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Hire Remote Developers to Scale Your Dream Team

Technical skills are essential but the relationship with people who actually want to contribute in a meaningful way and who possess the character to actually do so is priceless.

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Hire App Developer India

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Trusted by Hundreds of
Fast-growing Companies

"Having a team like aTeam that allows us to quickly spin up our development team,it really empowers us to be responsive and nimble"

Graeme Hollonds

General Manager Jumpon.online

Why Hire App Developers India from Ateam?

Rigorously screened software developers, UI/UX designers, and quality testers in India make up our unique team. Top US and UK businesses hire our developers for their most challenging projects.

Pool of Skilled Developers

aTeam India app developers are expert at what they do. Our team keeps up with the latest application trends and delivers highly optimized solutions using the latest technologies.

State-of-the-Art Development

Get a team that commits itself to deliver high-quality code. You get punctuality, dedication, and timely delivered quality product.

Reduced Costs & Maximum Productivity

When you hire developers in India, you not only get the best value for your money but also get the assurance of optimum productivity & lesser time-to-market.

Uninterrupted Dedicated Support

With aTeam India app developers, you not only get hi-end project management but also receive immense customer support, we’re here whenever you need us.

Meet aTeam Developers


JavaScript /Reactexpert js

Shahnad is a goal-driven JavaScript /react js expert with more than 5+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts. He has excellent front-end coding skills with a deep understanding of web applications.

Shahnad expertises in designing and building modern user interface components to enhance application performance. He is highly skilled with HTML, CSS, payment gateway and GTM tag setup. Particularly improved the average time on page by 42% and improved user experience scores for all projects. Shahnad has received 80%+ experience scores on every web application built for aTeamsoftsolutions.

JavaScript React HTML CSS
Hire Shahnad


JavaScript /Reactexpert js

Sreenath is a result-oriented JavaScript /React js expert with more than 7+ years of experience. He has immense, in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts, excellent front-end coding skills, and an excellent understanding of web applications with expertise to design and build modern user interface components to enhance application performance.

Sreenath is proficient with HTML, CSS, payment gateway and GTM tag setup. Most notably, he can improve the average time on page by 40% and user experience scores for all projects. He has received 80%+ experience scores on every web application built for Ateam Soft Solutions.

JavaScript React HTML CSS
Hire Sreenath

Veena Rajeev

JavaScript /Reactexpert js

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JavaScript React HTML CSS
Hire Veena Rajeev

Jeena Elizabeth

JavaScript /Reactexpert js

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JavaScript React HTML CSS
Hire Jeena Elizabeth

Global Brands Hire Remote developers from Ateam Soft Solutions

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    Source Code Authentication

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    Role-Specific Quality

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    Strict Confidentiality & NDA

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    Team Scaling

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    Remote Team Control

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    Security & IP Protection

Skills that Drive Our Remote Developers

Our Vetting and Screening Process to hire app developers who Delivers

Benefits of working with aTeam's remote developers

With innovative app development solutions, aTeam helps enterprises & start-ups intensify their technical capabilities and reshape their future, and reach new milestones.

Unlimited Business Opportunities

We will help your company to unravel new business opportunities with robust web & mobile apps. Experience the power of an exceptionally intuitive app and deliver an extraordinary user experience.

Agile Development Process

aTeam is a clutch verified app development company that uses an agile development process. Following the UX-driven approach, we provide full transparency, maximum speed, minimal technical debt, and high team engagement.

Strategy and Consultation

To deliver the optimum results, we collaborate to understand your business needs, identifying the processes to be streamlined. We build a tech-delivery roadmap, aligned with your objectives.

Boosted ROI & Retention Rate

You have an idea? We’ll bring it to life. aTeam is here to provide you with high output software solutions that will boost your ROI and retention rates. Experience a lean approach to apps.

Robust Security Practices

We run periodic security tests to identify and resolve the potential risks, cyber threats, vulnerabilities & incorporate data encryption. This adds life to your software, facilitating faster & secure delivery.

Premium Quality Assurance

With aTeam, you get best-in-class QA right from the beginning. Our team assures full-proof development checkpoints. We run regressive QA tests and ensure your software is delivered within the timeline.

How our Remote App Developers India Ensure Code Quality

Here are 4 ways you can improve the quality of your code: 1. Use a coding standard. 2. Analyze code before code reviews. 3. Follow code review best practices. 4.Refactor legacy code


Take a step towards success right from the beginning and take your start-up to a whole new level with robust app development solutions. We understand your business goals alongside their limitations, which is how we come up with creative software development solutions best suited for you.


Revamp the way your business operates. Re-invent the variable business operations & reduce your operational costs with integrated operational solutions. Build & deploy robust, highly scalable & advanced apps to improve operational efficiency, and fulfil your infrastructural needs to achieve your objectives.


Expand your horizons with robust app development solutions. Analyze your targeted markets, discover the latest technology and market trends, and enhance your audience’s satisfaction with innovative tech solutions. Work closely with the agile development team and transform your business to achieve new milestones.


Enhance your business’s profitability by improving its scale cycles. Save on inventory time, keep track of your stock-overflows and stock-outs with a perfectly built cross-platform custom inventory management software. Facilitate item tracking as well as demand predictions with intuitive & effective inventory management solutions.


Allow your customers to experience innovation, enable them to resolve their issues as well as manage their information with an intuitive self-service portal. Build advanced self-service solutions to surface relevant & personalized content. Impress your customers, boost their satisfaction with integrated data analytics solutions.


Access the gateway to business growth with tech-enabled business strategies. Adopt digital innovations and win a competitive edge in the market. Let us help you with a roadmap of opportunities and build software that will elevate your market reach and potential revenue.

More Reasons to Hire Remote Developers India from Ateam

Dynamic code is provided by our app developers in India for both web and mobile apps of any size. You benefit from a two-fold project speed increase and a 25–45% cost reduction thanks to our developers' skills


5+ Years Of Average Experience

Hire developers in India who are experienced and highly skilled with advanced & latest technologies.


Integrity & Security

Your vision, data, and information are secure with us. We respect your privacy & follow strict NDAs to protect your work.


Free No-Obligation Quote

Share your unique idea with us & get a no-cost estimation of your project within 24 working hours.


Hassle-Free Project Management

We handle complex management issues and let you relax while our PM experts work on your project.


We take the process of product development off your Hands

Experience full transparency while working with us. Get complete project updates via skype, emails or calls.


Flexible Engagement Models

Connect with us to hire app developers in India on a monthly, part-time, hourly, or fixed cost basis.

Service our Mobile App Developers can Help with


Web Apps


Cross-platform Apps


Cloud Applications


SaaS Applications




Ecommerce Apps

Models You Hire Remote Developers from Ateam Soft Solutions

Dedicated Team

If your company requires dedicated attention to a project, we’re here to offer you dedicated teams. This model works as a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract.

  • No hidden costs
  • 160 hours of efficient work
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work

Controlled Agile

This model is perfect for ones with a limited budget. Reach out to us if you need cost-effectiveness with flexibility against the changing conditions.

  • Optimal flexibility
  • Agile team
  • Small projects
  • Complete control over budget

Time & Material

If your company requires ongoing work on undefined projects, leverage our time & material model and get a pay-as-you-go hour-wise rolling contract.

  • No hidden costs
  • Requirement based working hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work
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How much does it Cost to app developers in India


Senior Developer $20/hr


Junior Developer 17/hr


Start Up Plan $8900/mo

Technology Expertise

We combine powerful technologies, stunning visuals, and innovative strategies to tell your organization’s story while delivering data-driven results.

The complete cost to hire developers in India for app development depends on the time duration to complete the project. There are other factors involves as well on which the cost of the project is determined which include skills of the hired resources, their experience, project complexity, etc.

Connect with us to get the estimated cost for your project.

Our experts have provided services to a variety of verticals. Some of which include Healthcare, IT, Banking & Finance, Retail & ECommerce, Travel & Tourism, Digital Marketing, Media & Entertainment etc.

If you’re looking to hire app developer India, connect with us to know your requirements.

The time that is spent on building your app completely depends on the type of app that you want to build. This is determined by various factors like features required, app complexity, etc.

You should choose and hire our India app developers for building any complex applications with advanced functionalities with reduced time to market.

Yes, definitely. After the app is fully developed and delivered, our team of app developers India will be available to take care of any upgrades or performance-related issues like application speed, error fixing and other tweaks. Further, in case you need long term aid from our team, then you can talk to us and we can offer a cost-effective package.

Yes, we do have a model in which we charge on an hourly basis. Under this hourly model or the Time & Material model, you are charged only for the number of hours that our India App developers work on your project.

There are several reasons that can convince you to hire app developers India via aTeam. We are committed to our clients and our work reflects our dedication. Transparency, trust & confidence are our foundation for developing a relationship with our clients.
Here are the major reasons why you should collaborate with us –

  • 900+ happy clients across the globe
  • 11+ years in the industry, dedicated to the offshore execution model
  • All team members with at least an average experience of 5+ years.
  • 30+ types of industries are served.
  • Unmatchable client support
  • Cost-effective models
  • Dedicated project manager

Yes, we do. We take our client’s security very seriously and assure full security of their data and other information that they share with us. Therefore, before the initial discussion, we make sure to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our developers so that they are bound to it.

According to our Intellectual Property (IP) contract, our team of India app developers sign a contract at the initial stage of the project, ensuring the secrecy of the client’s intellectual property. As per the rules of the IP contract, we try to transfer the IP rights as soon as the last invoice of the project is cleared by the client.

We consistently send project status reports to clients. We give an updated report every week. Also, clients can live track their project milestones, upcoming plans, code status, and other development metrics as well and help analyze the work done more closely.

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