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Integrate all of your workflows, from your most recent sales activity to your client account information, for better interaction, collaboration, and retention.

Custom CRM Functionalities We Build
Analytical Tools

Enhance your internal and external business operations. Get an analysis of your sales, and marketing, plus customer service data and experience client acquisition, customer retention, and smooth data management.

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Customer service

Analyze, prioritize, manage, reply to, and handle mass consumer or staff requests. External sources provide access to contextual information, such as a customer's purchasing history.

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Lead management

Bring in high-quality leads, engage them, and convert them into satisfied, paying clients. Get a comprehensive picture of all client data—personal information, all interactions with them, and more—in one location.

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Project Management

Monitor all of your team's activities or projects the way you prefer, in one location. Manage everything with automatic processes, notifications, and reminders to save you time.

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Workflow automation

Create clear workflows with custom CRM solutions to get the consistency and visibility you want. Improve teamwork, assign projects, establish approval processes, and establish automatic reminders.

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Warehouse Management

Handle inventory, forecast market trends or obstacles during taxation, and monitor workplace accidents. Create a transparent system through seamless team collaboration.

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Custom CRM Functionalities We Build
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Custom CRM Development

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Risk Management

We ensure that any future adjustments and upgrades are done in a way that reduces risk and disturbance to your company operations by implementing change plans. Mitigation strategies are set up to ensure that if an unanticipated event occurs, it is only a minor hiccup. Request a Quote


Transfer the CRM system to your production environment smoothly so that end users can fully utilise its features. Analyze client interactions, monitor leads effectively, and streamline procedures. Examine the quality of your company procedures and make any necessary improvements. Request a Quote

Quality Analysis

Businesses today differentiate themselves through rigorous QA. We understand that it is in everyone's benefit to root out flaws and shortcomings early on, so that issues do not arise and multiply later on. Before we approve custom CRM solutions, we thoroughly review each component. Request a Quote

Data Migration

Our custom CRM development services include data migration from the current CRM to the new one, with no data loss or any negative effects on your business's effectiveness. Regardless of whatever system you use to capture your data, we can safely migrate it to the CRM. Request a Quote
Boost your workflow efficiency

With aTeam, your company can benefit from improved communication, better workflow management, customer retention, precise forecasting of client demands, and much more.

Automate internal processes
Operational CRM

Accelerate and simplify things such as contacting prospects, following up with contacts, and leveraging numerous channels to improve client interactions and promote customer loyalty. Increase the efficiency of strategic activities by automating tasks.

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Get Deep Insights
Analytical CRM

Dive into in-depth insights to make data-driven decisions. Get consumer activity insights, lead preferences, & contact details. Our custom CRM software includes strong technologies like as data warehousing, data analysis, and web analytics, and more.

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Manage Marketing Campaigns
Campaign management CRMs

Segment database, personalize messaging, and monitor client interaction. Our campaign management CRM software enables you to generate automated campaigns, execute marketing campaigns straight from the CRM & track their effectiveness.

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Improve Value Proposition
Strategic CRMs

Build a customer-centric CRM with aTeam that focuses on attracting and retaining lucrative clients. Collect, classify, and utilise customer & market trend insights to provide a superior value offer for the customer.

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Custom CRM to deliver differentiated customer experiences
Improve Customer Relationship
Integrates Marketing and Sales Teams
Result Tracking
Automated Workflow
Customer Feedback Analytics
Centralized Data Aggregation
Custom CRM Application Devlopment Lifecycle
CRM Industry Solutions
Consumer Packaged Goods CRM
Financial Services CRM
Healthcare CRM
Insurance CRM
Manufacturing CRM
Automotive CRM
Retail CRM
Pharmaceutical CRM
Transportation CRM
Travel/Hospitality CRM
Sports/Entertainment CRM
Telecom CRM
And there’s so much more.

Close sales more rapidly, boost efficiency, and build stronger customer connections. Contact us right now if you need custom CRM software solutions. Our bespoke CRM development services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring more functionality, lower costs, and increased operational efficiency.


SCustomer relationship management (CRM) is a system that allows you to manage all of your firm's relationships as well as interactions with current and prospective customers. The idea is straightforward: improve business ties in order to expand your company. A CRM system assists businesses in staying connected to customers, streamlining procedures, and increasing profitability.

A CRM system is a tool that assists in contact management, sales, agent performance, and other tasks. CRM technologies may now handle customer connections across the consumer journey, including sales, marketing, eCommerce, and customer support engagements.

Custom CRM solutions allow you to concentrate on the company's relationships with specific individuals — such as customers, clients, coworkers, or suppliers — throughout the lifecycle of the relationship, which includes reaching new customers, gaining their business, and offering assistance and additional services.

A customized CRM is a system that is created specifically for a certain business. It should be able to conveniently manage business connections with existing customers while also increasing the organization's attractiveness to new clients.

It is a good option for a wide range of enterprises. U sing pre-built CRM software before progressing to a customized solution may be more cost-effective for new companies or organizations with a restricted budget. CRM software that is pre-built is intended to fulfill the demands of a wide variety of enterprises. This implies that there will most likely be many beneficial features as well as those that may be unneeded.

Businesses can gain higher long-term cost reductions by getting access to capabilities that the company truly needs. Custom CRM development can also lead to improved business integration, less effort wasted training end-users, and more effective workflow.

A custom CRM allows you to adjust your company processes to better suit them. Let's look at how you can improve your client experience and better manage consumer requests - here are some benefits of custom CRM development:

  • Quick Customer Service.
  • Marketing Communications That Are Personalized
  • User Experience that is Consistent.
  • Discover More About Consumer Preference
  • Improved social media customer service.
  • Creating a custom CRM helps you in managing and maintaining your company's client relationships.
  • You get a custom CRM solution that meets your company demands.
  • Custom CRM may easily interface with other systems as well as provide far superior security metrics than ready-made CRM.
  • Building your own CRM helps your company's workflow in every area (Marketing, Sales, Accounting, etc.)
  • Customized CRM software is less costly than traditional CRM software, and it generates more profit in the end.
  • Almost usually, the cost of building and developing custom CRM software exceeds the cost of a CRM subscription.
  • Custom CRM solutions, unlike off-the-shelf solutions, can be hard to scale.
  • Developers might take months to construct customized apps and software, increasing the time - to - market.
  • Developers handle all maintenance obligations when taking a subscription to a CRM application. However, if you develop your own CRM, you will be responsible for maintaining the custom CRM software throughout its lifespan, which will need extra technical aspects and production expenditures.

CRM is an essential tool for every successful organization. Although there are numerous ready-made options available today, many businesses choose to request bespoke development. What is the purpose? The custom service CRM is more suited for a large firm with specialized procedures since it tailors the final system specific to their needs.

  • Long-term savings since no monthly subscription fees or other necessary payments are required.
  • The ability to swiftly add new functionalities and grow the custom CRM according to your demands.
  • Integration with the other applications is seamless, increasing the business efficiency.
  • The ability to select contractors and set your own conditions.
  • Using all of the program's features to enhance your business's growth.

Custom CRM development is costly and is mostly suitable for bigger businesses or enterprises. For small businesses, off-the-shelf CRM is the best solution as it meets their demands.

Some of the best CRMs for small businesses are -

  • Copper
  • Keap
  • Bigin by Zoho
  • Daylite
  • Insightly

Custom CRM allows you to control the complete business process workflow. It allows you to track the sales process and customer contacts, as well as build strong customer relationships.

Some of the most important customer service CRM modules are:

  • Contact management
  • Inventory control.
  • Email administration.
  • System for Mobile Devices
  • Social networking sites.
  • A solid communication system.
  • Dashboard and report analytics
  • Management in charge.

Custom CRM development might take anything from a week to a year. CRM setup time is determined by how much data you need to transfer from your previous CRM, the size of your team, who requires access to your CRM, and the complexity of your CRM automation.

While CRM installation times vary greatly, for a mid-market company who wants to train around 50 and 100 workers on the new regime, the process may take up to 11 months or a year.

Many factors influence the cost of custom CRM solutions, including the number of functionalities, the relative complexity of the project, the cost of deployment & support, and the rates offered by the development company.

  • Sales Module can cost between 11k - 36k
  • Marketing Module can cost between 9k - 10k
  • Support Module can cost up to 35k

To get the right estimation about the custom CRM software, contact our support team.

To build a custom CRM software, consider the following -

  • Set up your business goals and determine the requirements or challenges.
  • Select the user roles.
  • Consider your security requirements.
  • Choose the contractors or vendors with proven development expertise in custom CRM solutions.
  • Request the company for a rough development estimation.
  • Follow agile software development methodology.
  • Get post-project support.

The growth of chatbots, a surge in demand for PaaS solutions, and the expansion of open-source solutions are key developments in the custom software development services industry. Chatbots are now gaining popularity as a software development technique.
Trends -

  • Greater Dependency On Outsourcing
  • Cross-platform Development Takes the Lead
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Will Transform Its Appearance.
  • Examining the Consequences of Remote Work
  • The cloud has become ubiquitous.

If you’re looking forward to developing bespoke software, contact us to discuss your requirements and we can build you a reliable customer service CRM solution that meets your business demands.

TZoho CRM is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool that focuses on growing leads, speeding sales, and monitoring performance. It makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI), and its business intelligence capabilities can enable distant workforces to collaborate more effectively.

Advanced alternatives, like Zia, the AI-powered assistant, give great lead and deal forecasts, allowing salespeople to concentrate their energy in the most effective way possible. The platform's user-friendly interface interfaces with numerous popular applications and tools, making it simple to create custom CRM software for any organization. is a well-known American cloud-based tech firm that offers CRM services. Salesforce is a prominent CRM application used by support, marketing, and sales departments all around the world.

Salesforce services enable organisations to better engage with collaborators, customers, and future customers by leveraging cloud technology. Companies may use the Salesforce CRM to monitor customer behavior, sell to customers, and provide a variety of other services.

It's a customer service CRM platform that allows you to dive deeper into all of the analytics & data; you may even create a dashboard that visually displays your data. Additionally, you may have tailored outreach through automation. Another key advantage of this CRM platform is that it may increase customer service's capacity to assist clients or a sales team's marketing efforts.

Krayin CRM is a custom CRM software built on some of the most cutting-edge opensource technologies, including Laravel (a PHP framework) as well as Vue. js, a modern Javascript framework. Laravel CRM is a free and open source CRM solution for SMEs & enterprises that manages the whole customer lifecycle.

Krayin also offers package creation, allowing you to expand the CRM with common Laravel ideas like settings, console commands, middleware, controllers, and so on.

Odoo is a powerful suite of corporate software that includes CRM, accounting, human resource management, warehouse management, and POS. The Odoo customer service CRM module is particularly built to efficiently handle existing and new clients. It allows companies to review all of their leads/opportunities in one place, monitor them from one phase to the next, and assess the results.

The Odoo CRM module allows business administrators and sales professionals to follow prospects and gather vital data in a specific centralised area. Furthermore, Odoo CRM decreases the workload of business colleagues by providing them with easily segmentable & well visualized data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer service CRM software package developed by Microsoft that focuses on improving any organization's client relationships. The solution focuses mostly on the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service areas, while Microsoft has marketed Dynamics CRM as an XRM system and has encouraged users to adapt it using its exclusive (.NET-based) framework. In recent times, it has also expanded as a CRM-driven analytics platform.

To decide on the right custom CRM development partner, you need to consider the following -

  • Know the expertise of the company and see if they have worked on similar projects.
  • Check the technological stack and ensure the company fits your company’s infrastructure.
  • Know about the support services of the technological partner.
  • Get the pricing or an estimation of the costs.
  • See if the company understands modern trends such as AI, customer experience, integrations, etc.

Custom CRM development companies are in high demand, which is not surprising given the importance of CRM. A technological partner can help your organization with your CRM needs and demands. However, it is very important to choose the right development partner.

Here are the top 5 companies that can help you build robust custom CRM solutions:

  • Quytech
  • Ascendix
  • aTeamSolutions
  • Dazeworks
  • KeyIdeas

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