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Seeking a team which really knows its stuff? Test us! One of the core strengths of aTeam is its deep technical expertise – managed by highly skilled developers!

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No matter where you want to carry out your software application, we are here to help you overcome your business challenges by successful, seamless, reliable and scalable solutions!

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Mobile Application

Ravens Duet

“Create and Play in the worlds first collaborative scavenger hunt. Discover, exercise, dare, dance, and selfie your way up the leaderboard. You have the chance to win prizes every week and challenge your friends directly. Lets build this adventure together!

Join the worldwide collaborative scavenger hunt of Ravens Duet.
Join the competition outside safely! Socialize virtually, and share goofy challenges. Pop that comfort zone, get outside, and get exploring!”



Recycle SV

“Interactive Personal Waste Management – RecycleSV is a mobile app that allows you to scan an allocated QR Code on a recyclable object, which then asks for you to take it to the bin, scan the bin QR code and recycle the item correctly. In doing so, one will receive (for now) a virtual reward. The app will display the number of recycles and amount of rewards one has achieved.
Dropping an email at is required to use the QR codes in the app.”


Hammer App

Hammer Gym App

Fitnes app designed for the users of The Hammer gym. App could be used by free users (non gym members) but all the exclusive and premium benefits are given to gym members. Trainers can keep track of their clients workouts and diets while the users can self update their food intakes and exercise using the app. There are separate apps for both trainers as well as clients along with a admin panel for the super admin to manage everything.


E Learning App


Client is an edtech startup, that offers exclusive courses to students of all classes. It provides a comprehensive and well-structured set of video lectures for students. It covers all the topics in an academic year and helps students prepare for them and score higher marks. Client have an interesting approach towards teaching, as it focuses more on
conceptual understanding rather than trial and error methods to score high. It also has embedded test paper modules for constant testing. It provides you an in-depth analysis of students’ performance. It offers a holistic improvement of students with regard to education.



Sadad payment solutions

Sadad’s Payment Solution is mobile application for the state of Qatar. It Provides instant Payment Service for Individuals and Companies without need to carry your money or one of your credit cards, you can download Sadad application and start to payelectronic and instant payment anytime and anywhereSADAD facilitates and streamlines a wide range of payment transactions for individuals, banks, businesses, and the government sector, while continuing to develop new payment products and services. SADAD aims at providing with one solution for all payments.



Q7 Leader Integration Platform

HR Talent analysis platform. Companies can use the platform to evaluate the performance level of their employees. The evaluation is done based on 7 criteria and the evaluation is given by the managers of each and every employee. Q7 Leader turns every manager into a better and objective people manager with the Q7 best HR-management practices in one tool, real-time people analytics and a development plan for every employee. Managers and HR have continuous insights of where and which action, decision and development is needed to ensure a sustainable and objective workforce- and reward planning.



Warehouse Management System

Manage your stock in your warehouse with this inventory management app. Improve your logistics with a warehouse management system. Inventory management is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking.

  • Add inventory to you store
  • Remove inventory from your warehouse
  • Move inventory between storage locations
  • Real-time global inventory visibility for all your users
  • Count and correct your inventory
  • Share your inventory
  • Manage your stock transactions
  • Locate your stock
  • Manage your warehouse locations
  • Replenishment advice
  • Use the web based interface

Extensive reporting and analysis:

  • Statistics
  • Fillgrade
  • Total items in stock
  • Transactions
  • Fast movers
  • Slow movers
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Inventory value”

Hire a Developer(s) in 5 Easy Steps!


Define your requirements!

Tell us how many and what sort of developer(s) do you require for your project!


Choose your Team!

From our developer recommendations, you can select a team of developers you want to work with on your short or long term project.


Development Process Begins

The developers picked by you start developing your app/website while keeping you in the loop every step of the way, with daily reporting sheets, throughout the developing process.


First Time Right

Our expert developers use First-Time-Right coding to achieve milestones by accelerating the development process of your app!


Scale your Application

Scale your dedicated team up or down, depending on your business requirements. And still, work with the development team while also getting benefited with updates and migration support.

Why hire software developers with aTeam

  • Access to the best tech talent in Asia
  • 100% Dedicated Developer
  • End-to-end Client Control
  • Full Client and Developer Support
  • Free consultation for hire services
  • Strict NDA for privacy

Trusted by Hundreds of
Fast-growing Companies

"Having a team like aTeam that allows us to quickly spin up our development team,it really empowers us to be responsive and nimble"

Graeme Hollonds

General Manager

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Yes, absolutely! Our team will keep you involved and updated right from the beginning to the very end. After we finish establishing the requirements, we create roadmaps, mock-ups etc. so that you can see a clear image of your idea and how your project will look and function after finishing. Once the illustrations or mock-ups are done and approved by you, we will take the process further!

Contact us and share the project details with us. After we receive the full requirements, you can select the developer(s) for the projects. Once the research and requirement analysis is done and the team is made –

  • We start with the prototype development
  • Then comes the code generation
  • Testing
  • Technical maintenance

We deliver end-to-end IT Solutions and Software Development Services. From preparing cost analysis to creating roadmaps, we can help you with whatever we can to cater to your requirements. We can outline project specifications, develop wireframes, integrations with external services, API documentation and help you bring your ideas to life by delivering you robust custom solutions.

We prepare both server-side and serverless architecture, front-end, back-end, graphic and UX design and create back-office consoles. We will also guide you through the budgeting, risk management and creation of the business model.

Skim through our website to know about our services and contact our team to discuss your project!

Yes, we will be more than happy to take your project on. Provide us with the details about your requirements and we will help you update/customize your existing software, app or website. We can also provide you with a quote based on your requirements. Connect with us to know the details!

Yes, we do offer support. We are here to help you if the modify, change or add anything to the website through the CMS built for you. You can connect with us whenever you have any questions and we will guide you through your queries and even give training of the administration area.

Each of our clients is kept confidential. We provide cost-saving over on-site development and guarantee proven results. With our effective and agile approach and offshore outsourcing, you can reduce expenses, raise productivity and meet various business goals by hiring experts and maintaining infrastructure. We emphasize on technology collaboration, flexibility and high-quality results which reduces the risk of project failure and adds value to your business.

Moreover, we have unique work methodologies, quality, and our services are globally expanded, cost-effective, scalable and have top-notch facilities for the whole development cycle – Designing, developing, testing and latest software range.

Every business’s needs differ, and the price of design and development depends on the requirements. One client’s scope pricing can vary from another’s. Typically, end-to-end website design will cost around $50,000 – $100,000.

You can contact our team to get a refined estimate of the design and development of your software, app or website. If you would like to get a more detailed breakdown, you can request for the same. Contact us!

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