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As the market’s dynamics and trends shift, you must have a digital presence and keep up with these changes. We are a digital transformation software development company in India that provides cutting edge engineering solutions, helping startups and SMEs clients untangle complex issues emerging during their digital evolution journey. aTeam Soft Solutions Top Custom Software Development Company in India.

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    The Future Of Web Development

    Emerging Trends

    With growing demand for websites, web development has started embracing new trends for better outcomes. Innovative ways to web development helps businesses to grow rather exponentially and globally.

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    What we offer

    We partner with you from ideation to help you create a digital product that engages your end-users and widen your reach. That means an app that matches your vision and is viable in the marketplace.We strive to deliver adaptable and collaborative software development solutions.

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    Prominent software development company in India : Our Web Development Services

    Make a strong foundation for your software.

    We maintain aesthetic control through our development team, and we collaborate closely with insightful and suggested comments on back-end development. We will assist you in effortlessly improving all parts of back-end development in accordance with your business requirements. Back-end development has various advantages, including:

    • Facilitate information exchange
    • Run the app in multiple environments smoothly
    • Enhance the website’s user experience
    • Add efficiency to front-end functionalities
    • Secure technical proficiency
    software development company in India

    Your users will be impressed if your programme is visually appealing.

    Aside from the software’s mechanics, its aesthetics are equally significant. We have a team of highly experienced user interface developers who can transform your ideas into intuitive software based on your specifications and with your assistance. We offer end-to-end, cross-platform user interface creation with cutting-edge technology & infrastructure.

    • Smart & Open Architectures
    • Customer-Driven Outcomes
    • Pre-Informed, Transparent Steps
    • Deployment and Stabilization
    • Secure Approach and Technical Proficiency
    software development company

    Give your users a native-like experience.

    aTeam develops applications for a broader audience by giving solutions that create a highly native-like application feeling as a result of a better browsing experience. Cross-platform apps reach a larger audience; allow us to boost your ROI by removing app problems and oddities. We will give you with engaging experiences and assist you in creating large-scale, high-quality PWA projects.

    • Intuitive, Flexible & Lightweight
    • Progressive, Highly Responsive & Connectivity Independent
    • With a diverse range of plugins
    • App shell methodology
    • A Secure data migration
    Progressive Web Apps

    Improve and develop your business by utilising e-commerce solutions.

    Custom e-commerce solutions can help you save a significant amount of time and money. By digitising your company’s presence, you will be able to give a better customer experience across numerous platforms. aTeam will assist you in developing seamless and efficient solutions that make use of user-centric features to help you reach more target consumers.

    • Profitable, Secure & Stable.
    • Multi-Platform integration
    • Custom cart and Payment Gateway Systems
    • Data analytics & Store management solutions.
    • Custom full-cycle eCommerce Development
    Ecommerce Solution

    To ensure the success of your business, choose user-friendly and secure web solutions

    Improving the digital business and transitioning existing systems to numerous platforms in order to give immersive experiences to users. To keep your business functioning smoothly, we use our growth-focused web application development solution. Support web application evaluation, design, and development in order to fulfil business requirements and improve workflow.
    e workflow productivity.

    • Visually appealing, functional & convenient
    • Microservices architectures
    • Migration to cloud environments
    • Real-time data processing
    • Large-scale distributed systems
    Custom Web Application

    We ideate, design and develop digital products, All-in-One place

    We deliver market ready digital solutions by providing measurable business outcomes, in a time-bound fashion. Our engaging solutions are designed to look good and provide advanced functionality on any device, from the smartphones phones to desktops


    Application Development Services

    Allow us to create unique software for you that is designed to optimise and improve your business performance and assist you in meeting your business objectives.


    System Integration Services

    Through technical partnerships with the most recent platform, aTeam will provide you with modification and software integration services.


    Dashboards, ETL, and BI Services

    Allow multiple systems in your organisation to communicate in real time. With the proper data/information flow, you can run your business activities more efficiently.


    Legacy Modernization & Application Migration

    We will provide you with entire app enhancements/modifications along with cloud migration services, as well as technological architecture assessments to keep your IT up to date.


    Big Data Application Services

    Utilize our in-depth insights to see how your company is utilising big data. We’ll assist you in developing unique tools and dealing with big data.


    Real-time Applications Development Services

    Use elements such as sensor data monitoring, stream processing, and other technologies to obtain real-time data answers.

    We build Digital Products With Measurable Business Outcomes

    We deliver technical expertise coupled with business acumen,continuous helpdesk and also the technical consulting our clients need to guide their decision making from concept through goLive and beyond.

    Benefits of working with aTeam

    We help you utilize software to boost your business. We can take an entire project and complete them on our own, or work alongside your development team to deliver the solutions. Top Custom Software Development Company in India from aTeam Soft Solutions.

    Countless Business Opportunities

    We help our customers find new business opportunities by providing powerful software solutions. Discover how highly intuitive programmes can provide a one-of-a-kind user experience.

    Agile Development Process

    As a clutch awarded software development company in India, we employs the Agile methodology. We use a user-centered design methodology that ensures complete transparency, maximum speed, zero technological debt, and high team participation.

    Strategy and Consultation

    In order to give you with the finest outcomes, we collaborate with you to study and identify methods that simplify and comprehend your company’s demands. Make a plan that includes tactics for accomplishing your goals.

    Enhanced ROI & Retention Rate

    Do you have any unique ideas? We’ll keep it going. aTeam is committed to providing high-performance software solutions that improve ROI and retention. Take a look at the app’s clear approach.

    Powerful Security Practices

    We do regular security audits to discover and address any vulnerabilities, cyber threats, or security gaps, and we employ data encryption. This assists in bringing your programme to life and delivering it in a more timely and safe manner.

    Reliable Quality Assurance

    With aTeam, you get the highest level of quality control from the start. In preparation for full development, our team validates the test points. Run recursive QA tests to guarantee that your software is always working properly.


    Mobile Application

    Ravens Duet

    “Create and Play in the worlds first collaborative scavenger hunt. Discover, exercise, dare, dance, and selfie your way up the leaderboard. You have the chance to win prizes every week and challenge your friends directly. Lets build this adventure together!

    Join the worldwide collaborative scavenger hunt of Ravens Duet.
    Join the competition outside safely! Socialize virtually, and share goofy challenges. Pop that comfort zone, get outside, and get exploring!”



    Recycle SV

    “Interactive Personal Waste Management – RecycleSV is a mobile app that allows you to scan an allocated QR Code on a recyclable object, which then asks for you to take it to the bin, scan the bin QR code and recycle the item correctly. In doing so, one will receive (for now) a virtual reward. The app will display the number of recycles and amount of rewards one has achieved.
    Dropping an email at [email protected] is required to use the QR codes in the app.”


    Hammer App

    Hammer Gym App

    Fitnes app designed for the users of The Hammer gym. App could be used by free users (non gym members) but all the exclusive and premium benefits are given to gym members. Trainers can keep track of their clients workouts and diets while the users can self update their food intakes and exercise using the app. There are separate apps for both trainers as well as clients along with a admin panel for the super admin to manage everything.


    E Learning App


    Client is an edtech startup, that offers exclusive courses to students of all classes. It provides a comprehensive and well-structured set of video lectures for students. It covers all the topics in an academic year and helps students prepare for them and score higher marks. Client have an interesting approach towards teaching, as it focuses more on
    conceptual understanding rather than trial and error methods to score high. It also has embedded test paper modules for constant testing. It provides you an in-depth analysis of students’ performance. It offers a holistic improvement of students with regard to education.



    Sadad payment solutions

    Sadad’s Payment Solution is mobile application for the state of Qatar. It Provides instant Payment Service for Individuals and Companies without need to carry your money or one of your credit cards, you can download Sadad application and start to payelectronic and instant payment anytime and anywhereSADAD facilitates and streamlines a wide range of payment transactions for individuals, banks, businesses, and the government sector, while continuing to develop new payment products and services. SADAD aims at providing with one solution for all payments.



    Q7 Leader Integration Platform

    HR Talent analysis platform. Companies can use the platform to evaluate the performance level of their employees. The evaluation is done based on 7 criteria and the evaluation is given by the managers of each and every employee. Q7 Leader turns every manager into a better and objective people manager with the Q7 best HR-management practices in one tool, real-time people analytics and a development plan for every employee. Managers and HR have continuous insights of where and which action, decision and development is needed to ensure a sustainable and objective workforce- and reward planning.



    Warehouse Management System

    Manage your stock in your warehouse with this inventory management app. Improve your logistics with a warehouse management system. Inventory management is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking.

    • Add inventory to you store
    • Remove inventory from your warehouse
    • Move inventory between storage locations
    • Real-time global inventory visibility for all your users
    • Count and correct your inventory
    • Share your inventory
    • Manage your stock transactions
    • Locate your stock
    • Manage your warehouse locations
    • Replenishment advice
    • Use the web based interface

    Extensive reporting and analysis:

    • Statistics
    • Fillgrade
    • Total items in stock
    • Transactions
    • Fast movers
    • Slow movers
    • Inventory accuracy
    • Inventory value”

    Trusted by Hundreds of
    Fast-growing Companies

    "Having a team like aTeam that allows us to quickly spin up our development team,it really empowers us to be responsive and nimble"

    Graeme Hollonds

    General Manager Jumpon.online

    Our Software Development Roadmap

    Our project methodology is disciplined and leads to successful business outcomes. Our process guides the way we ideate, design, collaborate and execute the entire project to completion.

    Industries We Serve

    We are a full-stack software development company in India, building digital products for complex industry use-cases. Pick yours!

    Fleet Management System

    We will assist you in establishing dependable fleet management solutions to help you operate your business operations more efficiently, connect buyers and suppliers, and manage consumers.

    Operations Management

    We will work with you to create a great CRM system for your financial institution, allowing you to streamline and optimise operations, analyse procedures, and manage clients more effectively.

    Seamless Mobility Solution

    Allow us to assist you in designing robust entertainment software that will help you stay in touch with your audience while also providing them with an immersive entertainment source.

    mobile app development company in australia

    Integrated Health Management

    Allow us to provide powerful software for your healthcare facility to manage operations like patient engagement, data integration, integrated healthcare management, and so on.

    Travel Experience Management

    A complete travel solution software that handles activities like asset administration, reservation/booking, rate & payment matrix, sales tracking, and more will assist you in easily managing client experience.

    Intuitive Learning Experience

    We will work with you to create immersive e-learning software. Provide personalised, relevant content and assessments to your users. Data maintenance, user-centric design, accessibility, and other features are provided.

    Omnichannel Engagement

    We'll collaborate with you to create a system for managing and connecting many supply chains in different places. Make a plan for your demand and supply, distribution, and retail requirements.

    Types of Web Applications to Simplify Your Business

    Let's meet and discuss your web application requirements, business challenges, and how we can collaborate to discover a viable solution for efficiently managing your business operations.


    Static Web Applications


    Dynamic Web Application


    Single Page Web Applications


    Multi-Page Web Applications


    Portal Web Applications


    Animated Web Applications


    Web Applications with a Content


    Management System


    Rich Internet Web Applications


    JavaScript- Powered Web Applications


    Progressive Web Applications


    E-commerce Web Applications

    Genre of Mobile Apps


    Business Mobile Apps


    Educational Mobile Apps


    Ecommerce Mobile Apps


    Health And Fitness Mobile Apps


    Restaurant Mobile Apps


    Food Delivery Mobile Apps


    Finance/ Accounting Mobile Apps


    Photo Editing And Video Mobile Apps


    Music Mobile Apps


    Social Networking Mobile Apps


    On-demand Mobile Apps


    Adventure/ Gaming Mobile Apps

    Let’s Talk About Your Business Challenge!

    Share us your business challenges and our project management team will bring up a technology solution to improve the use-case with technology driven solutions.


    Boost Your Start-Up

    With robust software solutions, you can drive success from the start and catapult your startup to the next level. We understand your business goals as well as your limitations, allowing us to produce one-of-a-kind software development services that are suited to your specific requirements.


    Operational Efficiency

    Make your business run smoothly. You can innovate your operations while lowering your company's operational costs with integrated operating solutions. Create and deploy creative, scalable, result-oriented software to boost productivity, meet infrastructure needs, and achieve business goals.


    Explore New Markets

    You can reach a larger audience by utilising our expert software development services. We will research your target markets, use cutting-edge technology, market trends, and innovative solutions to boost client satisfaction. Work with our agile development team to revolutionise your business and meet your goals.


    Facilitate Inventory Management

    Enhance your company's scalability cycle and scaling. Reduce the amount of time spent on inventory. You can keep track of your inventory overflows and inflows by using a reliable cross-platform inventory management software. With an effective and user-friendly inventory solution, you can track items in real time and estimate demand.


    Let Clients Self-Serve Online

    Allow fresh ideas to be introduced to your users. Allow them to address issues and keep the information up to date with an easy-to-use self-service portal. Create sophisticated self-service software that displays material that is relevant, personalised, and customer-centric. Users will be happier if you provide them with comprehensive data analysis software.


    Nurture Tech-Enabled Line of Business

    You can overcome business challenges and accomplish progress by utilising our tech support company techniques. Integrate digital innovation to gain a market competitive advantage. We'll collaborate with you to create a roadmap of solutions and tools that will increase your earning potential.

    Technology Expertise

    We combine powerful technologies, stunning visuals, and innovative strategies to tell your organization’s story while delivering data-driven results.

    Ready To Get Started?

    Supercharge your operations with technology driven solutions for efficiency, productivity and innovation

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    A one-of-a-kind software project could cost anywhere from $20,000 and $150,000 to create. This includes both the design and development of the product. Because it is determined by all of your specifications, the price range is large. A programme can range from a simple calculator to a full-fledged enterprise-level payment system with millions of users.

    Each piece of custom-built software is distinct. The most important factors influencing the cost of custom software development are the size of the project, the number of features required, the complexity of the product, the complexity of any third-party integration that must be included, the product’s design, the experience of the team of developers of the technology stack, and the time-to-market.
    Contact our team to discuss your project requirements, and we’ll walk you through the overall costs.

    Personalised software can improve the efficiency of your business processes through process automation. This automation will free up critical resources so that you can focus on the processes that are most important to your organisation and create value for them. By developing systems around your current operating activities and decreasing paper-based manual processes, you can keep your firm up to date while also lowering costs.
    Our aim is to be the best software development company in India by increasing our clients ROI by providing comprehensive end-to-end custom software development solutions to anticipate change, remain relevant and win in the ever-changing economy.

    Our team follows the agile Scrum development style, ensuring that your company receives speedy, high-quality RIO. We have a methodical strategy that closely monitors product quality. This comprises design exercises, code reviews on a regular basis, and other activities. If this is your first time producing software for your company, we are convinced that we can help you create software that will benefit your business.

    Many factors can influence your choice of the technology stack. Scalability, current platforms and infrastructures, data types used, and so on are all considered. The decision is mostly determined by your specific business needs and the features you want to include in your software.

    As a prominent custom software development company in India with a team of top 1% of the tech talent in the country, we are equipped with advanced development technologies and ensure our clients stay on top of their game with latest technology driven solutions.

    Our team approaches the development process in the following manner:

    • To determine personalised software purposes, our team will first assess your company’s or project’s needs.
    • The design team will next proceed to product designs based on the results of the interaction study.
    • We will proceed to construct software in combination with the authorised designs once the wireframes have been approved and the revisions have been done.
    • After the user acceptance tests are done, the beta version is tested in its functioning context, and the actual implementation is released.
    • Finally, our team guarantees that the finished programme is delivered on time and that all necessary documentation is included.

    Yes, we will provide you with complete technical support and maintenance for any software programmes created by us or third parties. We can utilise this to integrate any third-party services that you need to instal, as well as to upgrade any new features as needed to further enhance your products.

    Our development processes are completely transparent. As a result, you’ll have complete command of your initiatives. As your primary point of contact, our designated project manager will work with you in compliance with the rules.

    When you work with aTeam, you don’t have to be concerned about consumer confidentiality. We place high importance on client data security and confidentiality, which is why all of our employees are full-time and subject to our company’s confidentiality and confidentiality constraints.

    We sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with all of our clients and developers to protect the information they share with us.

    Our team employs the Agile Scrum development process. As a result, all of our clients play a significant part in the sprint plan from the start. And, before the launch date, we go over everything again during the sprint planning period.

    Our team sends regular project updates to our clients, keeping them up to date on what is going on with the project, what has been done, and so on.

    India has always been a powerhouse of ability and depicted as superior outcomes. It has become the most established foundation for software development services compared to other nations worldwide. Below is the reason for software development services in India:

    • Brilliant workforce
    • Industry size
    • 24*7 support
    • Rules and act
    • Cost-efficient

    Outsourcing is an extraordinary choice for organizations hoping to accomplish their digital transformation goals while diminishing risks and keeping a cost-savings approach. We’ve illustrated 5 advantages of outsourcing your custom software development company to India below:

    • Staffing and Decrease of Development expenses
    • Quicker Time-to-Market
    • Adaptable Capacity and measurable
    • Proceeded with Maintenance & Support
    • Mitigating Project Dangers

    The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the software development globe’s spellcheck. It can hail errors in software creation prior to they’re found in progressive stages and would expense significantly more to fix. The SDLC procedure includes a few distinct stages, like planning, analysis, design, building, testing, deployment, and maintenance. Below are the 6 models that Ateam uses are:

    • Agile
    •  Lean
    • Waterfall
    • Iterative
    • Spiral
    • DevOps

    These days software development ends up being a crucial component that aids the smooth conductivity of a business with the least exertion. There is an incredible number of benefits that are fundamental with the induction of custom software development services. It helps business foundations of various sizes to overpass shortcomings of any software discrepancy in the web structure.

    Software development is the main thing that can assist you to have direct communication with the customers. No other methodology can assist you in truly coordinating communication with your users. It is the quickest method for expanding your goodwill. Each business needs to build its list of faithful clients.

    Here are a few tips on the best way to employ Indian developers from software development services India:

    • The primary rule is patience and keeping away from the temptation to rapidly hire somebody that seems to have the ability sets you want.
    • Another significant step is investing energy in carefully crafting an expected set of responsibilities.
    • When you find a couple of good candidates, it’s vital to have an effective and objective method for assessing them.
    • It’s vital to be realistic about how much money you’ll have to pay for a quality developer.
    • Remain in regular contact with developers you’ve employed and attempt to keep them invested in your business

    We chose to address tech specialists about how they approach delivering quality so we could give you the most ideal bits of knowledge for delivering high-quality software:

    • Make a quality culture
    • Put the client first
    • Test early and frequently
    • Don’t simply have one software testing technique in your toolkit
    • Slow down the measures.

    There are countless companies in India out there. But before employing a software development services in India, you must examine a few errors that must keep away from while recruiting them to deal with your business site.

    • Outdated Technology
    • Direct Coding
    • Lacks Ability in Your domain
    • Lower Costs
    • NO knowledge of Technical SEO
    • Only by Counselling Technical Specialists
    • Practicing only one technique
    • Unverified Credentials Appropriately

    Indeed, in view of the client’s necessities or requests, we give our clients dedicated developers.

    By exercising proper onboarding practices, you can avoid multiple disasters. Also, you can coordinate your new developer as a completely competent, useful, and fulfilled colleague. We have a few best practices to look for software development services in India and onboarding new software developers listed below:

    • Employing
    • Documentation
    • Mentorship
    • Communication
    • Culture
    • Assessment
    •  Integrating Remote Developers

    Ateam soft solutions is a software development company that clearly understands your needs and deliver your idea into the perfect software. Ateam develops the custom software with top-notch quality, and the latest techniques within budget and deadline. Their major services include Custom software development, web application development, mobile application development, and MVP development.

    Custom software is uniquely produced for a particular client group or association remembering business-related challenges. Some of the most widely recognized kinds of custom-built software that organizations can profit from include:

    • Content management system (CMS)
    • Customer relationship management (CRM) system
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
    • Operations management software
    • Ecommerce Software

    The quickest growing and the most significant industry, eCommerce has reformed the lifestyle. So below is the list of the characteristics that will tell you about each viewpoint which is fundamental for the development of a fruitful eCommerce and custom software development in India:

    • Social Login-Signup
    • Chatbot for customer support
    • Multiple payment gateways
    • Multilingual & currency
    • Product Videos
    • Shipment Tracking
    • CRM Integration
    • Role-Based Dashboard
    • Behavior Tracking
    • Advance Ecommerce Analytics
    • Marketing tools
    • Captivating UX/UI Designs
    • Loyalty Programs

    Generally, Asia and Africa are the least expensive continents for outsourcing. A developer in India will charge $29/hour. In other words, you’d pay a full-time developer in India $5,104/month in view of these rates.

    An online business platform for example a website or a mobile application can be your top industry to compete in the worldwide marketplace. Also, this is the reason employing software developers is basic for your business. So to enlist the right tech ability or fabricate a group of specialists, you should know about the top and trending development technologies. Here is our list of trending development technologies for 2022:

    • Native App Development
    • Progressive Web Apps
    • Big Data Computation – Hadoop Map-Reduce to Apache Spark
    • The Powerpack combo Of Software Development i.e. Angular, React, Node JS
    • Cross-platform and Hybrid Deployment
    • Cloud Computing Technologies
    • Low Code Deployment and Outsourcing
    • A classy trio of JAVA, Kotlin, and Scala

    When an organization needs to hire remote software developers in India or software development services in India, they must have a thorough idea of the whole process. So, let’s consider a few stages that make your recruiting process a lot easier for a remote application project.

    • Draft Your Necessities
    • Getting the Right Applicants On-board
    • Screening the Right Applicant
    • Completing a Remote interview
    • Completing Technical Ability Test
    • HR Interview
    • Final call of onboarding

    Concluding regardless of whether you want custom software developed for you can be somewhat troublesome. Below we’ five different ways that your business can profit from investing in a customized solution.

    • Designated solution
    • Simple to scale
    • Integration with other software
    • Saves hardware expense
    • Independence from the developer

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