Top 10 ways to outsource app development


Synopsis – Outsourced App Development : are you in the dilemma of choosing between in-house and outsourced app development? Today, almost every organization has committed to mobile applications for their business environment, the truth is that not all such applications are made in-house. This has however prompted an expansion in the popularity of outsourced app development. It has also given a better quality of app developer’s services to interested people and companies in the market. Once you’ve chosen to make a mobile application for your business, you might think of outsourcing development. In this feature, we’ll tell you how to outsource mobile app development companies and a way to top mobile app development in India to carry out your concept forward.

What is outsourced app development?

outsourced app development : A scope of abilities and wealth of experience are the best things outsourcing can offer to the table. In an organization whose work rotates around creating apps for a variety of organizations, experts can be found with a scope of abilities. This makes it conceivable to figure out any issues and address them quickly.

With an in-house mobile app development team, you’ll need to look for additional experts as the project progresses. It includes extra costs and is a waste of time. Outsourcing will tend to offer you low personal control, as you’re not in a similar space as the group and sometimes not even in a similar time region. This might bring about challenges with communication but it’s not an issue a good project manager can’t tackle.

Simultaneously, outsourcing an India app development company is less expensive than housing your very own team. Regardless of whether you choose to recruit an outsourcing company situated anywhere, it will cost less than most of the in-house development choices. Talented outsourcing providers will be found in Eastern Europe, India, and Africa and offers application development services that will probably cost even less.

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10 ways to outsource app development successfully?

Outsourcing software development is an enormous business these days. On done it well, it gives a huge ROI. As per the report from Accelerance, organizations are expected to invest USD 133.3 billion on the whole on outsourced development by 2025, and large numbers of them will consider that penny well spent. Some may be regretting the choice.

Below are the ways that will work on your chances of accomplishment while outsourcing app developers in India. This will decide whether you hire developers in India close to home or on the contrary side of the globe.

1.  Create transparency– it’s important to have transparency about what you’re making.  A principal idea of what you need to assemble is fundamental before diving into your search for an outsourcing partner. Once you’re clear with the concept, it will be easier for you to contact your development partners. Below are the things to be kept clear before contacting:

  • Is this idea a fresh start or tried or tested?
  • Does this idea have POC (proof of concept) and technical validation?
  • What type of technology will you use for this idea?
  • What issues will your software product tackle for its target audience?

2.  Foundation of the project– Before picking an India app development, you’ll have to dig a little deeper, figuring out questions like goals, deliverables, level, content, financial plans, and others. This will turn into the foundation for your project guide.

Parameters Elaboration 
  • Is the solution ready for every problem?
  • Project alignment?
  • Comprehension of developing software?
  • Expectation of outcome?
  • Usage of MVP?
  • Identification of results post the process? 
  • Alternative if not covered?
  • Commencement date?
  • Deadline to launch MVP?
  • Deadline to launch a complete project?
  • Key milestones?
  • Budget control?
  • Other Regulatory control?
Financial plans
  • Hourly basis?
  • Estimated hours to complete?
  • Identification of hourly rate?
Change requests
  • Mode of communication for change?
  • Any defined guidelines?
  • Is everything approved?
  • Provide a list of all approvals and their status?

3.  Judgment time– The time has come to choose between in-house development and outsourcing app developers in India. Settling on an informed choice will expect you to weigh various variables. And keeping in mind that the cost isn’t the only component to consider, advantages to outsourcing app development offshore particularly if you observe a skilled team that gets your vision.

4.  Choosing between the categories of outsourcing- When picking an outsourcing app development, every potential vendor’s area is a huge component that can not only influence cost, but also communication, effectiveness, and the general details of the final result. As a method for reviewing and weighing choices, businesses that outsource software development have distinguished 3 unique categories in light of organization area i.e. onshore, offshore, and nearshore outsourcing.

  • Onshore or onshoring- Picking an outsourcing partner situated in your country.

  • Offshore or offshoring – Picking an outsourcing partner situated in a far-off country.

  • Nearshore or sourcing/nearshoring – Picking an outsourcing partner situated in a nearby country.

Below are the pros and cons of each category for better understanding:

Factors Onshore Nearshore Offshore
Time Similar /less Similar /less High
Cultural High High Medium
Communication High High Medium
Skills High High Medium
Price High Medium Low

5.  Choose an outsourcing model– Relationship-based outsourcing comes in 3 structures i.e. staff augmentation, virtual teams, and project-based outsourcing. Pick the best model to accommodate your necessities, financial plan, and long-lasting facilities.

  • Staff augmentation – This model includes outsourcing staff from an external association on a temporary basis, especially to finish a project. They are also called for their expertise with your project. The outsourced staff works under your guidance and assists your team to achieve the end goal.

  • Virtual/ managed team – The managed team’s model is a hybrid between Staff Augmentation and the Project-based model. With Managed Teams, you are in fact employing a full team of specialists that could incorporate Analysts, Designers, QA Engineers, front-end and back-end developers, and more to deal with some or the entirety of your project.

  • Project-based- This outsourcing model converts the team management over to your outsourcing partner’s Project Manager, who will work with you to make timelines and communicate your requirements to their associates. Project-based outsourcing doesn’t mean surrendering full control. You will in any case be associated with key decisions, including feature development and prioritization.

6.  Time to shortlist– When you know what country you will go to outsource software development, you can limit your search. Reviewing software development agencies start with a top to a bottom web search. The below tools will assist you to do just that.

  • Review websites- review websites will give a curated index of companies for software development. You can opt for the best software development agencies and filter them on areas, feedback, budget, skills, and much more.

  • Consultation – talk with your companions and colleagues in your industry who have outsourced software projects previously. Their experience can assist you to shortlist a couple of organizations in your area. If they’re comfortable with what you do, and they have a proven track history, your chances of progress will significantly increase.

  • Freelance portals- hunting for software developers in freelancing portals might prove to be a smart move. Some expect you to list your project’s necessities and financial plan, others have you contact particular providers with your requests. As a rule, you can look through profiles and apply filters in light of area, monetary needs, and different elements.

7.  Estimate provider- Whenever you’ve shortlisted your providers to a few, now is the ideal time to meet with them and assess everyone on a more profound level. The following are a couple of interesting considerations.

  • Size – Does the company have enough experience with the technology your software product will employ? How many employees are working in a development firm? Do they have an adequate number of developers to deliver?

  • Longevity – how many years of experience does the company have? We suggest a business that has been around for no less than 5 years since you want to fold in the middle of your project.

  • Technology – does the company have enough experience technology in the company?

  • Lifecycle – Does the office have top to bottom information on the Product Development Life Cycle (SDLC) measures?

  • Methodology – What type of software development methodologies are you using to complete the project? Are they using agile or waterfall or some other methodology to complete your process?

  • DevOps- Does the organization have experience with executing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines? Have they executed projects utilizing the DevOps model previously?

  • English- What is the company’s collective degree of English capability? This is more significant than you could imagine as software development requires nuanced conversations about technique, planning, design, convenience, and so on.

  • Time – will a company match your time zone? If it’s adaptable, this adds extra points to your development project.  

  • Price – Does the pricing structure match your needs? Is the expense organizing straightforward with no secret charges included?

8.  Free consultation– Once you have shortlisted 4-5 software development offices, you can go ahead with reaching their sales team. chat with their specialists, demand free consultations, request their work portfolio and case studies, and examine their software development process, methodologies utilized, programming language preferences, technology implementation, and so on.

9.  Paperwork- Whenever you have picked a software development outsourcing partner that matches your needs, the next phase in the process is to draft agreements like NDA, MSA, SLA, and SOW.

10.  Choosing a tech stack– With everything settled, the last phase in the software development process is to pick communication channels for monitoring the development progress.

How to hire the best app developer in India?

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Leading IT services and consulting companies in India as of 2021, based on market capitalization

Below is the list of suggestions that will help you to find the best app developer in India:

  • The initial step is to find out the type of mobile app you want, whether it’s native or cross-platform. It’s important to involve IOS or Android developers to make native apps. On the other hand, Flutter developers for cross-platform app development are best suitable at this point.

  • Investigate every candidate’s work portfolio and case analyses to find out more about their capacities.

  • It will be smart to get reviews from previous clients.

  • Ensure that you know about any differences in time regions, language levels, cultural barriers, and communication technologies while on with work.

  • If you’re not tech-savvy, get a fair IT expert to inspect all possibilities.

How do you outsource app development?

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So far, we are talking about what is outsourcing or ways to do it, but now let us know about the process of outsourcing app development. 

  • Clarification of concept- it’s important to communicate with the company or team very clearly. Explain to them your goals, financial plan, deadline, and everything specifically. Few companies follow mobile app development trends and customers expect a standard to go high.  Ensure that your needs are fulfilled and communication shouldn’t go wrong.

  • Project plan – once the discussion is done, get the detailed project plan immediately. This will help you with the correct timeline of deliverables. Some may be in your favor and maybe don’t. Allow it to be a benchmark for you to evaluate the app development progress, track the work hours, and consequently the expense to make your mobile application.   

  • Setting expectations – there should be a reality in your expectation. It is ideal to cooperate on a similar level. You should be there to remark, express, or audit the time the new developments happen. If this will not happen correctly, it won’t yield anticipated outcomes that way.

What are the key benefits of outsourcing app development?

If you need to have a competitive edge over your rivals, outsourcing is your key to progress. In this unique situation, outsourcing is an incredible choice for mobile app development. This is a direct result of the tremendous ability pool of IT experts in India. So, would you say you are thinking about recruiting an outsourcing mobile app development project to India? However, before that would you like to know how they can help your business over the long-lasting term?

  • Cost and time – The expense and time of staffing a long-lasting team of developers, overseeing them, further selecting to maintain them, coordinating them, and so on could prove to be an additional waste for some start-ups. Hiring the entire agency for an accomplished start-up mobile app may not require all of them. Since they are great at what they are doing.

  • Rapid functioning – Whenever you are attempting to construct yourself, the concept, communication, meetings, recruiting developers, setting the group up, and so on, could well take around 4-5 months. However, you can have an app in only 3 weeks to 90 days depending upon your concept with an experienced organization.

  • End-to-end services – You will have the opportunity to get a total set of services from designing, business analytics, marketing, quality testing, coding brains, and more. The active knowledge of the creating group and project team will give you numerous intangible advantages from dealing with many projects.

How much does it cost to outsource app development to India?

Outsourcing app development in India can help with diminishing expense overheads, accelerating the development cycle, and delivering a top-notch application guaranteed with the most recent innovative trends. If you’re intending to outsource your mobile app development assignments then India is one of the best nations that can offer compelling solutions at a competitive cost.

What amount does it cost to outsource app development to India? This is the first thing that comes to mind while choosing to outsource your mobile app development. Owing to a competitive pricing mechanism, the vast majority of the start-ups, little and medium business ventures across the globe are picking Indian app developers and organizations to finish their ideal developments.

The approximate expense of making an easy application can go somewhere in the range of $5,000 to $8,000 in India. But, if your application is more complicating in terms of features and functionality, the expense might increase to the $20,000 range.

Inference to the topic: There are various advantages of outsourcing app development to India, however, the prime reason is being convenient delivery, guaranteed product development, and consistent updating of released applications, which attracts a large number of projects consistently. If you’re planning to take action on mobile applications for making your business well known among the respective target audience, then contact a leading India app development company like Ateam soft solutions which is supreme in mobile innovation for creating and deploying mobile applications at a huge

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