ATeam Soft Solutions – How We Provide German Quality in Software Building

Serverless Technology November 1, 2018


We here at aTeam Soft Solutions have become popular for our web and mobile development services. Our success lies in the fact that we have understood the current need of online presence. Every business now runs both offline and online and having a website has become very pertinent. Web designing, web development and web maintenance are the three Ws that every company irrespective of size requires to succeed in the market. ATeam Soft Solutions brings all of this together for our clients at a reasonable price. Providing services of German quality has contributed to our ever-growing client base and popularity.

Some of the various services and functions that we perform can be broadly categorized under app development, website design, web maintenance, internet marketing etc. By making a website, the responsibility of a business is not complete. It is very important to maintain the website. In fact, a website is never complete. It needs to be constantly maintained and updated. This is one of our specialized areas of expertise. We make your website very content-rich and attractive so that it has great search engine rankings. SEO optimization is one of the greatest services we provide. We can also help boost your sales and increase your credibility among the potential customers.

With our services, web development can be cheap and simple. Our trained and experienced employees and top software team are well versed in the programming languages like HTML, CSS etc. Our web application process is known for its compatibility. It can reach out to and be opened in all kinds of devices. It is also programmed in such a way that it can run on absolutely any kind of operating systems. Our app can also run on the device’s web browser through a simple URL, be it iOS or Android. Mobile is becoming the most common standard for online interaction. Hence, mobile engineering is also something we specialize in. We provide custom web as well as mobile applications. Another area of expertise is e-commerce. We have employees well experienced in PHP and can thus find solutions for all your e-commerce problems across all the important platforms. We are capable of providing a custom e-commerce experience for our clients to meet the requirements of their projects. We are well known for making websites that are extremely user-friendly and responsive. Our feature-rich e-commerce services handle all the important retail functions like online campaigns and promotions. Trading analysis, content management and other kinds of updates are also carried out. The e-commerce websites are made particularly flexible that leading mechanisms and technologies can be integrated into them. The main element of this service is the security that we provide. We make sure that no kind of fraudulent activities take place and the third parties go through strict security checks. Authentication and authorization are thus made easy for our clients. We also keep track of how well online commerce is working. We keep tabs on the clicks per minute, sales, purchases etc. Every company needs an efficient software development partner and we are one of the best software developers for the purpose.

Bijin Azeez July 13, 2018