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Top technologies that we help business outsmart competition:
  • App Development
  • Digital business analysis tools
  • Remote and hybrid work technology
  • Cloud applications
  • Workflow and management digital solutions
  • Customer and brand experience technology
  • AI and machine learning
  • Cloud technology
  • Technical SEO

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How Growth SMBs Are Using Technology To Scale Up Revenue, Profits and Cash Flows

Tech initiatives to enhance the front-end/customer experience

A key competitive advantage of many of the growth SMBs is the quality of customer experience they offer compared to their peers. Many of the companies we serve have undertaken steps to offer more functionalities in their product/service as well as make the entire journey as seamless as possible for the customer using tech. This is particularly true for B2C and Financial Services focussed portfolio companies.

Technology initiatives to improve back-end processes & systems

Capital allocated towards new products (or new business segments) and geographical expansion has been key growth drivers employed by several growth companies. In this regard, a robust backend that allows seamless interlinkages between different business segments plays a critical role in managing expanded operations. Tech investments allow this objective to be achieved in turn driving operational efficiencies across the organisation.

Technology initiatives to create new revenue growth drivers

Alongside the attainment of better customer experience & operational efficiencies, technology implementation can also help in developing new potential revenue streams. High growth companies have initiatives around new product introductions, new distribution channels & new marketing campaigns to provide further impetus to their growth trajectories.

Top Benifits of Adopting a Digital Model

Improve operational efficiency
Meet changing customer expectations
Improve new product quality
Increase design re-use
Reduce product development cost
Introduce new revenue streams
Reduce cost of poor quality
Increrase first pass yield

How ATEAM SOFT SOLUTIONS Helps SMBs Adapt And Stay Ahead

The market is changing rapidly, and business leaders face a variety of new challenges. From maximizing growth during disruption to improving sales are motion and productivity, business leaders rewriting the book on digital strategy and execution. This can feel daunting, but you don’t need to do it alone.

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How ATEAM Supports You As A Client

Diagnose current state

Assess your functional maturity and identify strengths and weaknesses and guide strategic priorities.

Review your existing digital strategy with a technology expert to identify areas of optimization and improvement.

Develop your plan

Develop a digital transformation strategy to succeed in the coming decade

Leverage our solution expertise to define program objectives that will lead to success.

Execute and drive change

Evaluate your current technologies to address gaps and accelerate your journey toward the ultimate revenue-driving tech stack .

Align your Tech team and Digital strategy with today’s buying realities with the guidance in the Strategic Roadmap for Accelerating business Growth.