"Jumpon wouldn't scale without Ateam. The Ateam team were as part of JumbOn as any in-house team member of ours. They contributed and took ownership of the development just like everyone else.

- Graeme Hollond, Jumpon

"It used to be hard to find quality engineers and designers. Now it isn't. I have found their communication and ability to work without tight oversight to be the biggest differentiator for us.

- Sebastine Vincent, Log2000

"I found a great developer in only a few days and was able to turn my idea into a functional product.

- Brandt, Ravens Duet

"Ateam makes connecting with superior developers and programmers very easy. We interviewed three candidates, one of which turned out to be a great fit for our requirements. The process was quick and effective.

- Aleksandra Stasevich, Blacksmith International

"The developer’s responsiveness was pretty amazing. They were very prompt and up to the mark on code quality. As a startup, they are our secret weapon.

- Abhi, AMWI

Is Ateam right for my

HR- Manager

With Ateam, we can track down expert developers rapidly rather than many months. The nature of ability they supply is amazingly high as the developers can immediately be available and onboarded unbelievably quickly. We have the opportunity to evaluate their past work portfolio and interview them to make sure they are the right fit.


We can easily hire talents from Ateam and fully integrate them into our company. We are connected with developers who are best fit for our project technicalities. The developers who are interviewed and shortlisted by us easily interface with our team as an internal team member. Moreover, the developers are committed to Ateam and do not discontinue in between contracts.


Ateam dedicated software engineers are accumulated with lots of experience from working with a variety of different businesses from diverse locations more innovative and receptive to new technology, cutting edge ideas and suggestions. Plus, with a curated developer agency like Ateam, it's easier than ever to find and hire talented engineers.

Gain access to Asia's best Talent and Technology

Schedule an interview with your preferred hand-selected and rigorously vetted Elite Asian remote developers

The recruitment managers' problem

  • I know it is less competitive and cost-effective, and I can hire in other parts of the world, but I have limited experience hiring people in a remote location.
  • Headhunters and staffing agencies in the US and UK lack global reach(India/Asia) and have no specialized vetting for engineers.
  • Recruiting marketplaces provide hit or miss quality, lack vetting, and are gig-focused, making them unable to attract the best talent.
  • IT services companies are limited to sourcing from local talent pools rendering them incapable of attracting the best talent.
  • How do you effectively source talent on a worldwide scale?
  • How do you effectively screen and vet talent at a global scale so that you ultimately have an excellent pool of talent to work with within your team?
  • Can the developer think in the objective or company scope, more broadly than merely the task scope?

Our Hiring Assistance Solution..
( Here's what you have been missing )

  • Ateam follow the silicon valley interview model to filter the top talented software engineers by analysing what, exactly, they accomplished in their career.
  • We test each applicant's technical knowledge and problem-solving ability through various assessments. We craft smart technical questions, questioning engineering applicants on product design, creation looking for problem-solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, and creativity.
  • Candidates are assigned a comprehensive and real-world scenarios test project to demonstrate their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity.
  • Ateam remote software developers can at least overlap up to four hours or more with the company's regular workday.
  • We test how good a person's communication skills are, english fluency and ability to navigate ambiguity effectively.
  • Ateam core efforts go into evaluating software developers, better profiling software developers, and matching software developers.

Our Silicon valley standard
Screening Process

42.5%of applicants pass

Language and Personality

21.0%of applicants pass

In-Depth Skill Review

13.0%of applicants pass

Live Screening

7.5%of applicants pass

Test Task

5.5%of applicants pass

Continuous Evaluation

Senior Developer


( 6-10 years experience in javascript/php )

  • Level 7 Engineering excellence.
  • Good at refactoring code.
  • Work with different people in team(UI/QA/PM).
  • Can own features.
  • Can make suggestions to improve product features.
  • Can make roadmap for features.
  • Can mentor juniors or interns.
  • Test-driven development with knowledge of various unit testing frameworks, libraries, and tools.
  • Critical thinking skills to diagnose a problem and find common causality.
  • Can build rich JavaScript application using AngularJS, Angular Material, and Node.js.
Start Up Plan


( Team of 1 frontend developer, 1 backend developer, On-demand UI/UX and QA engineer and Project Manager )

  • Preparing software development specification, project roadmap, milestone plan, sprint release plan etc..
  • Critical thinking skills to think from a customer's perspective throughout the entire software development cycle.
  • Collaborate with founders defining hidden pains and needs, provide ongoing advice and consultation, help avoid potential landmines.
  • End to end project lifecycle management.
  • Daily/Weekly reporting.
  • Milestone based live progress demo.
  • On-demand support.
  • Bug reporting and fixing, milestone sign off after QA confirmation.
Junior Developer


( 2-5 years experience in javascript/php )

  • Level 4 Engineering excellence.
  • Good knowledge about codebase.
  • Great culture fit to work along an inhouse team.
  • Essential cloud Computing Skills (AWS, GCP, or Azure).
  • strong knowledge in Data Structure and Algorithms.
  • Test-driven development with knowledge of various unit testing frameworks, libraries, and tools.
  • Critical thinking skills to diagnose a problem and find common causality.
  • Automated builds, tests, and releases using Docker images.

Simple, Cost-Effective Pricing

If you don't find the hire to be a perfect fit, you will not be charged

With Ateam, you pay exactly what you sign up for and that's that. No extra, under-the-rug pricing.

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