aTeam Soft Solutions March 18, 2019


GitLab comes as a single application dedicated for your complete development and operations or DevOps lifecycle, that is, things will be done faster and quicker. This kind of a system has two main advantages: Firstly, it lets the teams work together effectively. Secondly, it helps to increase customer satisfaction and gives them more value and that too, at a shorter span of time.
GitLab shortens your DevOps life cycle time mainly through two things:

  • By bridging silos and stages
  • Taking most of the work out of your hand

It is generally very time consuming and tedious when you have to do activities like application testing, security, debugging etc. However, GitLab reduces the time gap between these and makes the work flow united. A shorter cycle has the advantage of letting you bring your idea into the market in a short period of time. You can get your ideas readily into the production environment, ready to be scaled and monitored. aTeam Soft Solutions has one of the best GitLab teams. They have been ranked the top GitLab developers because they have understood the changing demands of the market. With the help of GitLab, they have drastically reduced the engineering risk.

Two of the most important features of GitLab is a shorter cycle and reduction of engineering risk. When there is a changing need in the market, it takes a lot of time for it to manifest into a product. However, when you are provided with a shorter cycle, you can right away respond to your new ideas and bring them into the market instead of waiting for many months like in long cycles. You can also make your plans way ahead and create opportunities for feedback. You also get more time to enhance your product based on the feedback you receive. GitLab also has a built-in monitoring system that helps you to get information easily.

A shorter cycle reduces the risks involved in engineering. This has many benefits.

  • Coordination is easy when deployment numbers are less
  • It is easier to predict smaller recurrences than bigger ones
  • Code becomes better as the work is divided into small parts and each part gets a lot of attention
  • It is also easier to manage security vulnerabilities.

GitLab also provides an advanced security testing system in the form of a review app function. Many security threats can be removed during development itself. This helps to prevent wasting time doing vetting post development.

GitLab reduces your work. This is done by bringing people together which, in turn, reduces the cycle. Since GitLab is a single application everyone will be looking at the same thing and working on it and all the changes are automatically linked to everything important. In GitLab, it is a single community open to all developers. They will be working on the same thing. There is one source for all changes, and it is linked automatically to anything relevant. Ultimately, GitHub lets you bring your idea into action faster than ever.


Bijin Azeez July 13, 2018