Best MEAN Stack Developer Company in Texas

Mean Stack July 22, 2020

If you are asking why you need the best MEAN Stack developer company in Texas, you need to know what a MEAN Stack developer does. However, before that, let us look at what full stack is all about. In the simplest terms, a full stack development is the complete development of an application including both front-end and back-end. Sounds like something that happens usually right? Now, a full stack developer is a single developer that has the knowledge and skill to develop a complete application including the front-end and the back-end. Now it sounds better right? Yes, now MEAN Stack takes it to a whole another level. MEAN Stack is the full stack development of a project but includes only JavaScript technologies namely MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. Yes, the first letters in this order spells MEAN and it is no coincidence. Now you know what a MEAN Stack developer is all about.

This is why MEAN Stack is now the hot topic of every tech development discussion and this is why we are talking about the best MEAN Stack developer companies in Texas. Top 10 is going to confuse you when selecting a company and this is why we went with the top 3 MEAN Stack development companies in Texas.

aTeam Soft Solutions

If you are already into tech development in Texas, you may have heard about aTeam-Texas. Yes, aTeam-Texas is one of the best tech companies in Texas. They have earned awards and a name for themselves by successfully completing 100+ MEAN Stack projects. What makes them different from other companies is that the developers do not work for pay. In fact, they do not work at all. They do what they love. Yes, each member of the team has been handpicked because they love what they do. A MEAN Stack developer of aTeam-Texas loves working and experimenting with MEAN Stack. Passion is the driving force behind the team making it better than the companies whose driving force is money. However, passion is not their only game-changer card. The team combines experience, skill, strategy and technology in the perfect ratio and this is what helped them achieve great heights in the tech sector around the world. So if you are looking for an experienced, skilled and passionate team that can bring a digital form (or physical) for your dreams or vision, you know who to call.

Team Size: 40+ Senior Engineers

Completed Works (Highlights): Grocery delivery, tourism app, edTech Platform, TV channel app,

Pay per Hour: $25

Location: Southlake, Texas | Australia | Maldives | India


Do not let the name fool you. Flexsin provides you the best software development that the industry can offer. Thanks to the experience in design, engineering and delivery, Flexsin is known for its services in product development, tech consultation and tech outsourcing. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Flexsin is one of the experts that do not make mistakes in the technology space. Some of the highlights in their works include enterprise mobility, web application, data analytics, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud. So, if you are looking for an expert in the same, you know who to call. Like I said (or typed), do not let names fool you.

Team Size: More than 350 IT professionals

Clients/Partners (Highlights): Cayman Airways, Dell, Disney, IBM, Lexus, Microsoft

Pay per Hour: $30-$50

Location: Dallas, Texas | Austin, Texas | India | Dubai

Colan Infotech

Punctuality, integrity, value, transparency, technology prowess and customer support. These are the magic mantras of Colan Infotech that made them a success in next generation software development. Their specialities lie in Android, iOS, full stack and Python. The award-winning company has also made them recognized in the Blockchain development space. Yes, Colan Infotech is also an expert in Blockchain tech like IoT, supply chain, private/public blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their core developers of MEAN Stack add fuel to your fiery ideas resulting in an end product that is sure to excite everyone like fire. So, if you are looking for such a team, you know who to call.

Team Size:

Completed Works (Highlights): Facedrive, See Hoy Chan SDN, MyPhysio, Jambotunes, Fiizio, BookingPal

Pay per Hour: $35-$40

Location: McKinney, Texas | California | Canada | India | Dubai

Bijin Azeez July 13, 2018