Tech SaaS Product: fully customizable sales software for business

Client Background

Our client is a USA-based technology company specializing in fully customizable sales software for businesses. Their innovative solutions include AI chatbots, customized funnel optimization, targeted paid advertising, and powerful email/SMS marketing campaigns.

Saas Product Company Overcome lack of resources through Offshore Staff Augmentation with Ateam soft

  • 60% Reduction in Development Costs
  • 30% Lower Overhead Costs
  • 50% reduction in Product development timelines


In a phase of rapid growth, the client faced immense customer demand and the pressure to expedite product development. However, they lacked the necessary resources - time, money, and manpower - to develop their software solutions in-house.


Ateam Soft Solutions stepped in to address these challenges by providing highly skilled software developers specialized in Node.js, React.js, and AWS serverless technologies. Our team worked closely with the client to enhance their product offerings, focusing on

  • Development of AI-Driven Chatbots:

    Implementing intelligent chatbots to automate customer interactions and improve engagement.

  • Customized Funnel Optimization:

    Enhancing the software's ability to tailor marketing funnels, leading to better conversion rates.

  • Targeted Paid Advertising Tools:

    Developing advanced features for managing and optimizing paid advertising campaigns.

  • Powerful Email/SMS Marketing Campaign Features:

    Upgrading the software's capabilities in executing effective email and SMS marketing strategies.

Technology Stack

  • Backend:

    Node.js with AWS Lambda for scalable, serverless computing

  • Frontend:

    React.js for a dynamic and responsive user interface

  • Infrastructure:

    AWS serverless architecture and DevOps practices for continuous integration and delivery, ensuring rapid development and deployment of features.


Our collaboration model was deeply integrated, with our developers working as an extended arm of the client’s team. This seamless integration allowed for agile and efficient development processes, meeting the client's need to quickly scale and enhance their product.


The partnership led to the rapid development and deployment of new features and functionalities for the client's sales software, significantly reducing time-to-market. The client was able to meet customer demand effectively and sustain their growth trajectory

Economic Impact

By leveraging Ateam Soft Solutions' staff augmentation service, the client saved 60% on product development costs without compromising on quality or speed, fulfilling their financial and operational objectives

  • 60% Reduction in Development Costs: 60% Reduction in Development Costs:
  • Lower Overhead Costs: Overhead expenses were cut by approximately 30% compared to the costs of maintaining equivalent in-house teams.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Product development timelines were reduced by 50%, enabling quicker launches and faster market penetration.


This case study demonstrates Ateam Soft Solutions’ capability to provide top-tier software development talent, enabling our clients to rapidly scale and innovate, thereby maintaining competitive advantage and achieving sustainable growth.

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