5 New Things in Flutter App Development | Google IO 2024 keynote


Google have recently announced updates for flutter and dart. Flutter has actually become the most popular crossplatform framework in the world. According to a recent survey today we’re going to talk about five new things in the flutter ecosystem. The transition to flutter has given us opportunities to reduce the size of our app and has helped with consistency by giving us a single code base. Connected experiences allow us to go beyond the Physical Realm of wits in the park.

Let’s talk about some of the key highlights of Google iio event with respect to flutter and dart. In general. They did five announcements and we will have a look at them one by one.

5 New Things in Flutter App Development

1. Impeller

Now default renderer on Android platform nothing exciting because it was already default on iOS previously but the fact that it improves the rendering time it can and handle the Shader properly and this renderer is designed for modern gpus. But still this is not very exciting because flutter is known for its performance and optimization. So yeah this is good to have now you will be able to render on impeller rendering engine inside Android as well of course with flutter 3.22. Now that’s something interesting to look at couple of months back.

2. Gaming

Flutter has announced Global gaming Challenge and interestingly I also took part in it. I didn’t submit my application there. But uh yeah I tried the flame engine I tried to run the application. I tried to create a simple game out of it and it was really fun once you understand. You know all the life cycle of rendering the Collision deduction. It’s it’s a fun thing and as a flutter developer you’re not limited to just mobile platforms and web application. You can even build cool games with it. So that’s that’s really outstanding and they have also announced the winners of it which if you look at the games it looks like it’s developed in some native platform. This app maret games are really nice so you can do that with flutter big thumbs up over there.

3. Gemini AI

Gemin AI needs no introduction Google’s most powerful AI tool with text to text image to text and chatbot feature allinone with a single package now you can head over to pub. Dev and install Google generative AI package which was recently uploaded and of course you need API key to work with the AI feature so you can simply head over to this site and agree their terms and condition. If you want to read that that’s a good thing and I have just selected whatever they have asked for and generate API key simple as that now just bring that API key inside your code and you can provide any prompt now and it will give you all the responses amazing take with Simplicity.

4. Macros

Now this is something do language has been missing from a long time and users have been requesting this feature. Ever since it. It has been released basically for the to Json from Json and all the statically generated code code which you have to write inside your code.

Now you can make it as a package make it as a helper. You can just turn your data class into a serializable object with the macros. Now. This is going to be very interesting to see what community comes up as a package as a utility because this is still an experiment uh so you can expect after month or couple of months. There’s going to be a huge list of packages or utilities which you can utilize inside your project to expedite. It.

5. Web Assembly

Exponentially now comes the part we all have been waiting for why don’t they use flutter on their own websites. Now if you look at the sites flutter. Or. Pub. These are built in HTML CSS and JavaScript like a normal websites because these websites are made for documentation for better searchability and flutter is kind of application development tool. So you can develop web applications. For instance R.A Google Earth overlays and flutter Dev tool which is you know running in a single site single page and it has a lot of feature lot of rendering comp widgets. 

So flutter is meant for handle that if you have a kind of a web application which is very training. Nowadays you see canva application. You see cap cut you see any tool. They have a web version of it and it’s a full-fledged application. It’s not just you know a website to search or to read about so those kind of application. You can develop inside flutter and that is the reason they’re not using flutter. Dev which is just a text based reading website because flutter is meant for something else don’t start comparing and don’t use wrong tool for wrong purposes.

In conclusion, the Google I/O 2024 keynote introduced five exciting advancements in Flutter app development, setting new standards for cross-platform applications. These innovations promise enhanced performance, richer UI capabilities, better integration with other Google services, and more efficient development tools. As Flutter continues to evolve, developers and businesses can look forward to creating even more powerful and versatile applications. Embracing these new features will not only streamline development processes but also deliver superior user experiences, ensuring Flutter remains at the forefront of app development technology.

However, it’s important to be aware of common mistakes in Flutter app development to maximize the benefits of these advancements. For those looking to master Flutter, “Flutter App Developer: A Step-by-Step Guide” can be an invaluable resource, offering detailed instructions and insights to help avoid pitfalls and create top-notch applications.

Azeez Bijin April 24, 2023