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Countless frameworks help you to bring your ideas into reality. The one thing that makes Flutter stand out is that it enables you to create a native mobile application with just a single codebase. Yes, you read it right: one codebase to build two different apps for Android and iOS. This is the shortest definition of Flutter. What’s more? It is created by Google and is a free open-source framework.

Key Features of Flutter That Makes It Ideal for Development 

Now that you know what Flutter is (in the shortest form), let us look at the key features that make Flutter stand apart when it comes to development.

Hot Reload

One of the standing out feature of Flutter is Hot Reload. This feature saves a lot of time as it lets the developer view the changes made instantly in the application itself. Developers love this feature as it also lets them fix bugs quickly on the go. The instant preview feature lets the developers go wild and try out new experiments.

One Codebase – Two Platforms

Shoot two birds with one bullet with the cross-platform development feature. As stated earlier, Flutter enables to create native mobile applications for two platforms (Android and iOS) with a single codebase and a single programming language (Dart). Did you know that the UI and apps of Fuchsia (the new OS that is supposed to replace Android in the near future) are being designed with Flutter?

Widgets, Widgets and Widgets

Flutter has provided importance to developing widgets and its customisation. Complex, as well as simple widgets, can be integrated to replace traditional methods. Flutter also provides the option to build apps using only widgets from its list of ready-made widgets. The material design support and glitch-free performance of the widgets provide a smooth experience for the user.

Smooth Curves

New users have claimed that Flutter provides a fast learning curve. Integrations such as Firebase, platform APIs, etc. makes the entire development process a delightful experience. The detailed documentation available helps new as well as experienced users to take their Flutter skills to the next level. The framework being free and open-source also plays a huge role in making Flutter one of the most popular frameworks in 2020 and beyond.

Flutter vs. Native 

Flutter offers many big advantages when compared to native platforms. One such advantage is the cross-platform support. Like mentioned earlier, the same codebase can be used for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Web, Desktop, etc. Flutter has also been improved with many versions which can bridge the gap and provide the same stability and performance like native apps to an extent that there is no difference.

Why Flutter Is the Best Option for Startup Mobile App Development?

Flutter is also an efficient and optimal option for startups. Following are some of the reasons why startups should take note of Flutter.

  • Maximum Results with Minimum Effort – Cross-platform application development – is an attractive opportunity for startups as they can launch their application on different platforms tapping a lot of users. Your application will have more exposure and will be able to reach a larger set of audience. This will also increase the number of potential downloads that too with fewer development efforts as you are just using a single code for all these platforms.
  • Now Frameworks Can Reload Too – With the help of Hot Reload, errors can be quickly fixed during the development process itself. It will not have to be recompiled or redeployed. After fixing the error, you can start where it was left off. This feature is what increases the overall productivity. It gives developers the freedom to experiment without any delay.
  • An Arsenal of Useful ToolsFlutter –  is integrated with Firebase. Flutter Google platform provides a host of services such as storage, hosting, cloud functions, etc. This can be used by startups. They will benefit as the infrastructure becomes serverless and scalable. Usually, developers have to do the job of creating tools by themselves. But Firebase offers these tools. This makes development easier. Development can also be made automatic with these common tools.
  • Budget-friendly – Limited budget is a problem faced by many startups. While creating an app, you will have to spend on iOS app developers as well as on Android app developers.Flutter avoids this. It opens up the venue for many ways of budget-friendly development. Widgets that come with Flutter also makes sure that you can create an amazing user interface without spending separately on this aspect of development.
  • Perfect for MVPs – Flutter framework is naturally perfect for MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) as it immensely reduces cost. You need not create two different apps and maintain them. This makes development cheaper. This, in turn, negates the need to have a large team. You only need one developer for your MVP.  The performance is great to such an extent that you will not see the difference between a native app and a Flutter app. Your MVP can also be made more attractive. As widgets help you customize according to your wants, you can create appealing UI for users.
  • Vibrant Community Since Flutter – is growing popular by the year, it has a growing and vibrant community. Developers actively contribute to this community.

Flutter App Development Services 

Flutter helps in the development of apps and products like a hybrid app, native app, cross platform, for web etc.

  • Hybrid App  : Flutter is compatible with both iOS and Android making it the best framework for building hybrid applications The Dart language is also something that makes it a great platform for a hybrid app.
  • Native App :There are several advantages you can gain from building native applications on Flutter. Flutter with creating blocks in the user interface. Its documentation and tools also add to the easiness of native app development. Moreover, it has customizable widgets.
  • Cross Platform App : If you want a cross platform application which has a great user interface, with great native performance and less time to market, then Flutter is the best option. It provides unique features to cross platform development.
  • Flutter for Web : In addition to mobile applications, Flutter can also be used for web content with the use of technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Popular Flutter Applications 

Using Flutter for their second-hand trading platform Xianyu has been the best tech practice according to Alibaba’s tech team. This giant e-commerce company uses Flutter for many other cross-end solutions. Their application has more than 50 million users. What attracted them was the ease of implementation provided by Flutter. It helped them bring detailed product pages online as quickly as possible.

New York Times 
Flutter is behind the popular New York Times puzzle, KENKEN. With a single code base, it provides an interactive, native experience. It is also the first prototype that used Flutter for web development. It provides great user interface across Android, iOS, Mac and web. Reflectly 
It is another famous application that has benefitted from Flutter. It is a lifestyle application for journaling and mindfulness. Reflectly, through Flutter, lets you create stories on personal journals, reflect on a question a day, personal insights etc. while providing a great interface.

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aTeam Soft Solutions is one of the top Flutter app development companies in India. We have gained many years of experience in mobile app development and Flutter has become our favorite framework since its inception in 2018. Our Flutter developers are also familiar with the most recent versions of Flutter. Our passionate and hardworking developers have put in a lot of research and work for creating applications for both the platforms. We use our unique digital solutions and the features offered by Flutter app development like quicker development, great and expressive UI, etc. to create cross platform applications. We also ensure a cost-effective development process within a brief time. With Flutter’s customizing capabilities, we can create products across a wide variety of sectors like finance, entertainment, travel, food and more.

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Are you trying to develop different versions of a single application for two different platforms? Why do that when you can use one codebase to build a native application for Android and iOS? Let me rephrase; why shoot two birds with two bullets when you can shoot down two birds with one bullet? Also, the ‘one’ bullet is free. Did I get your attention now? Yes, we are talking about Flutter which is a free, open-source framework created by Google. Its highlights are cross-platform development, short learning curve, customisable widgets and Hot Reload! No, I did not add all my favourite features from different frameworks. These are actually the features of Flutter.

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Bijin Azeez July 13, 2018