sharing boosts the overall quality of projects within the community.

Community Building: Laracon serves as a melting pot where developers from diverse backgrounds and experiences converge. It fosters connections, friendships, and collaborations that might not have been possible otherwise. This camaraderie strengthens the Laravel community, making it more inclusive and supportive.

Platform for Innovation: Every year, Laracon witnesses announcements that shape the direction of Laravel development. Be it unveiling new tools, features, or even entirely new products, Laracon is often the stage where these groundbreaking revelations happen.

Inspiration for Developers: Witnessing the achievements of peers and learning from the best in the business at Laracon can be a significant morale boost. It inspires attendees to push their limits, experiment with new ideas, and elevate their coding prowess.

Global Connectivity: While Laravel is a digital tool, the connections made at Laracon are very much human. With multiple events worldwide, Laracon bridges geographical divides, creating a global network of Laravel enthusiasts who share a common goal: to craft exceptional digital experiences.

In essence, Laracon isn’t just an event; it’s the heartbeat of the Laravel community. It celebrates achievements, ignites passion, and paves the way for the future of web development. Through Laracon, the Laravel community finds its voice, vision, and vigor.

History of Laracon: From Humble Beginnings to the Pinnacle of Laravel Celebrations

The Laravel framework, since its inception, has always been about making the web development process elegant, efficient, and enjoyable. As the community around Laravel grew, the need for a centralized event, a place where like-minded individuals could converge, became apparent. This led to the birth of Laracon.

Origins and Reason for Its Inception
The primary impetus behind Laracon was the burgeoning community of Laravel enthusiasts seeking a platform for collaboration, learning, and networking. As online forums, GitHub discussions, and local meetups buzzed with activity, there was a clear desire to translate these virtual interactions into a real-world gathering. Laracon was envisioned as a space where Laravel developers could:Deep Dive into Topics,Direct Interaction with Leaders,Foster Collaborations

Evolution Over the Years

Starting as a relatively intimate gathering, Laracon soon witnessed exponential growth, mirroring the popularity of the Laravel framework itself.

Expanding Horizons: Initially held in the U.S., the overwhelming response led to Laracon branching out, with editions taking place in Europe and other parts of the world. This ensured that the magic of Laracon was accessible to the global Laravel community.

Diverse Topics: As Laravel grew and added more features and associated tools, Laracon’s agenda expanded. From focusing primarily on core Laravel topics, sessions began to encompass related tools, business applications, and even soft skills.

Announcements and Launches: Laracon became the chosen platform for major announcements related to Laravel. Significant features, tools, and even new products often made their debut at this event.

Increased Participation: The attendee list swelled with each passing year. From a few hundred participants in its initial years, recent Laracon events have witnessed thousands of participants, both in-person and through online editions.

Why Attend Laracon? 

Laracon, as the flagship conference of the Laravel framework, holds a special place in the hearts of developers worldwide. But for those still contemplating whether to attend, here’s a breakdown of what makes Laracon an unmissable event:

1.Learning from Top Laravel Professionals

Expert Insights: Laracon boasts a lineup of the most knowledgeable and experienced voices in the Laravel community. Attending means getting firsthand insights and deep dives into the intricacies of Laravel from those who know it best.

Latest Trends and Practices: The Laravel landscape is dynamic, with constant updates and shifts. Laracon serves as the pulse of the community, ensuring attendees are updated with the most recent and best practices.

2.Networking Opportunities

Build Connections: Laracon is the perfect platform for budding developers to meet their idols, for businesses to find Laravel experts, and for enthusiasts to connect over shared interests.

Collaborate and Grow: Beyond just making acquaintances, Laracon offers the potential for genuine collaborations – be it in terms of projects, learning, or mentorships.

3.Hands-on Workshops and Breakout Sessions

Practical Learning: While theoretical knowledge is invaluable, the true essence of understanding comes from doing. Laracon’s workshops offer practical, hands-on experience, allowing attendees to apply what they learn in real-time.

Diverse Topics: Laracon ensures a holistic learning experience. Breakout sessions cater to a range of topics, ensuring every attendee finds sessions that resonate with their interests and needs.

4.Launch of New Laravel Features, Products, or Tools

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Laracon is often the chosen platform for significant announcements related to the Laravel ecosystem. Being present means getting a firsthand look at the next big thing in Laravel.

Direct Interaction: Unveilings at Laracon come with the added advantage of direct interactions with creators and developers behind these innovations. It’s a chance to understand the vision, ask questions, and even give feedback.

Notable Speakers and Sessions at Laracon

Laracon, over the years, has played host to an illustrious array of speakers. These individuals, with their profound insights and contributions, have immensely enriched the Laravel community. Here’s a spotlight on some of the most notable speakers and sessions from Laracon’s vibrant history:

Taylor Otwell

Founder of Laravel

Key Sessions: Every year, Taylor’s keynote at Laracon is eagerly awaited. He often reveals the latest updates to Laravel, shares the vision for the framework’s future, and sometimes even launches entirely new products. One such memorable moment was the unveiling of Laravel Nova, a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel.

Jeffrey Way

Educator and creator of Laracasts

Key Sessions: Jeffrey’s sessions at Laracon always bring practical insights, often diving deep into best practices, design patterns, and effective learning techniques for Laravel. His talks, combined with his Laracasts tutorials, have been foundational in the education of many Laravel developers.

Adam Wathan

Developer, educator, and creator of several development products

Key Sessions: Adam has a knack for diving into intricate aspects of coding, often introducing new techniques or refining existing practices. His Laracon talk on “Cruddy by Design” was an eye-opener for many, guiding them on effective code structuring for better application design.

Mohamed Said

Laravel’s first employee and core contributor

Key Sessions: Mohamed’s involvement with the inner workings of Laravel offers attendees a deeper look into the framework. At Laracon, his sessions often encompass advanced topics, explaining the “whys” behind certain Laravel functionalities.

Freek Van der Herten

Partner and developer at Spatie

Key Sessions: Freek’s contributions to the Laravel community via open-source packages are significant. At Laracon, he shares insights on package development, testing, and the nuances of maintaining open-source projects.



Laracon epitomizes the essence of the Laravel community, bringing together a diverse group of individuals united by their love for web development and the framework. The event not only offers technical insights but also creates an environment of collaboration, inspiration, and growth. Attendees leave Laracon with more than just coding knowledge; they depart with renewed enthusiasm, new connections, and a broader perspective on the possibilities that Laravel presents.

This annual congregation is a testament to the strength and vitality of the Laravel community. From hands-on workshops and breakout sessions to networking opportunities and game-changing announcements, Laracon provides an all-encompassing experience. It serves as a reminder of the incredible strides that the Laravel ecosystem has made over the years and the promising trajectory it’s set on for the future.

So, whether you’re aiming to hone your skills, seeking inspiration for your next project, or looking to immerse yourself in a vibrant community, Laracon promises an experience that’s enriching on multiple fronts. It’s not just about understanding a framework; it’s about being part of a movement that’s shaping the future of web development.

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