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We, at aTeam, strive to empower businesses to become futuristic with a complete digital transformation. Build a strong backbone with comprehensive testing frameworks and strategies across their digital value chain which includes web portals, web content, web analytics, digital assets, and the overall digital ecosystem i.e. Cloud, Big Data, Mobility, AI, and smart devices.

Our Quality Engineering & Testing Services include the testing life cycle, implementation, consulting and test advisory services, and managed testing services which cover test environment management and test data management. Reduce your regression testing time, deliver exceptional user experience, cut down the time to market – achieving first-time-right solution releases, with our superior process frameworks, methodologies, and tools.

aTeam has industry-focused automation testing solutions and we are driven to provide enterprises with accelerated productivity, achieve accurate results consistently, reduced manual efforts and costs. By building intellectual property, frameworks, assets and platforms, around software testing, we ensure our customers get the most benefits from a boosted product development and release cycle.

Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in Process Intelligence and Predictive Analytics are what will help you generate higher ROI. Contact our team to leverage our engineering-led, result-driven, continuous testing solutions to enhance your DevOps processes.

Facing Any QA Challenges? We’re Here with Solutions!


our web development services help you achieve agility for an increasingly digital world fueling innovation. So, our developers are fluent in large-scale distributed system, micro-service architecture, real-time big data processing, and cloud-native application development and many more in the same line


We are a custom web development company with 7 years of history, which had enabled us to keep and train the best talents skilled in Microsoft technologies, PHP core and its open source platforms, best UI designs, UX expertise, mastery in testing landscapes, new generation programming language fluency, unbeatable DevOps, and full stack developers to deliver cost-effective solutions.


We are a custom web development company with advanced infrastructure to create large scale projects with the best client- experiences. Quick & easy communication, collaboration, seamless integrations, and completely secure development processes are our strengths in the market.

Facing Any QA Challenges? We’re Here with Solutions!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Automation Testing is a technique used to write and execute tester’s cases and scripts with automation tools. The main goal here is to reduce the manual work of running the test cases. Automation Testing is done when you have repetitive tasks, smoke & sanity tests, regression test cases and/or have tests with multiple data sets and the decision is taken based on the company’s ROI.
As one of the best automation testing service company in India, we provide you with comprehensive solutions and take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on other business operations.

Manual Testing is when test cases are executed by the tester manually, without the use of any automated tools. The main purpose of manual testing is to identify the issues, bugs, and defects in the applications.
Any new app requires manual testing before moving on to the automated testing. And manual testing is imperative because 100% automation testing is not possible.

While looking for a software tester, you need to find the best QA and testing services company which provides you with daily/weekly deliverables, insists on real value, uses a scorecard and provides you with the reports every week.
– Streamline your workflows
– Choose a reliable company/vendor with sufficient resources
– Motivate your in-house development team to collaborate with the eternal testers
– Assign a senior QA manager for cooperating with the vendor
– Assess the vendor’s performance on a regular basis
– Handle outsourcing concerns efficiently

Contact our team at [email protected] to get started on your project. Share the business context, the resources you currently have and want to leverage, your goal and requirements. After understanding your vision and business objectives, our team will carry out an initial assessment to further understand the workings of the processes. Based on which further steps are determined.

We have served clients in multiple fields, different types of companies – from start-ups to enterprises – and we are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals. Our services include –
– Functional testing
– Integration Testing
– Unit Testing
– Performance Testing
– Security Testing
– Usability Testing
– Regression Testing
– Compatibility Testing
– Automated Testing

Having some trouble testing your software? Contact us today for end-to-end testing solutions.

Yes, you can hire a dedicated selenium developer(s) or a team of developers to exclusively work on your project. The team will be working with you closely and you can directly manage or control them, assign tasks as per your project requirements, choose the resources and review the output. Add us as an extension to your in-house team and increase efficiency & profitability of your company. We also provide a project manager alongside a team of developers.

Yes, absolutely. We are dedicated to keeping any information related to your software and data absolutely secure. We consistently evaluate our internal systems and security policies. Our company signs an NDA with all the clients to ensure full security and confidentiality of the data/information provided to us by the clients.

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